Commercial Boiler Service Near Me

When bracing for frigid temperatures, a centralized heating system is necessary for your building. If you are a commercial building owner or looking forward to construct a building, commercial boiler installation should be part of your to-do list.

Commercial boiler systems provide a central heating system that heats water in your building. However, to maintain the boiler’s effectiveness, periodical maintenance is prudent. The type of commercial boiler maintenance depends on your commercial boiler’s heating system. This is where we come in as reliable boiler experts for your commercial and industrial boiler service needs.

In essence, lack of maintenance can lead to unexpected breakdowns in your commercial boiler. This is because neglecting your boiler can directly affect its efficiency. Moreover, boilers work by having different internal components working in tandem. If one fails, it can be disastrous for the entire unit. Furthermore, it would be costly to repair or replace the entire unit with a new boiler system compared to having a routine maintenance schedule.

To avoid this, at Emergency Plumbing Squad, we primarily focus on service delivery. We help you take the load off with scheduled routine services. Our team of professionals adeptly assesses and fixes any defects on commercial boilers. We also provide installation services and re-tuning of commercial boilers and their related systems. So if you’re in the market searching for reputable commercial boiler services, th eEmergency Plumbing Squad is your solution.

Basis of Commercial Boiler Systems

commercial-boiler-repairCommercial boilers use a pressurized system to burn fuel which heats the water. Some systems transmit water while others use steam circulated through pipes in your building, consequently heating your space.

Commercial boilers differ from domestic HVAC systems found in homes despite serving the same function. Domestic HVAC are smaller and less efficient in supplying heat to larger buildings. Also, commercial boilers are complex in design and mechanical systems. The complexity level depends on the building type, the number of inhabitants, and the building’s use.

Components of a Commercial Boiler

A standard commercial boiler will have:

  • Supply and Return Lines
  • Combustion Chamber
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Circulator Pump
  • Exhaust Stack
  • Controls
  • Burner

If you notice that one or more components of your boiler are not working, our team of engineers possess the prowess, knowledge set and capacity to repair your boiler promptly.

Common signs of a Boiler Breakdown

A boiler breakdown has a sufficient number of risks. Aside from the lack of hot water supply in a building, a boiler’s core components breakdown can have a profound risk to the health and safety of building occupants. Other negative consequences that may arise are:

High Cost of Energy Bills 

A defective boiler equates to less efficiency. If you notice your energy bill has a significant increase in cost, there is a probable chance that your boiler is overworking. What’s more, if you have an outdated heating system, it may also attract high energy bills. Therefore, replacing the system with a new, more efficient system is ideal.

Foul Smell

A new boiler that is faulty will release a foul smell often associated with carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide emissions are pretty dangerous and can adversely affect the health of individuals in a building-Worst case scenario; it may lead to a fatality.

The release of carbon monoxide means partial fuel combustion in your commercial boiler. In some cases, you may notice a yellow flame instead of a blue flame emitted by a well-functioning boiler. If you notice such signs, you should contact a commercial boiler maintenance service immediately.

Unusual Sounds from Boiler System.

A well-functioning boiler should not emit any sound. If you notice any clunking, banging or whirring sounds, this could indicate that the commercial boiler’s pump or fan is defective. You may think you have an old boiler that requires a replacement.

Alternatively, a hissing sound indicates low water pressure in your boiler. Our certified team of engineers will outrightly communicate to you what defect your boiler has and perform a quick fix that will have your boiler up and running in no time.

Cold Water Instead of Hot Water

As expected, a high-functioning boiler should circulate heated water in your building and also manage to retain its heat. However, if your building suddenly runs out of hot water, it could indicate a malfunctioning airlock, valve or thermostat. You will need professional commercial boiler repair services to identify and repair the problem. In such circumstances, you can rely on Emergency Plumbing Squad for rapid maintenance services.

Commercial Boiler Services

We are always at your service to help you with all your commercial boiler needs. We provide a transparent and comprehensive service that covers every aspect of your boiler. Our experts are certified to conduct maintenance and repair services at all levels. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Commercial boilers maintenance and repair
  • New installations of boilers
  • Power flushing
  • New system upgrades
  • Heating repairs

Commercial Boiler Repair FAQ

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Commercial Boiler?

commercial-boiler-repair-near-meThe cost of repair depends on the level of defects in your boiler. While some repairs may be expensive, poor or lack of maintenance could result in high repair costs. In most cases, replacing your outdated heating system with a new boiler may be cheaper than repairing it. Our team of professionals will inspect your boiler and provide you with a detailed report and quote on the needed services.

How Long Does a Boiler Service Take?

Typically, a boiler service should take thirty minutes. However, this could be longer or shorter depending on the boiler system, model and brand. After the assessment, our engineers will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing all repair works done and a need for further assessments, if applicable.

If your boiler may require further works over an extended period, we can make arrangements for a rental boiler to avoid disruption of heated water distribution in your building.

When Should I Service my Commercial Boiler?

Generally, boiler servicing should take place every year. This should happen whether or not your boiler has malfunctioned. Annual servicing is essential to confirm whether your boiler system is working efficiently. Also, failure to annually service your boiler can void the warranty.

Why Choose Emergency Plumbing Squad for your Boiler Repair Services?

At Emergency Plumbing Squad, we leverage on the latest technology to provide our customers with exemplary boiler repairs and a revamp of boiler equipment. Our range of expertise is expansive including mechanical services, installation of new boilers,boiler sales and emergency service repairs.

We provide a 24 hour emergency service. You shouldn’t wait for the day to break to call us, contact us immediately you need a repair or install.

How Much Does a Commercial Boiler Installation Near Me Cost

Boiler sales depend on the brand and type of boiler you wish to install. On average, a standard boiler installation will cost you $5,700. However, this is exclusive of labour charges. The cost of replacing or upgrading boiler equipment is fairly cheaper. If your are on a tight budget, we provide flexible payment plans to all our customers to get your the equipment you need.



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