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We’ve all heard it, the gurgling, the sputtering, and the whirring coming from our laundry room. When we open the door, we find that our clothes aren’t clean, there’s pools of water all over the floor, and the detergent hasn’t gone anywhere. Our washing machine is broken, and we need to look up ‘washing machine repair near me’ in our favorite search engine to get it fixed.

washing-machine-repair-near-meWhenever it comes to fixing a washing machine, either by ourselves in a do it yourself project, or by hiring a washing machine repairman, we often find ourselves facing questions about what we need to do to get the washing machine fixed as well as if repairing the washing machine is even worth it at all.

Before these questions can be answered, let’s break down some of the common problems a washing machine might have before you call up your nearest repairman. Because it is very easy to fix the machine if the problem is known! We repair appliances 24/7, you can call us anytime of the day or night.

Common Washing Machine Problems You Can Fix Yourself

One of the common problems you might be able to fix yourself is whenever the washing machine vibrates and seems to shake itself off of the wall whenever you put your laundry inside. While it can be fun to sit on a bouncing washing machine and pretend you are vibrating at the frequency of the universe, it can cause problems for your home and the quality of your clean clothes.

You might have an unbalanced load of laundry that isn’t loaded correctly and is causing the washer to shift as you go. Most washers will have an instruction manual that states the correct weight and amount of laundry you should place inside the washer to make it run optimally. Additionally, you might need to lock in the washer’s feet or level the ground with plywood.

If your washer is making strange noises that aren’t natural, check every part of your washer and make sure nothing is caught in the drain, drain line, or inside the pump. You’d be surprised how many washer problems are solved because pocket clutter was the culprit and something was stuck inside the washer.

However, not every single washing machine problem is so easily solved, and whenever you need to find the services of a washing machine repairman for your washer and dryer, you might wonder if repairing the machine is going to be worth it.

Is it worth it to use washing machine repair services?

Sometimes you don’t have a choice whenever it comes to a washing machine. You might have an old version that isn’t in circulation anymore, or you might be saving money if you buy a new one and sell the old one for scrap. Sometimes the problem is so severe with your washing machine that replacing it is the only real option.

However, in those situations where you do have a choice, there are some rules you can follow. The most common rule of washer repair is “If repairing it costs less than 50% of replacement, repair the item.” In general, repairing your washer is going to be much less expensive and time consuming than outright replacing the entire thing, and you will often only need to buy one replacement part or fix one part of the washer rather than getting a new one.

The age of your washing machine can also be something that you need to take into account. An older machine might have rarer parts, could act up more frequently, and the problem you are facing might be the first of many washer problems that you will need to hire repairmen to fix.

Take a look at all the factors and then decide, but for the most part repairing a washer and dryer set is almost always going to be worth it. Replacing them should only be done in certain circumstances.

How much does it cost to repair a washing machine drum?

If the drum of your washing machine has been damaged, then you might wonder what exactly the bill is going to be to get this part repaired. The cost of repairing a washing machine drum is going to be expensive, running you around $350 to $550 dollars, but only because the drum is what holds the clothes, so it is one of the most vital parts of the washer.

Still, don’t worry about the paycheck if the drum has become damaged. Instead, focus on getting the washing machine drum fixed as soon as possible, because you need it working to ensure that your clothes are getting a nice and even clean with every cycle.

How long should a washing machine last?

washing-machine-repairWhile common knowledge tells you that a washing machine should only last around five years, most are able to last longer depending on the care you give it. On average, most machines should last 10 years or more, but it does depend on how much you use them. Washing machines are often designed to last a specific number of cycles, so someone using theirs and washing their clothes or towels every single day is going to wear their washing machine out faster than a person who washes once a week.

In order to ensure that your washing machine lasts as long as possible, make sure to take good care of it. Leave the door open and remove your clothes as soon as the machine is done to prevent the build up of smells and mold; clean the interior once every month, and don’t stuff the machine with too many clothes or use too much detergent.

Finally, make sure to fix any maintenance problems before they get even worse. While a rattling washing machine or a drum that doesn’t drain all the way can seem like small problems, they can very easily get worse over time and can lower the lifespan of your washer.

Is it better to repair or replace a washer?

If you are looking for washing machine repair near me, then you need to listen to the repairman whenever they give your washer the diagnosis. They will outline the washing machine problem and let you know what fixing it in terms of cost will be. Then you can decide if you want to repair your washing machine or simply sell it off and get a new one.

It’s best to follow the old rule of “If repairing it costs less than 50% of replacement, repair the item.” Otherwise, replace it and have the repairman work with you to remove the old washer and then get you a brand new one. Since you are working in the laundry room anyway, if you bought your washer and dryer at around the same time, maybe consider replacing the dryer too instead of simply waiting for it to break down.

Repairing or replacing a washer can be a hard choice, but by contacting the right repairman and having them make a thorough diagnosis of your washer before you make your decision, then you can have all the information you need to make the correct choice. Then you can easily get your washing machine repaired and get back to doing your loads of laundry!


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