Pebble Shower Floor Positives and Negatives (River Rock Problems)

Are you familiar with pebble shower floors? Pebble shower flooring uses tiles that are made out of cut or intact rocks. These rocks come in all sizes and shapes. These pebble floors are also commonly referred to as “river rock floors.” If you want to invest in a fresh shower floor, you should take the time to learn about pebble shower floor positives and negatives.

The Pros of Pebble Shower Floors

A pebble shower floor may be appealing to you for many reasons. This kind of shower floor brings all sorts of advantages to the table, after all.


Bathroom floors that are slip-resistant can be excellent for safety purposes. Fortunately, pebble shower floors are part of this category. Since they provide solid footing, they can help keep trips, slips and injuries in general at bay. Slip resistance is especially helpful in households that include older individuals and small kids.


People who are assessing pebble shower floor positives and negatives should think at length about price points. If you want to get your hands on a shower floor that’s economical, you should consider pebble floors seriously. Beyond the actual pebbles, all you have to do is acquire various basic tools, sealer and grout.

Unique Aesthetic

A pebble floor can provide you with a distinctive appearance that’s memorable, fresh and endlessly appealing. A pebble floor may dazzle the senses with uneven shapes, natural materials and more. If you like the idea of steering clear of tiles that have straightforward shapes, a pebble floor may be right up your alley. It may include square, circular, flat and round stones galore.

It Offers a Variety of Choices

People who opt for pebble floors can pick between all kinds of different shapes in rocks. They can also pick between a broad array of colors. Many people prefer brown, green and gray tiles alone. Many people prefer pebbles in a handful of different yet equally inviting hues. You can freely pick pebbles in colors that correspond with the overall design scheme of your bathroom and home in general.

Don’t Easily Wear or Scratch

Pebbles may make a rock-solid new floor choice for people who have concerns about strength. If you’re all about resilience and power, the pebble tile path may be fitting for you. These kinds of shower floors just aren’t prone to quick fatigue. If you want to protect yourself from scrapes, scratches and flaws overall, you should look into these floors right away. Since they don’t scratch easily, they offer the gift of longevity.

The Cons of Pebble Shower Floors

This type of floor is known for so many positives. It occasionally is linked to a few potential drawbacks as well.

Require High Maintenance

Maintaining a pebble floor well isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Cleaning a pebble floor specifically can be somewhat time-consuming and complex. The reality is that cleaning a pebble tile floor thoroughly can require a pretty substantial time commitment. Cleaning a basic tile floor tends to be a much swifter and more straightforward process.

Make sure you refrain from scrubbing pebble floors in an overly aggressive manner. If you scrub a pebble floor intensely, you may unintentionally remove some of the grout.

If you have concerns about frequent maintenance, pebbles may not be for you. Regular maintenance can keep your pebbles gorgeous and safe for everyone. Although some people label this flooring as high maintenance,” you may think it’s more than worth it.

May Require Specialized Skills to Install and Maintain

People who install pebble shower floors successfully have to try to achieve strong finishes. If you fail to achieve a rock-solid pebble floor finish, you may develop a water seeping problem. This can lead to gradual erosion or degradation of the flooring directly below.

Consider the unpleasant yet realistic possibility of standing water as well. It can make your bathroom floor susceptible to the emergence of both bacteria and mold.

If you want to safeguard yourself from the stresses of frequent repairs, you should prioritize proper installation, period.

Can Be Uncomfortable on Bare Feet

Pebble flooring may cause a degree of discomfort to bare feet. If you walk on this kind of shower floor, you should make a point to avoid sharp pebbles. Failure to do so can lead to unpleasant foot aches. Individuals who have concerns about sharp edges and pain often invest in shoes that they can wear during their showers.

Some Retain Water Especially River Rock

Does the thought of an uneven surface make you feel nervous? The uneven nature of pebble stones can pave the way for water retention difficulties. Water can sometimes get trapped in the middle of individual pebbles. Dirt and debris can collect in those spaces. Mold can start to rear its ugly head, too. If you take the time to put together a pebble shower independently, you should take a prudent approach to the setup of the underlying floor.

Not Suited to Hard Water

Pebble flooring isn’t always a strong fit for people who live in locations that have hard water. Hard water has the ability to establish a film that has a chalky texture. It often does so on top of pebble shower floors. You can stop this nasty chalky residue from developing, however, by taking the take to meticulously clean your pebble shower floor on a routine basis. If you want to keep a pebble shower floor in fine working order for as long as possible, you should thoroughly dry it once you’re finished showering. You should dry your bathroom floor thoroughly after showering without any exceptions.

If you want to make smart decisions about grout, tiles and similar topics, you should think in detail about hard water, soft water and everything else along those lines.

