All About Emergency Lighting Common Faults

Emergency lights can feel like lifesavers at times. That’s precisely why it can be so frustrating to realize they’re not working correctly. It can be even more stressful to realize they’re just not working at all. If you want to steer clear of emergency light issues, then it may help you to take note of problems that typically affect them. It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with drop ceiling emergency lights or any other variety. It can give you peace of mind to be aware of issues that these lights frequently experience.

How much exactly does it cost to install emergency lighting? This differs based on lighting materials, features and designs. Installation may cost merely $15. It may cost $80 or even higher at times, too. You may also want to look into stocking your home with the best emergency flashlight you can find in these situations as well.

Battery Troubles

If you want to steer clear of emergency light functioning issues, you should make a point to have plenty of spare batteries on hand. Replacing emergency light batteries tends to do away with most operational issues, after all. Battery replacement tends to be a quick and simple task as well. Emergency light batteries generally remain intact and dependable for roughly half a decade.

The Fundamentals

Emergency light troubles often involve the fundamentals. If you want to spare yourself a lot of stress, you should assess the wire nuts of your emergency lights. Are they firmly in place? Assess the bulbs, too. Are they securely connected? If you have secure wire nuts and bulbs, you can move on to zeroing in on other typical dilemmas.

Circuit Board Replacement

circuit board emergency lighting problemsPerhaps your wire nuts and bulbs are fine. If that’s the case, your circuit board may be the villain. Think again about your batteries here. Do they run out unusually rapidly and unexpectedly? If they do, it may be time for you to try circuit board replacement. Replacing these kind of boards tends to be pretty straightforward. Figuring out where the pins line up with the connectors is usually a piece of cake. Make sure to open and take out the subchassis. This is where the actual board is.

Cable Connections

Some people overlook rather straightforward things that may interfere with the operations of their emergency lights. Are your cables all connected in the right manner? Is your mains cable appropriately terminated with the right inputs? Are your battery negative and positive terminals plugged in? Did you connect your PCB and your LED strip well?

Be on the lookout for any and all indications of possible damage. Search for the presence of water in the lights, too.

PCB Control Gear Matters

PCB control gear difficulties can sometimes bring on major problems with emergency lights. This specific control gear stays on top of main incoming power. It handles battery charging duties as well. If you suspect that your PCB control gear is behind your emergency light problems, you should replace it.

Power Cuts and Emergency Light Trouble

emergency power outagePeople sometimes figure out that their emergency lights are faulty in the midst of power cuts. Did your emergency lights fail to do their job during one of these cuts? If you didn’t notice any emergency lighting whatsoever, it may help a lot to assess your LEDs. If you rely on LED lighting, then replacing it should be a walk in the park.

Insufficient Testing

Insufficient testing may be behind your issues with your emergency lighting. If your emergency lights give you many problems, it may be wise to try your hand at battery duration assessments each month.

Yearly tests are critical as well. If you test your emergency lights each year, you’ll be able to pinpoint issues and turn them around rapidly and confidently.

Lighting Design

Problematic lighting design is an issue that affects seemingly countless emergency lights in buildings everywhere. If your emergency lights don’t satisfy you, your setup could be at fault. Don’t forget that suitable lux levels are in many cases different depending on their specific building locations.

Questionable Lighting Fixture Quality

You should never ever make the massive mistake of scrimping on emergency lights for a building. It’s 100 percent essential to get your hands on emergency lights that were made by a reputable company that has a strong reputation. If you’re looking for an electrician in your area to install your emergency lighting, we can help with that.


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