24 Hour AC Repair Houston

During the heat of Texas summers that extend into autumn, the high temperatures make it vital to have a fully-functional and efficient air conditioner. This makes having an indoor temperature that is refreshing and comfortable a necessity rather than a luxury.

If your air conditioning unit isn’t working as efficiently as it should or requires a few repairs, our experienced technicians are available 24/7 and ready to come to your aid. Our 24 hour AC repair Houston service will work quickly to determine the root of the issue and perform the necessary AC repair service to restore your comfort.

24 Hour AC Services in Houston, TX

24 Hour AC Repair Service in Houston

houston-ac-repair-near-meFailing to notice or dismissing signs that your air conditioning equipment is struggling can result in serious air conditioning issues, including premature failure. Even air conditioner issues that may seem minor could potentially damage your entire system if not addressed. Our Houston 24 hour AC repair service company is here to care for all your heating and cooling problems.

When your air conditioner starts acting up, you can count on our experienced HVAC contractors to offer you the air conditioning repair service you need to get your system up and running. Using state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, our professional air conditioning experts in Houston can handle any AC repair job. Schedule an emergency AC repair in Houston with our trained technicians if you notice issues such as:

  • Restricted airflow
  • Uneven temperatures
  • Inadequate cooling output
  • Weird, loud noises
  • Leaks from your HVAC systems
  • Frigid evaporator coils
  • Shorter cycles
  • Unexplainable hikes in energy bills

No job is too big or too small for our professional technicians in Houston, TX, to fix. Our HVAC contractors are committed to offering all our customers in the Houston area prompt, quality 24 hour AC repair in Houston, Texas. No matter the time or day, we will always be ready to provide you with the 24/7 AC service nearby, immediately after you contact us.

AC Installation Service

A hot day in Texas during the summer can be unbearable, but getting through an entire summer day without a functional air conditioner is unfathomable. While there are parts of the country where you might live comfortably without an air conditioner, Houston, TX, isn’t one of those places. With summer temperatures rising to triple digits, it isn’t surprising that AC repairs, installation, and other services are essential in Houston, TX.

Not only does AC keep your home nice and cool, but it also helps control the humidity. As one of the top award winning HVAC service companies in the HVAC industry in Houston, our satisfied customers can attest to the quality of our AC installation service. We are recognized throughout Houston for our elite customer service and 24 hour commitment.

While it can seem that installing an AC unit is just simply plugging in an appliance, there is much more involved. Hiring a licensed, qualified, and trained HVAC service technician is vital to ensure your AC system is installed according to manufacturer requirements.

AC Maintenance Services

Keeping your home cool can be an expensive endeavor when you don’t make the right choices for your system. Most homeowners in America spend over $2000 annually on repairing their heater and air conditioning system. Houston is usually hot, especially in the Summer, so you can imagine how hard your AC unit has to work to keep your home cool.

It could be devastating if your system fails or breaks down at the peak of the Summer swelter. To prevent your AC from succumbing to premature failure, it is vital to prioritize regular maintenance.

Benefits of Routine AC Maintenance

Routine AC tune-ups have numerous benefits. Committing your AC unit to regular inspection, cleaning, and replacing your filters at least once a year can save you money, time, and energy. AC servicing helps keep it in good condition and ready to withstand the Summer season.

In addition to the apparent advantages, routine servicing also has benefits such as:

  • Better Air Quality

When your AC is clean, it allows proper filtration, which helps improve the quality of air circulating through your home since it won’t contain debris from built-up dirt and dust. Our Houston air conditioning repair service experts offer AC cleaning services.

  • Enhanced Performance

If your AC stays clean, well-maintained, and isn’t subjected to constant repairs, it will perform better and cool your home more efficiently. Broken and faulty components may cause inconsistent heating. Our team can perform regular servicing for your system to ensure high performance.

  • Operational Reliability

A well-maintained air conditioning system is always ready for heavy usage. When your system is in a questionable condition, it is more susceptible to breaking down when you least expect it. If you schedule a maintenance service, we will send a technician to inspect and tune up your system.

  • Longer Lifespan

If your AC is cared for responsibly, it can serve you anywhere from 15-20 years. You won’t have to worry about emergency repair and replacement costs with routine tune ups. Call us today for a routine service call.

Commercial AC Service

If your commercial heating and AC are broken or malfunctioning, it could be detrimental to your safety and productivity. Although maintenance goes a long way in ensuring your system’s efficiency, unforeseen breakdowns could still occur. If this happens, you can trust us to get the job done.

Our experienced commercial AC repair in Houston professionals deliver prompt and effective repair solutions, making them the best people for the job. No matter the make or model of an HVAC system in your business, from complex heat pumps and variable speed high-efficiency air conditioners to 3-ton rooftop units and 150+ ton chillers, our professional technician can handle any commercial AC repair in Houston.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does It Cost To Fix A Malfunctioning Air Conditioner?

ac-repiar-houstonThe cost of an AC repair in Houston depends on your AC units’ model and make, the nature of the air conditioner issue, component replacement costs, and labor. On average, the cost of a minor AC service in Houston, TX, is $160 – $520 when the damage is mild to moderate.

However, if the damage is too extensive, repair costs can run as high as $1000. Give us a call, and we will send a technician to diagnose the AC issue you are experiencing and render the necessary repair and replacement services.

How Often Should My Unit Be Serviced?

Proper care should be prioritized if you want your HVAC to stay in good condition and last longer. Your air handler should be serviced at least twice per year to perform efficiently without the need for minor repairs.

Routine inspections will allow our technicians to detect issues before they materialize. Without regular servicing, your HVAC could develop significant issues.

Is AC Repair An Emergency Service?

AC-related issues such as damaged condenser coils, leaky heat pumps, foul smells, hot air from cooling systems, electrical problems, and HVAC malfunctions are classified as emergencies. These signs are an indication that your unit is on the fritz and should be repaired immediately.

What Is The Average Lifespan of An Air Conditioning System?

Air conditioners can typically last 10-15 years, provided they are well-maintained. Without regular servicing, your unit’s lifespan can be shortened. Contact us for regular heating system and air conditioning repair in Houston.

Your 24 Hour AC Repair Service Company of Choice in Houston, TX

As a highly rated Houston air condition repair company, we pride ourselves on meeting our customer’s residential and commercial AC needs. We strive hard to ensure every customer is satisfied with our job. With a vast selection of AC, HVAC, and heater services and a team of skilled technicians, we are here to meet all your heating and cooling system needs and HVAC services.


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