Higher Risk of Mold

The use of pebbles may make your bathroom and shower specifically more prone to the emergence of unsightly mold. If you want to safeguard your floor, bathroom and shower from mold growth and its consequences, you should take installation 100 percent seriously. Prioritizing routine upkeep can often keep shower floor problems such as mold out of sight and out of mind.

If you have concerns about mold, getting a pebble shower floor may not be the best avenue for you. It may help you to explore different floor choices and all they have to offer.

How to Perform Pebble Shower Floor Installation?

The installation process of pebble floors is in no way hard. Despite that, it calls for a degree of care and focus. You have to kick things off by evaluating the state of the underlying floor. Then, you should get the floor ready by cleaning and drying it fully. It can help greatly to put small dents on top of it. Doing this can help with adhesion.

Next, you can put on thinset. You can follow that step by going forward with the application of the natural pebbles. Begin at the edge furthest from your entry point or shower door for optimal results.

It can help to use small pebbles to accommodate the small spaces in the middle of the pebbles. Smaller pebbles can fit these spaces particularly well. Give your floor the chance to dry for a full day.

Blend water and grout together. You should strive to achieve a slightly thick mixture. Put the grout evenly on the flooring. Once 20 minutes have gone by, you can do away with the excess grout using a simple wet piece of cloth.

Sealer application is the last step. After you put on the last coat of sealer, you should allow it to dry for a full 24 hours.

Pebble Shower Floor Positives And Negatives

Analyzing floor types is critical for people who want to make rational and sensible bathroom and shower decisions. If you get a pebble shower floor, there will be various positives. Pebble tiles also may introduce a number of cons. You should take the time to meticulously evaluate the positives and negatives of pebble tiles. If you do so, you’ll be able to figure out whether they’re worth it to you.

More Positives of Pebble Shower Flooring

Pebble tiles are easy on the eyes. Beautiful pebbles may take the appearance of your floor to the next level. Other floors often can’t compete with pebbles in the visuals department. If you appreciate nature, striking colors and dynamic style, pebbles may be the right bathroom and shower design concept for you.

Pebbles are elegant and distinctive in feel. They can give you peace of mind, too. That’s due to the fact that they can help protect you from falls and physical injuries of all sorts. If you want to invest in the highest level of safety for your living space, the use of pebbles may work like a charm.

Pebbles also have the power to conceal flooring that isn’t level and even at all. If you want to give your flooring a consistent and natural feel, you should assess your options in pebbles without question.

Easy to Install

If you like the idea of a floor that’s relatively simple to install, pebble shower floors may be on your radar. Again, hassle-free installation is just one of the many pebble shower floor pros out there.

DIY Friendly

This flooring is fitting for people who like DIY projects. If you install this flooring, you don’t have to invest in many costly shower floor materials at all.

Do Pebble Shower Floors Require Sealing?

People who have rough texture or rough surface concerns never have to live in fear of this flooring. While this flooring has relatively straightforward installation requirements, it does call for occasional sealing work. If you want to keep it in strong condition for a long time, you should put sealer on it in intervals of every few years or so.

Applying Pebbles in Your Bathroom

If you’re nervous about potentially installing flooring that includes pebbles, you don’t have to panic. That’s because you can hire a skilled professional to tackle the project for you. If you do this, you won’t have to worry about the application of more grout. You won’t have to worry about finish approaches. You won’t have to worry about costly mistakes that may interfere with the lifespan of your flooring further down the line, either. Professional assistance can help you avoid major time wastes.

Explore Your Flooring Choices With Great Care

Pebbles can be great for folks who appreciate variety, safety and visual interest. While pebbles can be great for certain kinds of people, they’re not necessarily the best for everyone. If you want to reduce your maintenance requirements to the best of your ability, you should think about different tiles and all their needs. Don’t assume that all tiles have similar upkeep requirements, because they definitely do not. Stone flooring is in a league of its own. Pebble tile flooring specifically is, too.

Learn More About Pebble Tile Floors

Do you want to spare yourself thoughts of grout? Do you want to save yourself a lot of precious time? It can help to hire consummate professionals for assistance with the installation of pebble shower flooring. These professionals know a lot about square foot matters in installation. They know a lot about grout use and amounts. They know a lot about the importance of strong and consistent grout application.

If you’re looking for flooring that’s memorable, sophisticated and safe as can be, you should make an appointment for flooring installation as soon as possible. Look for professionals who know all about pebble shower floor positives and negatives. Look for professionals who have mastered the fine art of grout application. If you make a sound installation decision, you’ll be able to enjoy your stunning pebble floor for years on end. Just don’t forget about maintenance duties. Thankfully, occasional sealer application is in no way a dealbreaker for the majority of pebble floor fans out there. It’s a pretty straightforward maintenance project.


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