Is a Leaking Water Heater an Emergency? Find Out Now

Your water heater has a lot on its plate day in and day out. It helps you enjoy warm and cozy showers and baths on a daily basis. That’s only the beginning, too. Since water heaters are such essential household appliances, it can be disheartening to come to the realization that yours has a problem. A leaking water heater can make anyone feel more than a little nervous. Is it an emergency? Figuring out the answer to that question may help you take appropriate action.

Water Heater Leaks and Emergency Status

It can sometimes be hard to figure out whether to classify an appliance leak as being an emergency. You can start by determining whether your leak is significant. If it is, then you can confidently place it under the emergency umbrella. Substantial amounts of water can damage your residential property dramatically. Water can make your home susceptible to electrical issues as well. Don’t forget that significant amounts of water can even endanger elderly individuals and small kids.

If your water heater leak is substantial, you should call our company without delay to schedule an appointment for emergency service. You can call us to ask for a “no obligation” quote, too. You shouldn’t ever attempt to take care of major leaks without professional assistance. If you try to fix these leaks yourself, you may actually exacerbate things.

How to Identify a Water Heater Leak

Significant water heater leaks fortunately are pretty easy to identify. If you notice substantial water pooling on the floor around your unit, that’s a pretty strong hint. Look at the exterior of your appliance as well. If you observe water that’s dripping, a substantial leak may be the reason.

If you notice a water heater leak of any kind, it’s in your best interests to nip it in the bud as soon as possible. Dilly-dallying here will only make the situation get more out of control. Note, too, that fixing and paying for a minor water heater leak is a lot less stressful than the other scenario.

How can you stop a minor water heater leak from turning into a major emergency? You can do so by calling our company for a professional assessment. We also offer quotes without any strings attached.

Water Heater Leaks and Longevity Considerations

If your water heater leaks, you understandably may begin wondering how much time it has left. Water heaters sadly don’t last forever. If your unit just has a leaking drain valve and is otherwise in fine working order, it may continue to function well for quite a while. If the unit’s tank has a leak, the situation may be a lot more complex. Remember that these appliances tend to stay dependable and useful for anywhere between eight and 10 years total. If your older water heater starts to leak, emergency service may not be the best option. You may actually be better off replacing it entirely. Fixing the problems that are associated with older units time and time again can be costly and frustrating.

The Possible Hazards of Water Heater Leaks

What exactly makes water heater leaks potential emergencies, anyway? Significant water heater leaks can in many cases point to units that are on their last legs. The possible dangers go beyond just that, however. If your water heater is leaking a lot, it may bring on dangerous flooding in your living space. The last thing you want is to subject the dear members of your household to the stresses of pooling water on the floor.

Water heater leaks can also lead to significant property damage. If you ignore a leaking unit for too long, the moisture may end up wreaking havoc on your floors and walls. If you want to protect the otherwise gorgeous walls in your home from conspicuous staining and other undesirable effects, you have to take care of an emergency water heater leak rapidly, period.

The presence of moisture can cause mold and mildew to develop, too. Since both of these substances can hurt people, you should take emergency water heater leak repair seriously. Some people have actually passed away as a result of being around mold growth for a meaningful period.

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