Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Review

Benjamin Franklin is a company that provides plumbing services in many states.

It has always been the answer to many plumbing problems in the states the company is in. If there is one thing the company is famous for, it is excellence. The company provides its clients with a great job at fixing plumbing emergencies.

The company leads, among others, in the market.

And just like us at Emergency Plumbing Squad, they also have an unwavering commitment to integrity.

The company claims their clients attain peace of mind in plumbing and everywhere else whenever they call them for a job.

Read on and understand why a lot of clients use this company for their drains, pipes and heaters. And why Emergency Plumbing Squad is as good as them in addressing issues at home or your business property.

The Local Plumbers

The roster of Benjamin Franklin plumbers is local. Yes, every employee is a native of their specific service area. These plumbing technicians know your neighborhoods like the backs of your hands.

With a team of skilled and professional local plumbers, you get the best of both worlds. You have a team that 100% delivers great service. The teams are also backed by trusted national expertise.

The company is proud of each of its independently-owned and managed locations. The advantage is that your extremely professional plumbing technicians live and operate in your communities.

Because of this, the owners of each business office have a very strong sense of commitment to give you nothing but great service.

Each service area also hires talent from their communities. As such, their team helps in boosting the local economy. The dollars stay right in your cities.

Reliable Manpower & Top-Rated Services

Over the years, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has always been there for homeowners. Even businesses that rely on them do a great job resolving their clogged drain, pipe leak, faulty water heater, and other plumbing issues.

They provide efficient and effective resolutions to plumbing emergencies nationwide.

If you need water softener system installations, washer drain repairs, emergency plumbing issues, remodeling, and any other plumbing concerns, you have a licensed team to rely on.

There is nothing in plumbing that the company cannot handle. Every plumber on their team is knowledgeable, professional, and well-equipped to fix your bathroom sink, conduct leak detection, check large holes, install a new pipe under that new flooring, and more.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can provide comprehensive plumbing inspections, repair jobs, water heater installations, etc. These inspections are essential to diagnose plumbing issues correctly.

If there is one minor downfall, it is that their service areas may not offer uniformed services in all of its locations. And this is where the Emergency Plumbing Squad worked its magic.

Our team made sure to have the same amount of services across our locations.

Our local plumbers can also fix issues even before these plumbing concerns worsen. Because when these issues get worse, they also become more expensive.

Our guys make it a point to carry thousands of parts in our service vehicles. As such, every plumber in our team can easily solve plumbing emergencies right off the bat. This way, we can get to the process, provide you rough estimate and save you more time and money.

So if they cannot provide you with the solutions you are looking for, Emergency Plumbing Squad can. It is because we made sure to offer specialized plumbing – heating services in all of our locations.

If you want to be one of our happy customers, see us to take the job.

Are we recommending Benjamin Franklin Plumbing?

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a company worth recommending. The company is reliable, has established its presence in many states, and can provide great solutions to residential and commercial clients.

Their licensed professionals equip themselves with all the skills needed to provide resolution to a lot of issues. The company has knowledgeable, professional employees who can deliver a great job.

The company also provides a satisfaction guarantee and prompt arrival time. Finally, just like us at Emergency Plumbing Squad, experts in their team can work on emergencies, which means you get the help you need for your house and business, whenever you need it.


  • Service Area: 143 business locations scattered in 33 states
  • Scheduling: Phone or Online scheduling
  • Availability: Benjamin Franklin Plumbing – open 24/7
  • Guarantee: Satisfaction Guarantee, On-Time Guarantee
  • Customer Support: Phone


  • On-Time and Satisfaction Guarantees
  • Local and licensed totally professional plumbing experts
  • Excellent service provided by employees
  • Easy appointment process


  • Not available in all states
  • Above average pricing

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing services are available in most states. The company also employs local experts to render top-quality installation, replacement, and repair jobs.

Some states may not have service areas, but it already made a name for itself and has delivered way better solutions than other plumbers.

About Benjamin Franklin

The company has many independently-owned and managed locations. The company also hires local professional technicians that are familiar with that specific business area and the cities surrounding it.

