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Sink Repair Near MeWhether the water is backing up in the drain, the water isn’t turning on like it should be, or the sink itself is scuffed, chipped, or damaged, having a damaged sink isn’t something a lot of people want to deal with. If your sink is damaged cosmetically or damaged functionally, then you need to find a sink repair near me company to get it fixed up.

Most of the time, sinks in the bathroom as compared to those in the kitchen, are made of porcelain rather than stainless steel. Porcelain, while beautiful and matching the aesthetic of most bathrooms, can get cracked and damaged over time or due to events happening in the bathroom, and we are going to break down exactly what caused your sink to crack.

What Caused My Bathroom Sink To Crack?

One of the most common problems for a cracked sink is whenever you pour hot water into a cold sink from the faucet. Porcelain can be affected by the rapid strong temperature change, as can other materials, and over long periods of time these changes can cause the sink to break down, which can manifest as cracks inside of the sink.

Additionally, some cracks can start as hairline cracks that are invisible to the naked eye. However, over time these natural hairline cracks can become bigger and can also become visible, which can lead to the destruction of the script itself.

Finally, if you end up dropping things on your sink, often by accident, the porcelain in your sink can sometimes chip and crack or will at least be scratched. Finally, age can also lead to cracks in the sink as well.

Since cosmetic issues with your bathroom sink can cause a lot of problems, both visually and for the structure of your sink, it’s imperative to work with a sink repair service near me to fix the sink.

How much does it cost to fix the sink?

Plumber Fixing SinkIf you have non cosmetic problems, such as faucets not working, leaky pipes, or clogged drains, then it will cost you around $200 dollars to get the sink repaired, regardless of the problem.

To fix a basic faucet, the range you will pay can be anywhere from 200 dollars to 330 dollars, although this does depend on the level of the problem as well as the parts needed and the plumber’s time. This will also change based on the material of the sink and where it is located in the house.

Clearing drains and pipes will cost anywhere from 150 dollars to 200 dollars, and repairing pipes will cost between 120 dollars and 170 dollars. The plumber will be able to give you an estimate, and the good news is that the repairs won’t take more than a few hours so you will have your sink back to working order in no time!!

How much does it cost to fix a cracked sink?

Surface problems are generally easier to fix up, and handling these blemishes, dings, chips, and scrapes will cost around 100 dollars. The plumber will often fill in the damage with an epoxy resin or another similar material and the sink will be good as new after some sanding. If the cosmetic issues aren’t affecting the sink itself, then covering them up and making them go away is often the first course of action plumbers take.

If the crack is too large to repair or is affecting the usage of the sink, then you need to think about a more comprehensive repair or think about having the sink itself replaced. Because no amount of resin will bring a sink back from the brink, at least not for long anyway.

What do you call a person who can fix a sink?

For kitchen sink drain repairs and kitchen sink plumbing repair, you are going to call on a plumber. Plumbers focus on the installation, removal, and maintenance of pipes and anything that involves water and drainage. They can fix sinks, faucets, toilets, and water heaters, and if you need sink repair they should be the first people you go to.

Find a good sink repair near me service and let them know what the problem is, then it can be solved and you can get your sink back in working order.

Can a broken sink be repaired?

If the crack in your porcelain sink is far too big to be filled in with epoxy, then you might wonder if there is any hope for your sink or it if needs to be fully repaired or even replaced. Most large cracks signal that the sink needs to be replaced, especially if you can see through the crack.

Replacing a sink is fairly easy, and plumbers and handymen alike know how to do it. They just disconnect the sink from the water line, remove the old sink, and then reconnect the new sink. It’s a pretty simple procedure, and if your old sink is too far gone to be repaired safely, then you can call upon your sink repair service to be your sink replacement service.

It’s going to cost a bit more, but since sinks are designed to last a while anyway, you will get a massive return on your investment. Whether you need cosmetic or functional repair, don’t hesitate to call on a “sink repair near me” service, or  “plumbers open 24 hours” as the plumbers there will be happy to help you out.


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