Fire Damage Restoration Near Me

Fires are not only terrifying, but they are also destructive and can cause severe damage to your property. If a fire breaks out in your home or business and your fire extinguishing efforts don’t seem to help, you should seek the emergency services of a fire department to prevent more damage to your property. Fortunately, our top-tire fire damage restoration company is equipped with the right tools and necessary skills to handle everything from fire and smoke damage to water damage restoration services.

Our team uses specialized equipment to offer quality fire damage restoration services in a timely manner. Because of our 24-hour availability, we are always ready to respond to all our customers’ fire restoration service requests. In the event of a fire, you can count on us to help restore your property to its former glory.

Types of Fire Damage

While fire pauses a significant threat to you and your property, it is vital to understand that there are different types of fire damage. The type of fire damage can determine how dangerous it is, how quickly it burns, and the best way to put it out. There are 3 different types of fire, namely:

Flame Damage

fire-restorationThe cause of the fire often determines the type of flame damage. For instance, electrical fires affect properties differently than fires caused by open or naked flames. Understanding the different types of fire damage is essential since poor rebuilding can lead to future issues that may make your house or business premises unsafe.

Your property could suffer unseen damage and electrical problems without proper restoration. Our fire restoration experts are familiar with the different kinds of flame damage and can address them promptly.

Smoke Damage

Smoke damage is the long-lasting effect of fire damage. Heavy smoke odors stick to objects in your house, including your furniture, walls, flooring, and ceilings, and can last for weeks or months after the fire has been extinguished.

The smoke can also cause significant surface discoloration, which can be very difficult to clean. Our qualified fire restoration experts know how to completely clean your property to eliminate smoke odors.

3rd Party Damage

Fire damage isn’t limited to the damage caused by flames and smoke; property fires open the flood gates to a whole host of issues and vulnerabilities. For instance, the water used by the fire department to extinguish flames can get absorbed in your floorboards and walls, causing them to warp and swell, leading to significant rot and structural damage. The bad water must be expertly removed to prevent further damage and dangers.

The heat produced by the fire can cause significant damage to your walls, leaving cracks and holes that serve as entry points for rain and other adverse weather problems, so they need to be dealt with correctly. Filling the cracks might offer a temporary solution, but they also mask severe problems such as compromised structural integrity. Our team will do a thorough inspection to smoke out even the tiniest damage to your property’s structure.

Fire Damage Restoration Services Near Me

Property Assessment

The first step in the fire damage restoration process is to assess the damage caused by the fire. This is the best way to determine:

  • Whether your walls have suffered heat damage
  • How much soot damage was caused
  • Whether you need water restoration services
  • How deep the fire penetrated the structure of your property
  • The extent of damage
  • What to do during the fire damage restoration process

Our professional fire restoration specialists will perform a complete and comprehensive damage assessment during this process. They will also record and document their findings of the entire process which will help you sort out coverage from your insurer.

Securing the Foundation

Another vital part of the fire restoration process is preventing further damage from transpiring. This means filling up holes and cracks that may weaken your structural integrity. If your roof, walls, or floors have suffered a significant extent of damage, they will have to be repaired or even replaced.

Since fire damage can leave your property susceptible to water damage, an “eyeball test” of your property’s interior will be necessary to help to detect potential leaks and mold infestations. Our experts are proficient in repairing and preventing water damage. They ensure your property is safeguarded by moisture and vapor barriers.

Clean Up and Odor Removal

The soot and smoke that accompany fire are impossible to start cleaning up on your own. The staining caused during this often goes beyond the surface. During this process, our professionals will refinish, sand and deep scrub services to help in the removal of the soot and any other residue left by the fire during the restoration process.

As part of our fire restoration services, our experts will clean all the carpeting materials and upholstery throughout the property to aid in the removal of the odor that lingers after a fire. However, to restore your property to its pre loss condition, you might want to consider any upholstered furniture that might be expensive and difficult to recover .

Fire Damage Repair

Fire damage restoration services are a preferred option for furniture and priceless items that are impossible or hard to replace. For this project, our experts will first scrap the blistering paint on your wall and ceiling caused by the fire and soot.

They will assess the fire and smoke damage and present you with a cost estimate before they begin the job. Once the repair services are rendered, our professionals will offer you regular maintenance and inspection services. This service is available for both homes and businesses.


Renovating your property after a tragedy is a great option to consider. After fire damage, cleaning and repairs can take a very long time to complete, and when the damage is extensive, restoring the affected areas of your property is difficult.

Renovating after a fire offers you a chance to withdraw yourself from the traumatic experience. Our commercial and home restoration company offers renovation services along with fire damage repairs and restoration. They will help you get the most value from the restoration process, even if they have to renovate a considerable section of the property.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Damages Are Caused by Fire, Smoke, and Soot?

Fire damage can cause significant problems within minutes as a result of corrosion and acidic soot residue. If not addressed promptly, it can result in a host of other damages, including:

  • Metal rusting and corrosion
  • Permanent yellow-stained walls
  • Stained Upholstery
  • Damaged Vinyl flooring
  • Scotched ceilings
  • Burnt wood furniture

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Fire Restoration Contractors Near Me?

The price of house fire restoration depends on the damage’s severity and the affected area’s size. When the damage is too extensive, it will increase the price since it would require more restoration work. Our experts will provide you with an itemized list to give you a clear understanding of what you are committing to before they begin the work.

Does My Insurance Company Cover Fire Damage Restoration Services?

fire-restoration-near-meTypically, most property policies for homes and businesses cover fire damage. A good policy should cover structural damage cost and the cost of replacing personal items after the fire. The terms of the policy will determine whether you will be reimbursed at the actual cash value or the replacement value.

Some people purchase fire damage insurance, which helps cover repairs and replacement price in addition to your homeowner’s insurance cover. Since your homeowner’s policy might set a limit on how much the insurer will reimburse for specific items, buying fire damage insurance can help cover the extra costs.

How Can I Prevent Fire Damage?

While fire damage influenced by lightning, wildfire, and other natural causes can be difficult to prevent, you could prevent a fire from starting by:

  • Staying in your kitchen while using your boiler or cooking on the stove
  • Keeping your grills at least 10 feet away from the deck of your house
  • Replacing frayed or worn-out appliance cords
  • Using portable space heaters carefully
  • Storing lighters and matches far from reach or in locked cabinets
  • Cleaning and inspecting wood stove pipes and chimneys
  • Practicing regular debris removal of your fireplace
  • Ensuring that burning candles are not left unattended

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The faster you take action, the better the likelihood that our fire damage repair service will be able to restore your property. It is advisable to hire a restoration contractor for a repair job immediately after the fire strikes to avoid the continued destruction that occurs long after the fire has been put out. Our company offers round-the-clock services to help offer timely solutions and efficient service to all our customers.


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