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Sewage backups can be immensely frustrating. They can lead to severe consequences, too. Luckily, managing sewage backups is simpler than you may think. If you have a frustrating sewage backup on your hands, the ball is in your court to reach out to the water damage restoration specialists here at Emergency Plumbing Squad. We can help you deal with any sewer backup efficiently and confidently.

Is Sewage Removal Dangerous?

You should never try to handle or clean a sewage backup all by yourself. The reality is that sewer backups can post a significant threat to human health. The cleanup process involves being around black water that’s deeply contaminated. Fortunately, our team members have the experience and training necessary to safely restore your space. They have specialized training, all the tools and even state-of-the-art equipment. They wear protective gear that can protect them from contaminated water and major health risks of all sorts.

What Does Professional Water Damage Restoration Involve?

Our team members manage home or business sewage backup nightmares by focusing on cleanup first. They prioritize the removal of bacteria and viruses. They prioritize the removal of other microbes, too. Once these professionals completely clean affected areas, they move on to in-depth water damage restoration work.

Do Professionals Take Care of Cleaning, Drying and Deodorizing Duties?

Tackling sewage water is quite a comprehensive project. Again, our professionals begin by concentrating on the extraction of contaminated water. The drying process is the next important priority. Deodorization, last but definitely not least, is the final step. If you want your home or business to smell fresh, clean and safe again after water damage, you should make sure to get it professionally cleaned.

What Does the Sewer Backup Cleaning Process Entail?

The sewage backup cleanup process involves quite a lot. It calls for quite a few different steps. Our team members kick things off by concentrating on drainage system unclogging. Once they move past that part, they zero in on the removal of sewage water. They strive to get rid of any and all remnants of this kind of hazardous water. Drying work, as indicated previously, is yet another big part of taking care of raw sewage.

What makes drying such an essential part of the cleaning of sewage damage? Drying can in many cases protect people from severe illness that’s the result of being around sewage. Don’t ever forget that moist and wet settings are ideal for the growth of nasty mold.

Should You Leave Sewage Clean-Up To The Professionals?

Yes, you should allow extremely professional individuals with specialized training to take care of backups. Being around grossly contaminated water can be hazardous for an abundance of different reasons. If you’re 100 percent serious about protecting yourself and your space from microbial growth, bacteria and viruses and further damage, you should allow our hard-working water damage aficionados to work their magic on you.

What Is Category 3 Water?

If you lack significant experience with collapsed sewer lines, sewage pipes, floor drains, gray water and sewer line headaches in general, you may be totally unfamiliar with “category 3 water.” What exactly is that, anyway? Water damage that falls under the category 3 umbrella is the consequence of black water immersing porous materials such as both wood and sheetrock. This water is grossly contaminated and may include all sorts of harmful components such as pathogenic agents. Since this water is such a danger, you should take care of it as soon as possible. It’s an emergency situation.

Are You Available 24 Hours a Day?

Backups are without a doubt emergencies. That’s why our company is open round-the-clock to accommodate any and all emergency cleaning requests. If you have any concerns about sewage damage at midnight, you shouldn’t hesitate for a second to reach out to our on-call crew. Our team members have restoration certification. They’re known for quick response times. They utilize first-rate equipment such as air scrubbers as well. If you want to say goodbye to wastewater at any time of the night, you need our cleaning expertise. We know how to deal with bacteria rapidly and thoroughly.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Sewage Cleanup Costs?

Your insurance company may not cover the costs of sewage backup cleaning service. If you have any questions that involve the management of municipal sewer crises and expenses, we’re available to answer them for you.

What Are Common Causes of Sewage Spill and Backups?

Don’t speculate about the causes of sewage spills, backups and wastewater nightmares overall. These backups tend to happen after sewage travels up a drain, toilet or sink. If something obstructs sewer pipes and stops wastewater from being able to move easily, it could trigger a backup. It’s imperative for people to think at length about the dangers of tree roots, toilet paper, paper towels, feminine hygiene products, drain clogs and overflow.

Sewer backups, in short, refer to flooding. They’re often related to municipal sewer overflow issues.

What Should I Do If I Have Sewage Backup or Leak?

Are you nervous about toilet overflow or dishwasher overflow issues? Just forget about trying to manage them independently. If you suspect that you have a backup or leak, you should keep your cool and reach out to our diligent and capable technicians. Always remember that we’re open 24 hours a day to help you with backup woes. Our fast response times are practically legendary as well.

Make an Appointment for Our Cleanup Service and Water Damage Expertise

Are your pipes clear? If they’re not, you should drop our team members a line without delay. We’re a company that’s on hand 24/7 to assist you with backups and any and all related matters. Our pros wear protective equipment that can keep them safe and relaxed during the cleanup process. They have specialized training that gives them the confidence necessary to make smart and logical choices during the process, too.

Call us at any time to make an appointment for our dependable and punctual sewage cleanup services. We can assist you with flooding, toilet overflow headaches, septic tank troubles and many other equally pertinent topics. Sewage cleanup is a focal point for our team.


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