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Dying, hanging, or falling trees over your business or home are a recipe for serious damage and safety issues. Receiving emergency tree removal services helps eradicate existing and potential threats. While some tree removal companies follow strict opening and closing times, our top-notch emergency tree service team is always on standby for disaster relief emergency services 24 hours a day.

Addressing fallen trees and fallen tree branches immediately helps prevent additional damage to your home or business and the extra cost associated with property repairs. Inclement weather and hazardous situations can make the tree removal job riskier, so it is advisable to leave this task to experienced arborists. Our emergency tree service experts provide quality 24-hour emergency tree service to residents and commercial properties at a fair price.

Emergency Tree Removal Services Near Me

tree-removalFor most people, tree care is a tedious and unnecessary task. Regular trimming and pruning are a significant part of routine landscape preservation, but it is often viewed as a chore that can be put off indefinitely.

When trees fall unexpectedly, their branches break, leaving significant debris in your front yard and on your roof, and then you will have to get emergency tree services. Our certified arborists are dedicated to offering timely tree removal emergency services such as:

Emergency Tree Service

Damaged trees and downed trees or branches not only ruin the appeal of your landscape but also cause significant property damage. You need to get your damaged tree removed expertly by experienced arborists who offer emergency tree services to minimize the damage to your property. However, tree removal is only done when necessary since our tree service experts can help you recover the tree even when half of its canopy is damaged.

It is essential to perform regular maintenance for properties with a tree-filled landscape to avoid an emergency situation. Our tree experts offer regular maintenance as part of their emergency tree services to determine whether they are healthy or weak and sick. Without regular and proper inspections, you won’t notice your tree dying until its branches fall or the whole tree falls.

Our tree removal service team isn’t just limited to tree removal emergencies; we also serve customers who need to have a tree cut down for aesthetic reasons. Whenever you contact us for an emergency tree removal service, our customer service team will immediately relay the message to our arborists and send them to your location. Our experts will waste no time arriving on site and rendering the service.

Our experts have the skill and equipment to remove all kinds of trees during regular inspections or emergency situations. Trees can be removed for several reasons, including:

  • Insufficient pruning in the past
  • Rot, disease, or damage
  • Safety proximity to power lines
  • Compromised structural changes such as root decay
  • Overgrown roots peeking out of the ground and penetrating property foundations and walls
  • Broken or fallen branches that might pose a safety risk
  • Construction purposes

Storm Damaged Tree Removal Service

The most common cause of tree removal is storm damage. Well-maintained and healthy trees also fall victim to heavy rains and strong winds. Extended spans of the soggy ground allow roots to pull up, tilting the tree or even causing it to fall.

Strong winds and even strikes of lighting can split the tree or break off its branches. After a storm, always assess the storm damaged trees carefully since broken and fallen branches are a safety risk, especially for a family with small children.

Immediately you notice a broken branch or weakening trunk on your front yard or business property, contact our 24-hour tree service for emergency trimming or removal. Even when the branch isn’t visibly split or hanging, it is wise to have our arborists assess the damage. They can determine whether the tree will survive or is permanently damaged.

Debris Removal Service

While it is common for branches and trees to get stuck between completely falling and breaking off, they will come down eventually, often causing additional damage. If you notice any post-disaster damage to your tree, contact us immediately for the debris removal job.

No matter how big or small the job is, we are always available to offer our clients debris removal services to all our customers so they can access their property comfortably. Relying on our team means you won’t have to wait hours to get the assistance you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Identity a Damaged and Potentially Dangerous Tree?

Being proactive is the best way to reduce the risk of damage to your trees. Regular inspection services are key to tree preservation. It would help if you also kept an eye out for the tale tell signs that your tree can pose a threat, such as:

  • A lean or bend in your trees’ structural appearance
  • Cracks on tree trunks and other visible signs of damage
  • Fallen tree barks
  • Leaves wilting and falling off in the middle of spring or autumn

What Should I Do When I See a Damaged Branch?

Whether a storm has recently passed or not, if you notice a damaged branch in your yard, you and your family must steer clear of the area to avoid potential danger as you wait for help to arrive. For hanging trees, you need to estimate the area it would affect if it fell and clear the area.

tree-removal-near-meHeavy, hanging branches can fall at any time and cause significant damage to your house or commercial property, so they need to be addressed immediately. You might want to consider placing caution tape around the area to restrict movement and contain the damage.

Suppose the branch belongs to a neighboring house or commercial property that isn’t yours; you should notify the property owner immediately so they can request tree services. We offer financing options and a free estimate for our 24/7 tree service – fill in the form on our page and get a free quote.

When Should I Start Looking For Emergency Tree Removal Services Near Me?

As part of our tree services, our arborists have to inspect the affected tree to determine whether they will have to perform the removal job or pruning tree services to save it. If a pruning tree service can help save the tree, our emergency tree service experts will offer a solution that blends in with the landscape. Nonetheless, there are a few reasons which necessitate tree services, including:

Potential Power Line Danger

When you live in a city, it can be difficult to avoid utility setups and power lines. Tree branches that grow high and tall can affect power lines and pose potential electrical dangers. Once you notice a branch leaning towards power lines in the surrounding area, contact us for same-day tree services.

Post-Effects of Storms

Our team is skilled and experienced and has the right tools for methodically removing partially uprooted, broken, or fallen trees and offer the best tree services. They will eliminate all the post-disaster debris and even offer you post-damage restoration and emergency tree repair services.

Tree Rot and Disease

Anthracnose, oak wilt, and armillaria are all common tree diseases that impact the sturdy structure of a tree. Fungi, insect infestation, bark rust, mold, and mushrooms can also cause a significant rot in the tree, weakening it. Regular inspection services help smoke out such problems before they materialize.

Contact Our Emergency Tree Service Arborists For All Your Tree Service Needs

When trees sustain severe damage from harsh stormy weather or break apart, they can become quite unstable. Usually, removing such trees requires the use of specialized, heavy equipment and the expert skill of the equipment operators who will safely remove the tree parts from your property.

Whenever a tree breaks or falls in your yard, on your commercial property, sidewalk, road, driveway, etc, it should be removed immediately for safety reasons. Whether a private property, public road, commercial or residential property is affected by tree damage, our expert arborists will swiftly clear the tree from the area and offer the necessary repairs.

Signs of a hazardous tree include:

  • Split apart trunks
  • Development of large cracks in the trunk or big branches
  • Large and broken branches that hang loosely from the tree
  • Slanted and leaning trees or trees with roots popping out of the ground
  • Overgrown roots that penetrate and compromise a property’s structural integrity

If you notice any of these signs, especially after a storm, contact us and schedule an inspection. If the damage is too extensive, our tree experts will remove it immediately.


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