Because their professional plumbers are local, they also have an innate idea of the issues that bother neighborhoods and businesses in their respective areas.

Each service area offers varying solutions. Despite the variation, every service area guarantees to provide any repair or installation service on time.

An employee who arrives late guarantees the customer payment from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of $5. They promise to pay up to $300 to assure every house or business owner that they take any repair job seriously.

Just like them, Emergency Plumbing Squad also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee that lasts for two years. The guarantee can cover labor, craftsmanship, equipment, and even materials used.


The company has varying offers and packages depending on location. However, there are offers that are common among many sites. For customers, it’s important to know basic plumbing terms when making service appointments.

These include the repair, installation, and maintenance of various home systems. These include:

  • Water conditioning
  • Faucets
  • Drain installation, cleaning of clogged drains, and repair of dishwasher drain cleaning
  • Toilets
  • Problem with water pressure
  • Garbage Disposal Problems
  • Water leak repairs
  • Pumps
  • Installation and repair of the water heater (all types)
  • Tubs and showers
  • Bathroom repairs and maintenance
  • Sinks (kitchen and toilet sinks)
  • Toilet and kitchen Pipes and sewers

If the service you need is not on this list, you can always call the Emergency Plumbing Squad at (855) 812-2311 to speak to our experienced plumber now.

For sure, if Benjamin Franklin cannot provide you with the much needed fix, our certified team can. Don’t miss out on our promos and wide range of tested solutions.


Their costs vary depending on the type of service, the location, and the severity of the problem. However, if there is one thing about the company, it is its price and the additional fees you need to pay. Benjamin Franklin plumbing reviews show that their above-average price is always their downfall.

Most clients state that Benjamin Franklin Plumbing price sheet seems more expensive than its competitors. Click one review so you have an idea of how they price every job.

Despite its cost, the company provides you with the best quality of service you can ever find in your city. You will not get surprise costs in your final bill as every job and pricing is explained well by your assigned plumber so you get to review it before approval.

And finally, despite the cost, you will be getting your money’s worth with the company’s quality of service.

However, if the costs do not play well with your budget, we at Emergency Plumbing Squad can find you the best solutions at a much lower bill. You can call, inquire, and compare.

Give us a ring at (855) 812-2311 to speak to one of our plumbing experts now.

There will be no harm in doing so.

Scheduling and Quotations

Clients who called Benjamin Franklin Plumbing had it easy when setting appointments. Aside from calling, a customer can also book appointments and pay online for leak detection or have their clogged sink fixed.

Residential and commercial property owners only need to choose from the dropdown menu the preferred service area and the method they intend to use to pay. This way, you would know whether your city has a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing office.

From there, you can see whether there is an office in your specific area. Some states have only one. In some states, they have multiple service locations.

You can then choose your preferred dates and the types of service/s you need.

Once the appointment is booked, you will then receive a call to confirm the appointment date and time. At times, it would be in the form of an email or an SMS. It’s recommended that you review all details to see if any details you entered are wrong.

If the customer needs to reschedule or cancel the appointment, they only need to call their office. Our professional employee will then move your appointment and assign a new plumber to work on that leak detection job.

On the other hand, business clients called Ben Franklin Plumbing to prefer this booking mode. They also prefer to pay online when they get their plumbing system fixed.

On the company’s website, customers can find the direct phone number of the local branch. This detail is an advantage since the customer does not need to call a nationwide call center or look into the yellow pages.

One thing to note is that Benjamin Franklin Plumbing does not offer quotes over the phone for complicated plumbing jobs or large projects.

A professional technician can only provide a quote on the day of the appointment, after the whole house inspection, and determine everything they need to get the job done.

Similar to how we do it at the Emergency Plumbing Squad, we can only provide quotes once we are done inspecting the plumbing issue. However, you do not need to set an appointment with us for this step.

You can call us now at (855) 812-2311 and we’d be right there to inspect the problem and provide you with a quotation right off the bat.

Giving quotes over the phone or online may be inaccurate for faulty shut-offs and other complicated pipe problems. Part of their professional service is to have their skilled employee personally assess the issue to determine the solution.

