How Much Do Plumbers Make in Texas? – Get the Answers Right Here

Are you seriously considering going after a rewarding and lucrative plumbing career in the Lone Star State? If you are, you should take the time to learn about plumber salary in Texas matters. What is the typical plumbing salary Texas professionals earn, anyway?

How Much Does a Plumber Make in Texas?

Do you want to be a Texas plumber? If you want to be a Texas plumber, learning about salaries for the profession may help you make a number of key decisions. Plumbers in Texas on average make $28.58 an hour. As far as overtime goes, Texas plumbers make an average of $6,750 annually.

Don’t assume that all plumbers in Texas have similar salaries. Experience matters a great deal in the field. A newbie plumber who has been in the profession for under one full year may make about $23.94 an hour. A highly seasoned plumber who has been in the field for more than a decade, on the other hand, may make as much as $34.74 an hour. Plumbers who are in between the two “extremes” understandably receive average salaries that are somewhere in the middle.

A Close Look at Annual Salaries for Various Kinds of Plumbers in Texas

plumber-texasIf you’re a hard-working Texas plumber who is licensed, then you can expect to receive a yearly average salary of about $54,000. This average comes from information that appears on close to 2,500 income tax records from the state. The average yearly salary factors in components such as tips, taxable wages and even bonuses. It factors in other elements as well.

Some plumbers in Texas make an average of $22,500 a year. These plumbers tend to be beginners. Other plumbers in the state make as much as $104,500 a year. Many components influence these average salaries for plumbers, too. Some of these components are skills, educational backgrounds, locations, employers and the previously mentioned experience. A plumber who works in a sizable metropolitan area such as Austin may make more money than a professional who works in a much smaller town in the state. A plumber who works for a large company with dozens of staff members may make more than a professional who works independently as well.

A handful of different plumber “tiers” exist. Apprentice plumbers understandably are comparatively new professionals who are still learning about their trades. These kinds of plumbers in Texas make approximately $35,000 a year. Journeymen plumbers are a whole other ballgame. They make about $60,000 a year. Although journeymen plumbers generally earn more than apprentice plumbers, they typically earn less than master plumbers, too. If you’re a master plumber who works in bustling Houston, Texas, you may make an average of $71,157 a year. It makes full sense that master plumbers usually earn more than apprentice and journeymen plumbers. They’ve been working in their fields for much longer. They in many cases are at the helm of their own plumbing businesses, too.


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