Try These DIY Home Plumbing Projects

Are you an independent type who likes to manage home maintenance tasks? If you are, then you should try the following DIY plumbing projects. Figuring out how to handle these plumbing DIY jobs can potentially save you stress.

Plumbing Repairs Do It Yourself and More

Some plumbing projects are complex and because of that require plumbing permits and the attention of seasoned and highly trained professionals. Other plumbing projects thankfully are a bit more straightforward and therefore suitable for “amateurs.” If you’re interested in tackling plumbing for beginners, then these do it yourself plumbing projects may be right up your alley.

Broken Pipe Repair

Faulty plumbing pipes can give anyone a splitting headache. If you have a plumbing pipe that’s broken, you should search for the main shutoff valve close to the edge of your residential structure. Perhaps you have a copper pipe that’s leaking water persistently. If that’s the case, cut it from the two sides of its break point. Then, take it out. After that, you can attach PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) plastic pipe to the two copper sides. You can do this using either crimp style or push-fit fittings.

Another strategy is possible as well. You don’t necessarily have to go for pipe section installation. You can go for lever shutoff valve installation, instead. Make sure this is in a spot that’s consistently visible, however.

Clog Removal

clog removal diyGetting rid of a clog can be yucky. Luckily, it can also be a relatively simple project for folks who don’t have in-depth plumbing savvy. You don’t even have to be equipped with an abundance of supplies and tools. If you want to unclog a drain or sink, you need a wrench and a bucket, nothing more and nothing less. Switch off your water supply prior to proceeding. Place the bucket right below your U-bend pipe. This will enable it to collect remnants inside of your pipes. Just rotate the joint connector that connects the straight section and the “U” section of the pipe. The majority of clogs take place within the U-shaped pipe.

A pipe cleaner or a snake may help you clean your pipe interior. This will do away with bits of food, hair and general grime that’s contributing to the pipe clog. After you finish this cleaning step, bring the pipes together again. Switch on your water supply again. Use water to clear out anything that may be lingering, too.

Leaking Faucet Repair

Leaky faucets may be the bane of your existence. They’re also a typical issue for many people everywhere. Although dripping faucets are typical, they’re never something to ignore. If you ignore them, they can bring on water damage, mold growth, pipe damage and a host of other issues. Fortunately, you don’t usually have to be a plumbing ace to take care of leaking woes. Just round up a fresh faucet cartridge, a wrench and a screwdriver. First, switch off your water supply. Do away with any water that may be caught in the interior by rapidly switching on the faucet. Don’t take anything apart before doing that. Put a bucket or trap on top of the drain as a means of preventing screw loss. Cautiously unscrew your faucet’s base. Take off the decorative cap. This will enable you to reach the cartridge. Remember precisely how you took the cartridge off. You have to return the cartridge identically, after all. After you insert the fresh cartridge, replace the aforementioned decorative cap. Finally, switch the water supply back on. Voila — you can now resume your peaceful, leak-free existence.

New Showerhead Installation

diy shower head replacementNew showerhead Installation is a basic and quick home plumbing job. All you honestly have to do is unscrew the existing showerhead. After that, just screw in the replacement. When you unscrew the older one, keep a rag on top of the pipe. Use groove joint pliers to make the showerhead loose. After you take out the head, grab a toothbrush that you’re ready to throw out. This can clean the shower arm’s threads thoroughly. Conceal these threads using pipe thread or Teflon tape. This can establish a strong new showerhead seal for you. Put on the showerhead replacement manually. Wait for it to fit rather tightly into the pipe thread tape. Get your pliers again and tighten up the new head until it seems 100 percent secure in its position.

Toilet Seat Replacement

Toilet seat replacement is a comparatively basic and hassle-free plumbing job for the majority of folks out there. Just see to it that you buy a suitable seat. Explore all of your choices in both elongated and standard toilet seats. Toilet seat sets are equipped with all necessary nuts and bolts. Their hinges are connected in advance, too. That’s why you generally don’t have to show up with any tools that go beyond a basic wrench.

Washing Machine Hose Replacement

If you plan on switching out the hose of your washing machine, you need a couple of pliers, period. Washing machine hose replacement tends to be both fast and easy. It may be a smart idea to switch out the hose that’s there using a sturdy metal version that can stand the test of time easily. Kick things off by unplugging your washer. Switch off the cold and hot water valves alike. See to it that the hoses are fully in line with the connections as well. Note that your cold water connection should always correspond with your cold water hose.

Running Toilet Repair

Turn off the water supply valve that’s right below your toilet. Once that’s done, flush your toilet as a means of getting rid of a substantial amount of water. Then, unhook the flapper that was already there. Go above and beyond the purchase the exact flapper variety that was there initially, too. Install the flapper based on the specific packaging instructions. Connect the flush lever arm and the flapper chain. Your overall goal is to establish a degree of looseness when you shut the flapper.


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