Ways To Find A Water Leak Underground Pipe

Do you want to learn how to find a water leak underground? If you do, you should try the following strategies out without hesitation. What exactly makes underground water leak detection so important? An underground water leak can lead to all sorts of consequences. It can bring on low water pressure, first of all. It can give your space a distinctly unpleasant smell. It can even increase the cost of your monthly water bill.

How To Find a Water Leak Underground!

If you want to find an underground leak, you should kick things off by assessing your water meter. Most water meters are pretty easy to locate. Look at your water meter to evaluate your water usage. Don’t do this until you turn off your main shutoff valve. Find the leak indicator on your water meter. This may appear as a little blue, white or red triangle. Since you just switched off the water supply in your space, the triangle should be totally motionless. It shouldn’t spin. If the indicator spins, that’s a clue that you have a leak underground.

Don’t worry if your water meter is devoid of a designated leak indicator. If that’s the case, jot down the current meter reading that you see. Allow the main valve to be totally off for an additional half an hour or full hour. If you notice a difference in the reading then, that’s an indication of a leak located underground.

How Do You Know You Have an Underground Leak? Focus on the Signs

Paying attention to potential signs of underground water leaks may save you a lot of stress. It may spare you the frustration of wasted water, too. What are some specific signs of underground leaks, anyway? Examples are water pressure drops, unclean tap water, potholes, sinkholes, splitting pavement, yard water pooling and inexplicable water bill spikes.

What are some other signs that are possible? Spattering sounds, moist walls, moist floors and mold growth smells may all signify underground leaks.

What Are the Causes of a Pipe Leak?

Underground pipe leaks aren’t fun. Several different things can cause leaking that involves underground pipes as well. A broken pipe may bring on a leak. A shifting ground or shifting soil may bring one on, too. Clogs that involve pipes can also contribute to leaks. If you suspect any leaking, you should consider all these possibilities before doing anything else.

Steps for Finding Underground Water Leaks

Numerous straightforward steps can get you on track to successful underground leak identification.

Locate Your Water Meter

Locating water meters can be a terrific and logical first step for people who want to pinpoint potential leaking.

Low Pressure in the Water Supply

Numerous things can bring on reduced water supply pressure. If you have any pipes that are ruptured or eroded, you may have a frustrating leak on your hands.

Sudden Increase in Water Usage and Costs

People frequently discover leaks right after they get their monthly water bills. If you get your bill and are shocked by inexplicable expenses and usage, a leak may be behind everything.

Checking For Damp Spots in Your Yard

If your yard has out of nowhere become a wet mess, then leaking in the ground may be responsible. You may observe moss growth throughout your yard as well. Look at the surface of your grass.

Sounds From Pipes

A leak in the ground may be audible, too, interestingly enough. If you notice anything that sounds like hissing, a drop in pressure may be the reason. If you hear any spattering, it may denote water flow close to your pipes.

Unusually Green Grass and Water Pooling on Your Lawn

A leak underground may give the soil in your yard additional moisture. This may encourage the grass to grow a lot more rapidly. It may lead to grass that has a strangely green color to it, too. If you notice this green coloration alongside water pooling, you should probably invest in professional leak detection as soon as you can.

What Causes an Underground Water Leak?

Your underground pipes may leak due to your home’s water supply. Water supply pipe bursting can in many cases encourage leakage. Various factors can contribute to pipe breakage and leakage. Invasive roots and the shifting of surrounding soil are just a couple possibilities to consider.

Check For Moisture With an Infrared Camera

Infrared camera use may help you pinpoint the exact location of leakage below your house. Although infrared cameras do not have the ability to see behind items, they do have the ability to pinpoint heat shifts. That’s precisely how they can make fine leak identification devices of sorts.

Damaged Paving

As indicated previously, leakage in the ground isn’t just a threat to your monthly water bill. That’s because it can even do a number on the area surrounding your house. It can hurt the appearance of streets. It can ruin driveways. It can harm paving permanently. If you want the surface of your pavement to remain attractive, you should repair possible leaks immediately. It can help you save money.

Determine the Cause of the Leak

Figuring out leak causes may help you prevent future plumbing problems. Remember, various components can contribute to the headaches of leakage. Bad water quality can be a factor. The same thing goes for faulty pipe installation, erosion and corrosion. These things can bring on pipe pinholes.

Hire a Professional Plumber to Fix Your Water Leak Underground

Do you want to spare yourself the hassles of water damage and worse? You should think about hiring a professional plumber to locate any leakage underground. A pro may be able to perform a simple test that can give you peace of mind.

Acoustic Leak Detection

Water leakage generally gives off noises below several kilohertz. Acoustic sensors often have the power to pinpoint these noises accurately. The acoustic detection technique relies on two sensors.

Can a Plumber Fix an Underground Leak?

Yes, a plumbing expert can generally fix this type of leakage. The repair process may require several hours in total. You should go above and beyond to recruit a plumber who has a lot of experience with water leaks and all their negative effects.


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