Online Plumbing Courses

Do you want to study plumbing for a career change or DIY skills, but you do not have access or time to attend a physical school? Consider an online plumbing course.

Online learning is a fast-growing sector, and it has not left out construction specialties behind. Online plumbing courses offer the same study materials to online students as those offered to on-campus students. Therefore, you can learn plumbing skills online and complete an apprenticeship for onsite plumbing training to get a license.

However, selecting an online school is harder than it sounds because there are many options to choose from. If you need clarification about the best school to choose, do not fret because we have outlined the best plumbing schools and what you should consider to make the best choice.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Online Plumbing Courses

When considering an online plumbing course, there are several things to consider to make the best choice. Here are important things to consider before signing up for an online plumbing course.


On-campus plumbing schools provide students with certificates to prove they completed the coursework, and the same should apply to online courses. Therefore, before you pay school fees, ensure that the school will award you with a certificate or diploma at the end of your study.

The certificate will be very useful during job applications if you are taking the plumbing course for a career change. However, the certificate does not qualify you as a licensed plumber. You must complete a 4-year apprenticeship to get a license as a plumber.

Course length

It takes around 1 to 2 years to complete an online plumbing course. During this period, you will go through the coursework, study the materials and take required tests.

Some of the course topics in online plumbing courses include:

  • Plumbing tools and equipment use and care- the plumbing trade involves the use of tools and equipment, and online plumbing courses educate you on proper use and care. This knowledge ensures efficient and safe completion of plumbing projects.
  • Types of pipes and pipe installation- plumbing involves installing, repairing, and maintaining water, sewage, and gas pipes. Online plumbing courses will educate you on different types of pipes and equip you with pipe preparation and installation knowledge.
  • Reading piping systems blueprints- online plumbing courses will also teach you how to calculate the volume and rectangular area, cylindrical area, pipe circumference, weight grade, water volume, and other calculations required when fitting the plumbing systems.

Most online courses allow students to complete the coursework in a self-paced system. This means there are no strict deadlines, but you must complete the coursework by the 1 to 2 years mark. Some colleges offer short courses but beware of such because most of them cover limited course topics.

Accredited schools

courses online plumbing educationAccreditation shows that an institution meets the quality standards to offer a plumbing course. A certificate from an accredited school puts you at a better place in the job market because it is considered legit.

Therefore, sign up for online plumbing courses only from an accredited school because you are assured of quality. Plumbing school accreditors vary with the state, but The DEAC (Distance Education Accrediting Commission) and the IACET (International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training) are the most common accreditation bodies.

Tuition fees

Tuition fee is a major factor when choosing an online plumbing course. It is crucial to stick to your budget, but you must consider what you are getting in return. For instance, some schools will charge you for live classes only, while others will have higher tuition fees and offer live classes, textbooks, workshops, video notes, and higher-skilled professors.

The choice between the two depends on your preferred package and your budget. Remember that expensive is not always quality, but you should not compromise to qualify for cheap fees.

Money back guarantee

Sometimes, you might sign up for an online plumbing course only to realize that it is not right for you after some days. To cater to such cases, some technical schools offer a money-back guarantee within a set duration. If you are unsure about taking a plumbing course, sign up with a school that offers a money-back guarantee so that you do not lose your money if you decide not to continue.

Best Online Plumbing Courses

Here are some best online courses to take:

The Ashworth College Plumbing Course

The Ashworth College Plumbing Course offers practical and on-job skills suitable for new and practicing students. In addition, you will be awarded a diploma certificate at the end of the course, which will help you stand out among other students when job hunting or if you want to start a business.

Ashworth offers a comprehensive online plumbing curriculum divided into four major sections: plumbing orientation, plumbing technology, design and installation, and specialty system.


  • Length: 4-12 months
  • Cost: $999 paid in monthly installations, $799 on off payment, and 5 days money back guarantee
  • Accreditation: DEAC (Distance Education Accrediting Commission)
  • Certification: Plumbing career diploma
  • Features: detailed plumbing books, study guides, student portal, ProQuest digital access, and Ashworth College Central Network.

Penn Foster Online Plumbing Course

learn plumbing onlinePenn Foster offers a high-quality online plumbing course accredited by DEAC (Distance Education Accrediting Commission) and the IACET (International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training). The college is among the first schools to offer distance learning in the US, so you can trust them for legitimate certificates.

The Penn Foster online plumbing course follows a comprehensive curriculum that leaves the students well-equipped in pipe fitting, understanding of local, state, and international plumbing codes, ability to study blueprints, equipment use and care, and plumbing fixtures installation.


  • Length: 8-12 months
  • Cost: $964 with Money-back guarantee within 6 days of course start
  • Accreditations: DEAC and IACET.
  • Certification: Plumbing career diploma
  • Features: learning materials like study guides, videos, and mobile access

Udemy Online Plumbing Course

Udemy is a top online skill-sharing platform where different people share their skills. The platform stands out because there are many plumbing courses to compare and choose from. Therefore, you can choose a course depending on your current plumbing problem or issues.

However, Udemy is not a school; some employers do not acknowledge the awarded certificates. To choose the best plumbing course out of the many shared, check the reviews and ratings and choose the one with the best reviews and highest ratings.


  • Length: 30 minutes -19 hours
  • Certification: certificate of completion
  • Cost: subscriptions from $12.99 with no money-back guarantee
  • Accreditation: none

Benefits Of Online Plumbing Courses

Here are some of the benefits of taking an online plumbing course:


You can take online plumbing classes from anywhere as long as you have a laptop and internet access. Therefore, if you cannot attend on-campus classes because you are busy at work or there are no good schools in your area, you can enroll in one of the best online plumbing schools.

Learn from experts

Online plumbing courses allow students to learn plumbing skills from experts and professionals. Therefore irrespective of your location, you can get a certificate from the best plumbing schools in the country.

You will learn at your own pace

Schools that offer online plumbing courses allow students to study at their own pace as long they complete the coursework within the course length. Moreover, if you are busy, you can record the live classes and listen to the lecture later.

Range of options

Online plumbing courses like Udemy offer a range of courses to choose from. Therefore, you can enroll in a course depending on your current plumbing problem.

Final Thoughts

Online plumbing classes offer a platform for everyone who wishes to get plumbing knowledge, irrespective of location or busy schedule. To choose the best online course from the many available, ensure that the school is accredited, fits your budget and that the course length aligns with your other obligations.





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