How Much Does Installing or Replacing a Shower Pan Cost?

Is a new shower pan on the horizon for you? If it is, you should learn about shower pans and cost factors. What’s the cost of shower pan installation? Taking note of the total project cost may help you with planning. A shower pan, in a nutshell, is typically a single-piece insert that’s installed on a shower floor. It basically emulates the shower floor. It gathers water and then pushes it down the drain.

Shower Pan Replacement Cost Factors

The cost of installing a shower pan depends on various factors. Understanding these factors may help you make a smart final cost estimate.

Shower Pan Cost By Size

First, think about pan size. The majority of showers are standard in size. 32 x 32 and 36 x 36 size categories are both common. A square shower pan for the first dimensions may cost between $150 and $250. A square shower pan for the second dimensions, on the other hand, may cost between $150 and $600.

Some people have bathroom and shower combinations that are part of the 48 x 48 size classification. If that’s the case with you, your shower pan may cost a bit more. It may cost you between $200 and $700.

Shower Pan Prices By Material

Consider materials. Fiberglass shower pans don’t cost as much as those that are made using other materials. They begin at $150. Getting a tile shower pan is a whole other story. Tile shower pans can actually cost as much as $3,500.

Other Costs to Replace and Install Shower Pan

Labor costs are a big deal. Professionals require roughly four hours for shower pan installation. You should anticipate a labor cost total of between $350 and $570.

Shower Pan Installation Cost By Type

Don’t ever assume that shower pan installation expenses are always the same. If you want to prepare to install a shower pan, you should think at length about the numerous varieties that are available.

How Much Does Tile Shower Pan Installation Cost?

Tile pans or pretty popular options nowadays. Again, this type of pan installation may be a bit more expensive. Tile-over pans are able to accommodate the extra weight that is brought on by tile. Attempting to tile over a “normal” pan can lead to splitting and cracking. That’s why investing in a tile ready pan can make sense. Installing these shower pans may cost from $500 to $800.

Hot Mop Shower Pan Cost

Installing a hot mop shower pan can be excellent for waterproofing purposes. If you get a hot mop shower pan, it may cost you between $225 and $500. People who are interested in shower bases that are particularly resilient tend to prefer hot mopping choices. A hot mop shower can also be a wise choice for people who are enthusiastic about waterproof shower pans. Hot mop shower pans can be suitable for folks who perhaps don’t want to have to worry about dealing with premature shower pan replacement costs.

Poured Mud Shower Pan Base

Poured mud shower bases are able to multitask as shower pans. It isn’t uncommon, though, for people to tile over poured mud options. Poured mud bases tend to cost between $350 and $650. They consist of waterproof membranes, cement mortar, metal rods or metal mesh.

Custom Shower Pan Cost

Custom shower pans can come in handy for people who have showers that are sized unconventionally. This type of shower pan starts at $900 for tile fans. Custom tile options can cost as much as $3,500 as well.

A custom stone option may cost between $1,200 and $2,000.

Pre-Made Shower Pan

Don’t assume that a custom shower pan is the only way to go. Most shower pans fall under the pre-made umbrella. Replacing a pre made pan may cost you between $500 and $1,550.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is among the most beloved shower pan materials out there. Anticipate the cost to install this kind to be anywhere between $200 and $950. People can pick between all kinds of thrilling stone choices as well. Cultured marble is one example.

Cast Iron Pan Costs

If you get a cast iron option, it may cost you between $800 and $,1300. A cast iron pan may be beneficial for people who prioritize strength. It may be beneficial for people who wish to explore types of finish, too.

Types of Finish

Finish options run the gamut. A natural stone pan may have a subtle matte finish. A new shower pan that’s made out of tile may have a high gloss finish.

What Mortar to Use for a Shower Pan?

Mortar is a part of the total cost of pan installation as well. You should consider a thin-set mortar for your shower base if at all possible. Your shower base may benefit from a blend of fine aggregate, cement and sand. This is a rather popular choice in the shower base universe.

Additional Features

The cost to install may correspond with features, too. Accessible pans tend to cost between $700 and $1,000. This kind of new pan may be equipped with a low threshold. It may feature flooring that’s slip-resistant or textured as well.

Getting a new shower door may be necessary. Think about material acquisition. Think about labor cost matters, too. Labor and materials may cost between $600 and $1,350. Door choices include but are not limited to side, corner, swinging and sliding categories.

DIY Costs vs. Hiring a Pro

Some people consider making the installation process a DIY project. This may work for individuals who have tackled plumbing jobs in the past. An improperly installed shower pan, however, can be a headache. It can degrade quickly. It can lead to frustrating leaks as well.

How much does it cost to tackle things by yourself? The cost to install independently may end up being anywhere between $220 and $2,000. It may end up surpassing $2,000, too. The costs may include plumber’s putty and shower drain setup.

4 Ways to Save on Shower Pan Replacement Costs

If you want to reduce your costs, the aforementioned DIY approach may work like a charm. Getting your hands on a prefabricated pan may also work. This option may be appropriate for people who have shower pans that are standard in size.

You may be able to lower the cost to install by contemplating materials. Acrylic shower pans tend to be especially budget-friendly. Investing in a fiberglass shower pan may help you decrease your expenses dramatically, too. Although fiberglass and acrylic pans may cost less, they are usually just as effective as more pricey options. Fiberglass pans have many fans these days. It can be pretty easy to find acrylic pan lovers as well.

Hiring a Shower Pan Replacement Contractor

If you make shower pan installation part of a larger renovation project, it may help reduce your costs to some degree. Search for a seasoned contractor who has a lot of experience with shower liners, shower pan liner matters, mud shower pan options and more. If a contractor has no clue what you mean when you say “mud shower pan base,” you should definitely look elsewhere.

Steps to Build a Shower Pan and Base

Be sure to think about drain location. If you need a new drain line, you may have to handle some drilling work. A solid surface is necessary. Center drain installation over a shower pan can be a pretty straightforward job for people who have some experience.

Tile Shower Pan

A tiled shower floor may be optimal for people who wish to showcase their imaginative streaks. These showers tend to be accessible in a dazzling assortment of sizes, patterns and colors.

Installing a Shower Pan: The Average Cost Nationally

If you have “cost to install” questions, it may help you to assess national averages. As far as materials go, the national average for one pan is $1,093.83. A single pan may cost just $646.74, too. It may even cost upward of $1,540.91.

The cost to install in general may be anywhere between $1,064 and $2,054. Don’t ever forget that so many things influence national averages and costs overall. Contemplate whether you have an existing shower pan to remove. Think about materials such as hot tar. This is a big part of hot mopping. Put time into manufacturer recommended underlayment matters, surface sealants, waterproof membrane choices and everything else along those lines. Be sure to just say no to any harsh cleaners that may undermine your project, too.

Considering all the previously mentioned factors may help you make an intelligent guess regarding the cost to install a tile shower pan. It may help you make a wise guess about the general cost to install a shower pan. Shower pan replacement cost understandably ties in with so many other topics. That’s the reason predicting shower pan installation costs can be tricky for anyone.

Additional costs matter. Think about features. Materials matter. A custom stone option won’t cost the same as a tile one. The list continues. Many homeowners opt for shower pans that accommodate their highly specific lifestyles and aims well, and that makes a lot of sense.


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