With a clear view of the problem, the technicians can assess and provide accurate quotes.

However, if you would like an idea of the price you need to pay, you can call and inquire about the technician’s hourly rate. Just maybe to give you a glimpse of the money you have to spend to have your plumbing system fixed.

Of course, there would also be the additional cost of materials needed for installations or repairs. So hurry and give us a call now to know more.

Customer Service

Calling their office is the easiest way to get in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing’s professional technician and schedule a job.

Each location has its unique phone number, though. There is also an inquiry form on their website for your general inquiries, which includes more licensing information (that is, if you are interested to know that). This manner of inquiring results in responses sent in a timely manner.

There is also a special number for emergency services that a customer can call for emergency plumbing situations.

The only downfall to this is when your city does not have a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing office.

Because with localized phone numbers, who should you call?

At the Emergency Plumbing Squad office, we have one number that you can call, wherever you may be. It is easier to memorize and there is no need for you to have a phone book full of phone numbers of different plumbing offices.


One of the major advantages of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is the guarantee.

You have a guarantee that the technician arrives on time to work on the job. There is also a satisfaction guarantee that could last for two years.

Customer Reviews

Ben Franklin Plumbing reviews provided by legitimate clients do not focus on the services. The services provided by their employees are always excellent. The guarantees also make things sweeter for Benjamin Franklin Plumbing.

You may check each of Ben Franklin Plumbing reviews shown online and see for yourself how dedicated every employee that works for their team is.

If there is one downfall, it is the cost of their services.

As mentioned, costs can vary depending on several factors – service area, the severity of the problem, and the type of service needed.

However, customer reviews clamor for one thing, and that is the cost. It is pricier than its competitors.

Again, if the costs at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing do not sit well with your budget, let us know. Emergency Plumbing Squad would be happy to take the job at a much lower cost for the same high quality of service.

Benjamin Franklin versus its Competitors

Clients who compare plumbing services may come across other competitors.

Mr. Rooter is one of these competitors. Another is Roto-Rooter. Both of these other companies provide plumbing services in different states across the country.

Mr. Rooter, for example, operates in 46 states plus Washington, DC Roto-Rooter, on the other hand, operates in about 50 states.

All three companies offer online and by-phone scheduling. All these three also offer services for emergency plumbing.

However, Roto-Rooter charges for service calls after hours or on weekends and holidays. With Mr. Rooter and Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, there is no such thing.

Should you choose Benjamin Franklin Plumbing?

Finding a plumbing company to handle your plumbing concerns, including installations, can be daunting. And when you deal with an emergency leaking toilet or busted water heater, or frozen pipe, all you want is a quick resolution to your problems.

Of course, aside from being quick, you also want a reliable solution. In simple terms, an efficiently completed job.

If you do not have a technician on your list yet, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is a good option.

It’s a dependable option for many homeowners and business owners that are looking for a reliable plumbing company.

The scheduling is easy. The services are always done in a timely manner. The technicians are fully trained to take any job.

The company offers almost every plumbing service you can think of, although some may be more specific, and others may not be available in certain locations.

But, before you start with the procedures, it is advisable that you clarify the costs. Always maintain open communication with your technicians to avoid unwelcome surprise costs when they present you with the final bill.

Ask questions.

It can save you and your pockets in the end.

But wait… We can also be your option!

But just to be sure, before you hire Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, you might also want to browse through reviews of other outstanding companies in your location – like Emergency Plumbing Squad.

We also provide prompt and quality repair, installation, replacement, and maintenance services all over the US. There are tons of reviews online that you can check to see how precise we are in doing every job.

Our team takes every job with utmost care and dedication. Plus, we provide free estimates, offer flexible payment methods, and arrive on time. Our coverage is around the clock. We are accessible all days of the week.

So whether you need an after-hours repair job or an installation service over the weekend, we can be your guy.

View our website now and know the comprehensive packages we offer. If you are dealing with a specific job, find out what we can do, and call us today!

A lot of clients call our technician for emergency services. Call us now at (855) 812-2311 to speak to one of our plumbing experts now.

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