How to Solve Low Water Pressure in House Dilemmas

Low water pressure isn’t fun. Water pressure that’s the opposite of strong can put a damper on your activities. It can even ruin your showers. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to get rid of home water pressure dilemmas.

What causes weak home water pressure? Drain clogs and water leaks are two examples of things that can interfere with your home water pressure. Leaks of all levels of severity can actually decrease water pressure, interestingly enough.

Reach Out to Neighbors

low water pressure in houseDon’t assume that you’re the only person on the block with water pressure woes. Ask your neighbors about their water pressure status. If you discover that they have the same crisis on their hands, the municipal water system in your city may be the “bad guy.” Don’t forget that these water systems are often vulnerable to clogging, water leaks, corrosion and accumulation.

Take Care of Clogging

Pipes slowly but surely can experience mineral deposit accumulation. If the water in your home is hard, this accumulation can get out of hand. It can reduce pipe diameter and force clogging. This can interfere greatly with water flow. If you have a relatively small clog of this kind, then you may be able to tackle it independently. Try to dissolve the minerals that are wreaking havoc onto your shower heads and faucet fixtures.

Get a Ziploc bag that’s open. Pour vinegar into it. Then put it on top of your faucet or shower head. Use string to keep it firm in its position. Let it stay there all night long as you sleep. This will give it ample time to soak. Rinse everything off shortly after you wake up in the A.M. hours. This hack may immediately give your water pressure a boost. If it fails to do so, you should hire a plumber to take care of bigger mineral clogs within your piping.

Assess Your Water Pressure Regulator

increase water pressurePerhaps your next-door neighbor told you that her home water pressure is just fine. If you feel as though you’re the only one on your street with questionable residential water pressure, an issue with a water pressure reducing valve may be the reason. The person who lived in your home before you might have installed a regulator as a means of restricting water force brought on by the municipal water line. If you determine that a valve is behind your water pressure dilemma, there isn’t much you can do about it alone. Just recruit a professional plumber to change the setting and therefore enable a stronger flow rate.

Your home system may be free of the previously mentioned valve. You should verify that your main shut-off valve is completely open. If you realize that it isn’t, you can tweak it. You don’t have to ask a plumber to do this for you.

Look at Your Water Main

Water leak mains can sometimes decrease home water pressure. Go into your basement or garage to analyze the spot where your main water supply accesses your living space. You may be able to prove that you have a leak with your own eyes. You can also go outdoors to take a look at the ground where the local supply and the ground cross paths. If you notice a damp patch that has nothing to do with the weather, you should get help from a plumber, pronto.

Check Out Your Plumbing System

Analyzing your plumbing may help you get to the bottom of your water pressure dilemma. Evaluate mechanical components thoroughly. Perhaps you have valves that you had no idea existed. Perhaps the supply line divides with a neighbor’s line. These are two examples of things that can hurt water pressure. If you take care of them, you may be able to reverse the situation quickly.

Go for Home Water Pressure Booster Installation

Water pressure booster installation can do a lot to strengthen water flow rate that gets to your home. If your local water has to do a lot of moving to get to you, that may influence its pressure. Installing a booster may be able to protect you from the hassles of inadequate pressure.


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