Top Portable Water Heaters for Camping and Outdoors

Are you on the lookout for a water heater that’s portable? If you are, you should explore all of the finest brands out there. A portable water heater can give you access to unlimited hot water no matter where you are. Portable water heaters can come in handy for weekend camping excursions with the family. Portable water heaters can be just as helpful in the comfort of your own home. If you want to invest in a portable water heater that will tick off all of your boxes, you should check these brand choices out A.S.A.P. This page is meant to be a guide, if you’re in need of our services such as gas water heater repair or something along those lines, either contact us or use the search function on our site.

Which Portable Water Heater Is Best?

Options in portable water heaters run the gamut these days. That’s why you should take the time to select a portable heater that can accommodate your specific needs well. Don’t settle for a portable water heater that doesn’t have the features you expect. You may be interested in a portable water heater for camping. You may be interested in a portable propane water heater. You should make a point to explore water heaters that cover all of the bases. Some water heaters are equipped with anti freezing protection. Some are propane gas powered. It doesn’t matter if you’re interested in a quick connect shower head, an oxygen depletion sensor, automatic shutoff system benefits or a lightweight and compact design. If you take the time to research, you should be able to get your hands on a portable water heater that’s the right fit for you. It’s particularly crucial to study safety features. Don’t forget just how important heating water is. It can help you wash dishes, go on a stress-free camping trip and take a relaxing hot shower.

If you have a portable hot water heater, it should be able to get cold water to 100 degrees Fahrenheit within mere seconds. Getting hot water instantly can be a piece of cake with the right water heater in your life.

What Is the Best Tankless Water Heater for Camping?


best-portable-water-heaterPeople who are searching for camping water heaters may want to look into Camplux. The brand has a portable tankless water heater that has an impressively small and compact size. Although it weighs just 19 pounds, it can give users upward of 2.64 hot water gallons each minute. Its BTU rating is 68000 as well. If you’re searching for tankless heaters that can handle ignition burning using a pair of D cell batteries, this one fits the bill. This isn’t just a camping water heater, either. It can also be beneficial for people who reside in off-grid cabins. It can even aid people with vehicle washing, dog bathing and similar household projects.

A couple other signature Camplux features are anti freezing protection and a flame failure device. If you have concerns about overheating and any of its consequences, this portable outdoor water heater brand can often combat them well. Gas supply safety is also frequently available. This feature turns the gas off any time the temperature of the water surpasses 167 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mr. Heater

If you like the idea of a camping water heater that’s battery powered, Mr. Heater is a brand that may just pique your interest levels. You can opt to plug its systems into an electrical outlet if you desire. You can opt to use them in conjunction with propane tanks that are on the small side, too. Do you want a unit that’s equipped with a shower hose that attaches itself to a faucet that’s reminiscent of a sink? Check out Mr. Heater. This brand simplifies the process of attaining hot water for washing dishes and various quick projects.

If you want the best camping water heater for camping trips, this brand definitely won’t fail you. While it’s a camping powerhouse, it’s also among the finest portable heater brands out there for tailgating, fishing and similar activities. It offers a unit that includes an internal battery that’s sealed. If you charge this battery completely, it can offer you as many as 40 minutes of reliable hot water. If you want to revel in camp showers that are predictable and comfortable, this battery powered superstar from Mr. Heater won’t let you down. People often wax poetic about the propane tank this portable water heater brings to the table for users. It has the ability to operate with the assistance of a propane tank that can hold anywhere between five and 20 pounds in total. Getting it ready for use is a piece of cake. Using this portable water heater in general is straightforward. It comes with an AC adaptor. Charging the BaseCamp is straightforward. You can charge it using your car. You can even do so using a normal wall outlet.

While the Mr. Heater water heating system is beloved for many reasons, people often state that getting it ready for use is easy. Just put its generator pump in water. Grab a bucket for this purpose. Pick your desired temperature setting after that. After you push the button to the electronic pulse ignition, you’ll be totally ready to move forward. Voila. With just a flick, you’ll have hot water. The Mr. Heater team presents individuals with many size categories for its handy units.

Folks who are interested in portable water heater choices that aren’t quite as big may gravitate to Mr. Heater’s widely known The BOSS-XW13. This is one that relies on D cell batteries. It weighs in at just seven pounds, too. Since the BOSS-XW18 weighs 15 pounds, they’re not even remotely comparable in this department.

People who are exploring the best portable water heaters that are bigger may want to check out the BOSS-XCW20 Basecamp. This one happens to be the biggest one from Mr. Heater’s selection of three. Its appearance is totally different.


This is a portable water heater brand that’s pretty economical. It’s one that’s fitting for cabins and campsites alike. If you want to make your next camping trip full of instant hot water and dependable hot water flow, this portable tankless water heater company may be right up your alley. Its options often don’t weigh a lot and are suitable for people who want to be able to bring their units anywhere they go freely.

Choices in EccoTemp features run the gamut. Think about electronic ignitions. Think about units that depend on D cell batteries. The L5 functions with the cooperation of a basic liquid propane tank that can accommodate 20 pounds easily. You can use this unit in conjunction with the 12-volt water pump that’s available through EccoFlo as well. If you’re looking to heat water to a maximum of 140 degrees Fahrenheit, this water heater may work out well for you.

EccoTemp presents consumers with numerous portable tankless water heater choices now. The smallest option is particularly beloved among campers. Its flow rate is 1.5GPM. It comes with components that are essential for relaxing hot shower purposes, too. If you want a shower head, long shower nozzle or shower nozzle in general, this option may grab your attention. If you want to get started with this unit, all you have to do is attach it directly to your propane tank. The unit weighs in at merely 10.8 pounds. Its highest BTU rating is 37500.

