Rheem vs. AO Smith Water Heater Comparison (A Full Guide)

Are you assessing your options in electric water heaters, gas water heaters and more at the moment? If you’re shopping for water heaters now, you should take the time to review some of the finest and most renowned choices available. It may help you greatly to do a Rheem vs AO Smith water heater comparison.

Comparison Between Rheem Water Heaters and AO Smith Water Heaters

Rheem and AO Smith are two water heater companies that are known for effective water heaters. Rheem water heaters tend to be energy efficient and silent. AO Smith models, on the other hand, are known to be electric water heaters that also bring energy efficiency to the equation.

If you want to conduct a fair “Rheem vs AO Smith” water heater comparison, you should first remember that Rheem is a powerhouse in tankless water heaters and electric water heaters with tanks. The AO Smith brand is a powerhouse in gas water heaters. If you’re looking for gas powered water heaters, it may help you to assess AO Smith water heater models.

Who Makes A.O. Smith Water Heaters?

Performing an accurate Rheem vs AO Smith comparison involves first assessing what AO Smith offers. These are a couple of the most respected water heater brands on the market. AO Smith units are made by the AO Smith Corporation. It specializes in commercial and residential water heaters alike. AO Smith offers water heater products to customers in North America. It presents customers with a broad assortment of water heating options.

AO Smith Gas Water Heaters

Fans of gas heaters often gravitate to both Rheem and AO Smith. The latter company offers gas water heaters that can accommodate rather cramped living areas. If you’re interested in natural gas water heating devices, you should look into gas-fired choices. The brand presents customers with water heater models that are associated with heat exchanger use, efficient burning, heat traps and even superior insulation.

Rheem vs. AO Smith Water Heaters

Buying any kind of water heater is a huge investment for anyone. Buying an electric water heater is without a doubt a big deal. Buying a gas one is just as significant. The reality is that it can be tough to determine any “best” heater brand on the market. Only you can decide which specific company is right up your alley.

Rheem is a renowned brand that produces top-notch electric tankless and tankless heaters. AO Smith is a whole other ballgame. This company produces first-class gas options. If you want to make a smart and logical purchase decision, you should meticulously evaluate the choices that are on hand to you via both brands. Think at length about available features, energy efficiency, durability, lifespan and everything else along those lines.

Be as thorough as you can. Many heaters that are made by both brands offer impressive longevity. Since the brands tend to offer similar heater lifespans, you may want to think more about other factors. Rheem may provide customers with superior warranties. The other company may provide customers with matchless service and support. It may offer customers a broader gas water heater selection as well.

Where Are A.O. Smith Water Heaters Made?

AO Smith’s water heaters are made in North America, the Netherlands and China. Water heater production for the company takes place across literally three continents. North America alone boasts five manufacturing centers total.

Rheem Water Heater Convenience Features

If you want to buy a water heater that offers a lot of ease, you should pay careful attention to Rheem features. The brand presents customers with many features and extras. A water heater from this company may be able to provide you with hot water that’s continuous. It may provide you with a design that’s compact. People who have worries about leak detection, tank leakage and related matters may be drawn to the LeakGuard feature, too.

Things to Think About

Buying an electric water heater or any kind of heating element in general is never the simplest job. It’s vital to consider so many components beforehand. Think about whether you need instant hot water. Think about whether you want an electric or a gas device, too. Unlike Rheem, AO Smith is usually linked to extensive gas choices.

Ask yourself if you want to reduce your energy costs in a big way. This can be a smart idea for rather budget-conscious folks. Don’t ignore any energy efficiency rating information. You should take a thorough approach to shopping for any sort of heating device. The more time you give yourself, the easier it will be for you to make a decision that’s sound and logical. Never forget that no two households have the same exact water heating requirements. Your needs are 100 percent unique to your living circumstances and requirements.

Rheem Electric Water Heaters

As indicated previously, the Rheem Manufacturing Company is a major player in the water heating industry. If you’re performing a Rheem and AO Smith comparison, it can help you greatly to know that Rheem is another water heater brand that’s all about manufacturing water heaters for residential customers. It also caters to commercial ones.

Gas and Fuel

Many people are fans of gas water heaters. That’s because these heaters bring a handful of important advantages to the table. They heat much more rapidly than their electric counterparts do. If you don’t want to have to wait around for hot water, the gas route may be ideal for you.

What else may make gas appeal to you? Gas heaters in many cases help decrease energy expenses.

Are A.O. Smith Water Heaters A Good Choice?

Many people admire water heaters from this brand. They’re equipped with all sorts of updated and advanced features. They offer a lot of longevity, too. This brand is a favorite among gas water heater lovers.

A.O. Smith Water Heater Energy-Efficiency

AO Smith water heaters are often highly energy-efficient. The brand also presents its customer base with highly energy-efficient heat pump choices.

