Is a Leaking Roof an Emergency?

Roof leaks are indisputably frustrating. Despite that, some may wonder whether they’re actually classified as pressing emergencies. If you discover a pesky roof leak, you may ask others around you whether should contact an on-call emergency plumber to take care of the matter. This question isn’t an uncommon one in the slightest.

A leaking roof is classified as being an emergency if it involves a problem that’s urgent and that may escalate rapidly. If your roof water leak is so intense that it pushes your ceiling down, then that’s without a doubt a bona fide emergency. If a roof leak is so significant that is actually affects your day-to-day lifestyle and operations, you can feel pretty confident in categorizing it as an emergency.

emergency-leak-roof-scaled-e1669632523278The elements can also contribute to emergency leaks. Perhaps an intense storm has done a number on your roofing system. Maybe it has made part of your living space fragile and vulnerable to aggressive environmental factors such as rainfall and wind. If that’s taken place, then you certainly have an emergency on your hands.

A few different scenarios can signify a genuine roofing leak emergency as well. If you observe lost shingles from a significant portion of your roof, then that may mean that the leak is urgent. An abundance of missing shingles can significantly hurt the materials that are under them.

Roof collapses are no joke. If a leak has caused your roof to cave in to any degree, you cannot ignore it. As indicated previously, it can be a serious danger to live in a home that doesn’t have full protection from the outdoors and all of its unpredictable components.

Focus on your roof deck. If you notice any rotting, that’s probably an emergency. Various things can trigger this rotting. A couple examples are inadequate ventilation and moisture accessing your attic. Why is deck rotting so pressing and worrying? If you brush it off, it can bring on major structural troubles that can drastically harm the integrity of your property. Taking care of these structural problems can be extremely costly and time-consuming, too.

Relatively Minor Roof Leaks

Again, a roof leak isn’t thought to be an emergency unless it influences your day-to-day routine and actions. A smaller leak that doesn’t stop you from going about your usual business is no reason to panic. That doesn’t mean that you should dismiss this sort of leak. It simply means that you should call a professional for assessment and repair work at your earliest convenience.

How exactly can you decide how serious a roof leak is? Try looking at the speed of the water trickles. If the “trickles” are thicker and speedier, then they may denote an emergency. If they’re thinner and rather slow, then they may not be as pressing.

How to Tackle a Roof Leak

emergency roof leak repairIf you decide that your roof leak is an emergency, you should set up immediate repair service without delay. It doesn’t matter how early or late it is. True emergency roofing leaks leave you with zero time to spare.

It can also help to take action as you wait for your emergency plumber to show up. It may be a smart idea to place a sturdy bucket right below the leak. Doing so can trap the water and stop it from traveling elsewhere.

Make a point to protect your personal belongings. It can be particularly helpful to safeguard items that are irreplaceable or expensive. Get any furniture pieces away from the roof leak. It can also help greatly to put plastic sheets right on top of your carpeting. This option can come in handy for people who cannot roll up their rugs and carpets.

Strong Reasons to Never Dismiss a Roof Leak Emergency

If you ignore an emergency roof leak and allow it to possibly get out of hand, you may end up hurting yourself. Serious roof leaks can bring on major problems such as significant water damage, mold development and structural concerns. Remember, too, that exposure to mold can lead to many health woes. Handling a roof leak emergency quickly can save you money and give you peace of mind.


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