You don’t have to panic about a limited flow rate with this unit. If you want to boost your flow rate a tad, you can look into the beloved EccoTemp L7 and all of its options. This portable hot water heater has only recently hit the scene. It wows users with a fresh design and vibe in general. Its BTU rating is 75000. It can offer a maximum of 2.6 hot water GPM. That’s the reason it can accommodate people who are on the lookout for off-grid cabin options.

What Brand of Water Heater Is the Most Consistently Reliable?

portable-water-heater-outdoorsFinding the best portable water heater is far from simple for anyone. Portable water heater choices are more than plentiful in this day and age, first of all. If you want to find a tankless water heater that can cater to all of your “wants,” you have to be willing to do a lot of in-depth research. It’s not only imperative to research features such as water pressure, water flow, freeze protection, water temperature and flow rate. It’s not only vital to research gas regulator matters, garden hose inclusion, storage tank sizes, overall gas consumption and temperature range topics, either. It’s equally important to look into all of the brands that are available to you. The choices in brands can seem overwhelming to people who aren’t familiar with them at first.

It’s not always easy to label a water heater brand as being the “best.” The best portable water heaters are rather personal. If you’re trying to find portable water heaters that are favorable for camping trips, you may prefer specific brands. If you’re trying to find portable water heaters that are better for off-grid cabin purposes, you may have an entirely different list of “go-to” choices at your disposal.

Camplux specifically is a brand that’s associated with technological advancements and portability. If you want to secure the best portable choice that’s energy efficient, Camplux may be the way to go for you.

Eccotemp is a whole other ballgame. If you’re keen on the idea of a hot water heater that can offer you a constant supply, this brand may put a smile on your face. This brand can offer users the convenience and luxury of instant supply ease. Eccotemp is a lot like the aforementioned Camplux in that it makes a rock-solid brand choice for people who are passionate about energy efficient choices. If you want endless supply relaxation and seemingly endless hot water overall, it may be time for you to invest in Eccotemp and its numerous water heaters.

FORUEE is a big deal in the realm of portable tankless water heaters nowadays. If you want a dependable portable water heater that can give you the joy of optimal safety, FORUEE may be calling your name. People connect the FORUEE name to many dependable safety features. If you want a unit that will automatically shut off, you should look into FORUEE. If you want a unit that offers flameout, anti-freezing, overheating and even thermal protection, you should look into this respected brand all the same. Safety features understandably can increase the dependability factor of a portable water heater.

Camp Chef has seemingly countless fans in the water heater sector. Camp Chef has water heaters that enable you to attach a garden hose for access to warm water, hot water and everything in the middle. This brand can give you on-demand water that can make your portable shower feel a lot better. If you want to simplify your next portable shower, you should assess Camp Chef’s abundance of convenient units. Portability is another thing that makes this brand so exceptional. Most portable water heaters feel bulky at times. This brand, though, makes people forget that awkward and oversized portable water heaters even exist.

Gasland, last but definitely not least, is another big name in the best portable water heater universe. If you’re all about dependable water heaters that are sturdy and hard-wearing, you may be more than familiar with Gasland and its diverse choices. People who don’t want to have to worry about the possibility of their portable water heaters breaking down prematurely often appreciate this brand. Beyond reliability, it’s a brand that makes portable water heaters that are all about reduced gas consumption and reduced pressure. It’s a brand that makes water heaters that can attain high water temperature success rapidly and seemingly effortlessly. If you want to heat water in an efficient and predictable way, Gasland may be the ideal hot water source for your next excursions.

Selecting a Water Heater for Your Hot Water Requests

A hot shower should be a basic right for any person. If you want that basic right, however, you have to kick things off with the right water heater. If you pick the wrong one, you may have to deal with cold water, inadequate water pressure and water flow that leaves a lot to be desired. You should explore power source categories that are accessible to you. Check out propane and electric power source choices. Many people like to take the propane route. Propane units do not depend on electricity, after all. If you want to forget all about electrical outlet hassles, then propane may be your friend. Having to find a power outlet can sometimes squander precious time.

Temperature range matters a great deal as well. You should go for a range that’s nice and broad. It’s particularly vital to think about unit maximum temperatures. That’s because there are water heaters that just aren’t able to get to certain temperatures any time the weather feels frigid or chilly.

Flow rate is a major aspect of the water heater selection arena. GPM or “gallons per minute” indicates portable water heater flow rates. Flow rate reveals how much hot water a user can acquire in the span of a single minute. If you want to be able to tackle all sorts of projects simultaneously, you should seek a rate that’s high rather than low. A high rate is essential for people who need lots of hot water in general.

Weight is no joke. Size is no joke, either. You should never go for a heater without thinking about how much it weighs. You should never ignore heater size, either. Most portable water heaters are somewhat compact. That’s why they’re called “portable.” That doesn’t mean, though, that they’re all the same in portability. Some heaters undoubtedly beat others. It’s crucial to understand that the more powerful a unit is, the more it will weigh. It’s crucial to understand that the more powerful a unit is, the bigger it will be overall. The reality is that camping enthusiasts should always try to make portability a top priority. It can be extremely annoying to have to lug around a water heater that seems to weigh a few tons.

Can I Use a Portable Water Heater Indoors?

You can use a portable water heater indoors without thinking twice. Many people do. Although these heaters are a favorite among camping fans, they’re just as popular among folks who hang out at home and want dependable hot water access.

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