So, How Much Do Plumbers Make in California?

Work as a professional plumber can be enjoyable and meaningful. If you’re thinking about maybe working as a plumber in California, learning about salaries may help you figure out whether the career path is indeed suitable for you. How much does a plumber make in California usually? What’s a plumbing salary California plumbers typically earn?

The Big “Plumber Salary in California” Question

Working as a California plumber can be an incredible career for professionals who are determined, licensed and extensively trained. If you’re a plumber in California nowadays, you may receive an average salary of $31.11 an hour. You may earn $6,750 in overtime annually as well.

Experience is always a big salary consideration for plumbers in California and elsewhere in the nation. Professionals who are comparatively new to plumbing and who haven’t been employed in the field for 12 full months may earn $26.06 an hour. Plumbers at the other end of the spectrum may earn quite a bit more. Master plumbers who have been working for a minimum of a decade may earn $37.81 an hour.

California plumbers receive average annual salaries of about $67,592. Some plumbers in the vast state earn an average of $58,550 a year. Other plumbers in the state earn an average of $76,983 a year. Various factors help determine average plumber salaries in California. These factors are location, years at work, extra skills, certifications and training. If you’re a highly specialized plumber who has various certificates under your belt, then you may have a higher average yearly salary. If you’re a plumber who has a job in the heart of a large metropolis like Los Angeles or San Diego, then you may have a higher average yearly salary than a similar professional who works in a smaller town, too.

Location and California Plumber Salaries

California is brimming with cities and towns of all sizes. If you’re employed as a plumber in Concord, California, you may earn $30.25 an hour. If you’re employed as a plumber in Sacramento, San Diego, Los Angeles or San Jose, you may earn $30.81, $30.82, $31.56 or $33.58 an hour respectively.

Plumbers and Career Levels

plumber salary californiaPlumbing is a lot like many other professions in that it is divided up into specific “levels.” The primary aim behind these levels is to guarantee that plumbers receive the necessary experience and training to take on their specific functions.

If you’re just starting out as a plumber, that means that you’re an apprentice plumber. Apprentice plumbers work on grasping plumbing systems and their ins and outs. They work on assisting seasoned “senior” plumbers. Apprentice plumbers even focus on honing their existing abilities and talents. They can work in plumbing exclusively with the careful monitoring of master or journeymen plumbers.

It’s totally understandable that apprentice plumbers in California generally have lower average salaries. This doesn’t only apply to California. It actually applies in all of the states.

Journeymen plumbers come next. If you’re a journeyman plumber, you’re more experienced than an apprentice but less experienced than a master. That’s the exact reason your average salary will be higher than an apprentice’s and lower than a master’s. Although journeymen plumbers are permitted to work on their crafts without any supervision at all, they’re in many situations not authorized to operate plumbing businesses themselves. Journeymen plumbers have to manage jobs that are more detail-oriented than apprentice plumbers do. These plumbers frequently install sophisticated plumbing systems without any assistance whatsoever.

Master plumbers, true to the name, are at the top in the plumbing sphere. Plumbing career levels honestly do not get any higher than the master tier. If you become a master plumber in California, you’ll be able to earn a higher average salary each year. Master plumbers can usually head plumbing companies by themselves. They can usually recruit newbie plumbers to provide them with comprehensive support. They can usually set up permits for the purpose of finishing projects as well.

If you work in plumbing for quite a while in California, you may be able to work your way up to master plumber status. Master plumbers who work in action-packed Los Angeles have average yearly salaries of $90,000.


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