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Electrical emergencies cannot be predicted, and they are inconvenient. Many homeowners are into DIY and play handyman for every inconvenience at home. Still, you should never attempt to solve emergency electrical issues because electricity is dangerous and should only be handled by professional electricians.

If you need an emergency licensed electrician in Philadelphia County and the surrounding area, give our trained and trusted emergency electricians a call. Our team provides 24/7 emergency electrical services for residential and commercial clients in the Philadelphia area.

We are committed to timely and dependable services because we understand the risk of electrical emergencies and the inconvenience of staying without electricity. Our customer service team is available in our Philadelphia, PA office to answer your call and send an emergency electrician to you for all your electrical needs.

Common Types Of Electrical Emergencies In Philadelphia County

philadelphia electricianAn electrical emergency is any electrical issue that demands you to hire a licensed electrician in the middle of the night, weekend, or on holiday. If left unattended, they can become fatal, so call an emergency electrician in Philadelphia County as soon as possible. Here are common electrical emergencies in Philadelphia, PA.

Power outages

Unscheduled power outages might indicate a serious electrical issue with your electrical system. What’s more, it causes inconvenience because you will not have internet, AC, and food in storage will start to spoil. If you experience a power outage without notice from your utility company or due to bad weather, confirm whether it is only your house or if neighbors are out of power.

Relax and call your power company if the whole neighborhood is in darkness. On the other hand, if it is only your home, turn off the main power source and call an emergency electrician in Philadelphia, PA because some malfunction could lead to electric shock and fire hazards.

Fallen power lines

Harsh weather conditions like storms, strong winds, and hurricanes cause power lines to fall. If you see a fallen power line near your house or anywhere in Philadelphia County, inform our emergency services. Power lines are loaded with high electrical current, and they can cause fire and can shock anyone or anything that comes into contact.

If the downed power lines are in your neighborhood, inform your neighbors so that they can keep their kids and pets away. After creating awareness, call Philadelphia emergency services, your power company, and our emergency electricians. These professionals will work together to restore the power lines in position.

Burnt outlet

emergency electrical serviceIf you detect a plastic burning odor that becomes intense as time passes, do not ignore it because it indicates burning outlets, cords, or electrical appliances or wiring. Overloaded outlets heat up to cause brown stains on the appliance, and the next possible thing will be a fire breakout.

Avoid touching the outlet because it can result in electric shock. Instead, turn off the power at the breaker box, unplug all appliances and call us for emergency electrical repair.

A continuous electrical problem

Electrical systems experience minor electrical problems from time to time. However, any electrical issue with an outlet or appliance that lasts more than an hour warrants you to talk to a professional electrician. Such minor electrical problems can flip to become serious issues that cause injuries to you and your family. Therefore, to keep your household safe, contact our emergency electricians for affordable electrical services.

How To Handle An Electrical Emergency At Home

Electrical emergencies can lead to property damage and death. Therefore it is crucial that homeowners in Philadelphia, PA, know what to do and how to handle electric emergencies. Apart from calling an emergency electrician in Philadelphia County, here are other things they can do to prevent further damage.

Turn off the power

The first step during any electrical emergency, even before calling 24-hour emergency services, is to turn off the power. Turn off the socket or unplug the appliance for minor issues like flickering lights or blown fuses. On the hand, switch off the power on the main switch for major electrical issues like power surges or burning electrical outlets.

Switching off the power cuts current flow, which prevents excessive damage before the emergency electrician arrives.

Move out of the house

Electrical emergencies like fire outbreaks or the smell of carbon monoxide gas require you and your family to move out of the house for safety. In the event of a fire, try to turn off the main power switch on the fuse box if you can to prevent further damage.

Invest in a fire extinguisher

Fire extinguishers turn off electrical fire before it gets out of control. There are different types of fire extinguishers; therefore, you should learn about them and educate the other house occupants to know the right one to use in case of fire.

Call 999 for the fire brigade

If the fire is too huge for a fire extinguisher, evacuate the house and call 999 for fire emergency services as soon as possible. Once everyone is outside, ignore any temptation to re-enter the house and rescue your valuables. The rule remains that you should never re-enter a burning house until the firemen confirm safety.

Why Choose Us For Emergency Electrical Services In Philadelphia County

You should contact us for all your emergency electrical problems because:

  • emergency electrician philadelphiaWe offer emergency electrical service 24 hours a day
  • Our electricians are fully licensed and fully insured
  • We offer fast-time response for fast emergency electrical repairs
  • Our emergency electricians come with the right electrical equipment to restore your house to safety
  • We are here for every emergency electrical services
  • We offer free estimates for your emergency situation
  • We offer affordable electrical services

We Are Available For 24-hour Emergency Service in Philadelphia County

If you need any electrical help in Philadelphia County, we are available 24 hours a day to offer emergency electrical service. and any other electrical work. Even if your electrical system is not misbehaving today, keep our business cards close because emergencies hit when you least expect them. We feel confident to send you our licensed electricians to take care of your electrical needs in the Philadelphia area. Contact us today and any other day for quality workmanship.

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