The Typical Signs of Hard Water

Do the words “hard water” make you scratch your head in pure confusion? Water softness and hardness levels no longer have to be a big mystery to you. While water generally is totally transparent, it includes both chemicals and minerals. Mineral concentration actually is the specific component that contributes to water hardness. Hard water consists of significant levels of dissolved magnesium and calcium.

Although hard water doesn’t usually harm health, it can be problematic for a handful of reasons. It can influence the efficacy of detergents and soaps, first of all. It can bring on plumbing fixture mineral accumulation, faulty appliances, dishes that look strangely dull, plumbing clogs and even issues with hair and skin.

How to tell if you have hard water in your home? These hard water signs may help you pinpoint a problem.

Think about how your hands feel after you wash them. Do you notice an unpleasant “film” of sorts on them? This is the result of calcium and soap creating soap scum. If you have hard water in your home, it may help to rinse your hands for a lengthier stretch of time.

Mineral staining is another issue that’s frequently associated with hard water. If you see mineral stains on your clothing items after you take them out of the washer, hard water may be the culprit. Since hard water is rather aggressive, it can wear apparel out extremely rapidly.

Are there spots on silverware and glasses you take out of your dishwasher? These tend to be calcium carbonate deposits.

Lack of water pressure can be a major hassle. It can make your showers a lot less pleasant, too. If you notice diminished water pressure, the development of mineral deposits inside of your pipes may be the reason. The development of these deposits may affect the size of your pipes and therefore decrease the flow of water.

Increases in monthly utility bills can be a major headache for anyone. If you notice any spikes in your energy bills, you may have an issue with hard water. This kind of water has the ability to clog the pipes in your home. It also has the ability to make your water heater a lot less efficient. Hard water that’s heated brings on calcium carbonate and magnesium scale deposits. These deposits force tanks to have to exert themselves more in order to heat water properly. Since this calls for higher levels of energy, it can raise your utility bill considerably.

Think about the skin of the people who make up your household. Perhaps you have a young son who is dealing with a significant acne dilemma. Perhaps you have uncomfortable rosacea or eczema yourself. Cleansing your body and skin using hard water can be problematic in various ways. It can lead to serious itching, first of all. It can clog the pores. It can even bring on skin irritation. This sort of skin irritation is a particularly big problem among individuals who have lighter complexions.

Hard water minerals have the power to make skin conditions much more intense. If you notice all the people in your home scratching their skin ferociously, it may be a clue that your water is just too hard.

Hard water magnesium and calcium also can burn eyes upon contact. These things can also make hands feel strangely greasy after washing. The magnesium and calcium levels in this kind of water can cause noticeable hair dryness that conditioner use cannot combat well. If you have concerns with the way your hair and skin look and feel seemingly out of nowhere, you should look into the possibility of hard water.

Managing Hard Water Symptoms

Turning symptoms of hard water around can be relatively easy. If you want to do so, you should consider professional water softener installation. Recruit a credible water softener company nearby to to manage installation duties for you. Water softeners can keep mineral accumulation at bay.

Don’t forget that you can do several things while you wait for professional water softener installation, too. Boiling hard water that includes calcium carbonate can often dissolve any questionable minerals. Introducing some baking soda to hard water may also help.


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