Is No Air Conditioning Considered an Emergency? Find Out Now

We all know that air conditioning feels terrific during the most oppressively hot months of the year. Despite that, we don’t know if indoor cooling is truly a necessity. If your air conditioning unit breaks down for any reason, you may wonder whether you have a legitimate emergency on your hands. So, is no air conditioning actually considered an emergency?

airconditioning brokenThe truth is that some air conditioning issues are classified as emergencies and others are not. It depends. If you suspect that the absence of cool air in your living space is in any sense detrimental to your well-being, then not having air conditioning is definitely an emergency. If you believe that the lack of air conditioning in your home for an extended period of time may lead to uneasiness or malaise, then it’s probably an emergency as well.

Certain types of air conditioning troubles may signify bona fide emergencies. If your cooling unit has failed in times of intensely high temperatures of more than 90 degrees, then you have an emergency.

Think about all of the specific people who make up your household. Are you in the company of older individuals or small kids who may have more delicate immune systems? These people may be particularly vulnerable to the negative effects of immoderate heat.

Perhaps your air conditioning unit isn’t functioning correctly and trips your breaker seemingly nonstop. You may detect a burning odor. Your lights may turn dim any time you attempt to switch on the appliance. If you have any of these issues, then your air conditioning situation may indeed be an emergency.

is no airconditioning an emergencyAir conditioning water leaks can be problematic as well. If your appliance leak is contributing to indoor space water damage, possible mold growth or anything else along those lines, then you have a real emergency that you need to address right away.

Don’t ever brush off an air conditioning system that’s giving off smoke or sparks. Since smoke and sparks can both be hazardous to health, they contribute to air conditioning issues that are clear emergencies. A few other things can signify air conditioning emergencies that can negatively impact household safety. Aggressive gas odors, first of all, can denote cooling unit emergencies. The same thing goes for bizarre and persistent sounds in times of use and refrigerant leakage. Since these things can involve air conditioner unit safety, you should never brush them off even for a minute. If you have any of these specific cooling unit concerns, it’s crucial to contact an on-call HVAC technician for assistance regardless of how early or how late in the day it might be.

It can help significantly to take note of a couple of cooling unit issues that aren’t usually classified emergencies, too. If your air conditioning stops working in times of moderate temperatures, that’s not an emergency. If a local power outage has stopped your air conditioning unit from working temporarily, that’s not an emergency, either.


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