Tankless Water Heaters

Rheem is a big deal in the tankless realm. Some people are particularly fond of the Rheem Performance 27 kW. Why are so many people so in love with water heater options that are tankless? This type of water heater may decrease utility bills considerably, first of all. It may last much longer than other varieties that are out there. It may give people access to dependable hot water. It may conserve precious space at home. It may even be an energy efficiency superstar. If you dread the idea of wasting precious hot water, tankless devices may be right for you and your household.

AO Smith Water Heater Reliability

Many people consider water heater options that are available through this brand to be particularly dependable. If you have concerns about possible water heater breakdowns and failures, you may want to assess this brand and all its choices.

How User-Friendly Are Their Websites?

Navigating the websites for both brands is a simple and streamlined process for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re browsing hybrid water heaters, gas tankless water heaters, energy efficient water heaters or anything else on the Internet. You should be able to get around the brand sites easily and rapidly.

Where to Buy Rheem Water Heaters?

People can easily purchase Rheem or AO Smith heating elements online and offline these days.

Rheem Vs AO Smith – What Brand Of Tankless Water Heater Is The Most Reliable?

People who are enthusiastic about tankless water heaters tend to flock to Rheem options. They often consider Rheem tankless water heaters to be particularly effective and dependable.

Availability Of Rheem Water Heaters

Water heaters made by Rheem are easily accessible in stores all over the United States.

Which Offers the Best Condensing Gas Tankless Water Heater?

AO Smith may be tops in the condensing gas tankless water heater department. These kinds of heaters are known for strong energy-efficiency. Beyond that, they can be fitted both outdoors and indoors for the highest level of convenience and ease.

Why is UEF an Important Factor to Consider?

People who are shopping for water heaters should pay close attention to UEF or Uniform Energy Factor ratings. These ratings, in a nutshell, measure the energy efficiency of water heaters. Numbers that are high point to units that are more energy efficient. If you’re on the lookout for efficient water heaters that may help reduce your energy bills with the passing of time, you should assess UEF ratings without exception.

Which Electric Tankless Water Heater Brand Is Best?

People who are interested in electric options frequently are drawn to Rheem units. If you’re on the lookout for electric heaters, a Rheem water heater may be ideal for you. Many consider the electric water heater products that are available through Rheem to be the best. They appreciate just how compact these water heaters are, first of all. They appreciate that they help people take charge of water temperatures. They even adore the energy-efficiency they bring to the table. If you want to get your hands on an energy efficient water heater that’s tankless and electric, look into Rheem. It may help decrease your energy costs quite dramatically.

Is AO Smith a Good Water Heater?

Only you can answer this specific question. Yes, many people are big fans of this brand and its plentiful choices. Despite that, you should meticulously evaluate your own highly specific heater needs and preferences. Do you care about how energy-efficient a heater may be? Do you care about safety? Do you care about compact size? Note, too, that the brand presents customers with a plethora of diverse choices in heaters. While one heater from the brand may not be ideal for you and your requirements, another one may be. You should take the time to shop around for a heater that truly ticks off all your boxes. Don’t be slapdash.

What Is the Best AO Smith Water Heater?

If you’re comparing AO Smith vs Rheem, you may want to look into the best options both brands have to offer. However, the truth is that it can be quite difficult to name one single “best” AO Smith heater. That’s because people all look for different things. If you’re looking for a gas water heater from the brand, the Signature 50-Gallon Tall model may pique your interest. Many people consider that to be the best.

How Long Does an A.O. Smith Water Heater Last?

This brand is often associated with quality water heaters that can stand the test of time. If you own an AO Smith product and give it the maintenance it needs and deserves, it may remain reliable for a decade plus.

How Long Should a Hot Water Tank Last?

The majority of standard hot water tanks can remain in fine working order for anywhere between 10 and 15 years at the most. Note that routine maintenance affects typically lifespans significantly.

Is AO Smith a Good Brand?

AO Smith is known for producing quality water heaters. Many people are loyal AO Smith devotees all around the United States. People frequently link AO Smith products to dependability, helpful safety features and convenience in general.

How Long Do Rheem Water Heaters Last?

Rheem heaters generally remain functional and dependable for anywhere from 5 to 15 years total. Many factors potentially influence Rheem water heater longevity as well. A couple examples are routine maintenance and water conditions. If you take the time to maintain your device properly, it may reward you with a superior lifespan.

What Affects the Longevity of Water Heaters?

It’s critical to remember that a number of factors influence the lifespans of water heaters. These factors include but are not limited to maintenance, water quality, home location and, finally, size. If you take the time to maintain a water heater properly on a routine basis, it may reward you with superior longevity.

How Much Is the Installation Cost for Rheem and AO Smith Water Heaters?

Water heater installation cost varies based on multiple components. If you recruit a professional to install a water heater made by Rheem, you may have to pay anywhere in the range of $900 to $1,700. If you recruit a professional to install a water heater made by AO Smith, you may have to pay anywhere between $500 and $3,000.

Is professional installation assistance worth it? It may be. Note that outside assistance may spare you the frustration of mistakes that may cost a lot to reverse.



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