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Despite its tropical sunshine, booming economy, and historical charm, Atlanta is not immune to natural disasters like tropical storms, hurricanes, or even floods! While such disasters can cause untenable damage, we can help you with the aftermath. At Emergency Plumbing Squad, we offer emergency restoration services to both residential and commercial customers.

Whether your water damage results from a natural disaster or a plumbing mishap, we will be there to begin the restoration process on your property as soon as you call us.

Emergency Restoration Services in Atlanta, GA

While most emergency response services we offer are flood damage restorations from a major storm, it is not our only field of expertise. We also restore flood damage from a sink overflow, toilet overflow, or broken pipes.

When you call us, you can be assured of reliable restoration services. Here are some common restoration services requests we receive from our Atlanta clients.

Storm Damage Restoration

storm water damageCleaning up after a storm can drive you crazy. Everything is damaged, and the few things you can salvage are dripping wet or covered in dirt and twigs and all the nightmarish contents the storm brings along. But you do not have to do it on your own.

All you need to do is call Emergency Plumbing Squad and explain the extent of damage in your home or commercial building. We will then dispatch our team to deliver our storm damage restoration services.

Biohazard Cleanup

The scariest part of a flood is the biohazards it presents. Storms can cause sewer line damage, which in turn will lead to raw sewage flowing into your home. Untreated sewage is biohazardous, so you need to bring in professionals to do the sewage cleanup.

Part of our cleaning services, in this case, includes decontamination & disinfection of all surfaces in your house. This way, you can rest assured that there is no threat to your health.

Mold Removal Services

Mold is yet another common problem that results from water damage. While mold may seem rather harmless, it may pose plenty of health complications for you and those around you. So as soon as you notice mold in your home, be sure to call us.

We will do a thorough inspection for potential microbial growth. After establishing all the affected areas in your home, we will move on to the mold removal process. Mold removal aims to eradicate as much mold as possible by solving the root cause. In doing so, we mitigate the mold damage.

So the next time the mold levels get unbearable, be sure to request our reliable restoration services.

Mold Remediation Services

water damage restoration atlantaOne thing you should know about mold is that you can never fully get rid of them. However, you can eliminate it to the point where it no longer poses a health hazard to you. Mold remediation helps you reduce the level of mold in your home to a normal, harmless level.

Mold remediation also involves measures that prevent mold growth in your home, maintaining the said healthy amount of mold. If this is the method you prefer, our reliable restoration services will also work for you.

However, remember to contact a professional before you decide between mold removal and remediation.

Residential and Commercial Properties Restoration

We offer reliable restoration services to both residential and commercial clients in Atlanta, GA.

water damage restoration

Residential services apply to premises that belong to the homeowner. For instance, if a storm affected a house that you have bought, rented, or have mortgaged, then you can request our residential services.

For you to qualify for our commercial services, your property must be a business premise rather than a personal residential area. However, you should know that rental homes (if you are in the property management industry) fall into the commercial services bracket.

Fire Damage Repair

We also offer reliable restoration services for fire damage in Atlanta. However, our fire damage restoration slightly differs from the water damage restoration. Depending on the kind of fire, the level of damage, and the type of house, fire damage restoration can be very extensive.

In most cases, you may have to replace most building materials and your home property. However, in cases where the fire was small or contained in a single room, our main focus will be smoke damage, soot removal, among other uncomplicated processes.

Water Damage Restoration Process

Once your home suffers water damage, the temptation to fix it yourself may be great. However, it is best to let experts do all the heavy lifting for you. This way, you leave nothing to chance. Here are the steps that are involved in water damage restoration.

Assessment and Inspection

water damageThe first step in the water damage restoration process is inspection and assessment. Here, the experts will visit your home and assess the extent of the damage. To get a clear assessment, the company will use equipment such as hygrometers.

They will then categorize the damage and classify it based on their findings. The categories are as follows.

  • Category 1: Clean water. This is typically from clean water sources such as broken pipes, faucets, or water tanks.
  • Category 2: Grey water. This category is for water that is slightly contaminated. Such as the water from your kitchen sink or your bathtub.
  • Category 3: Black water. This is highly contaminated water that contains biohazards. Such damage may originate from burst sewers.

Note that the category determines how the experts will proceed with the restoration process, what safety measures they will put in place, and even how much you will have to pay for their services.

Water Extraction

The next step in the water damage restoration process is standing water removal. This involves using extraction pumps and vacuums to do the water cleanup. The company will concurrently do this process along with other processes from room to room to hasten the restoration process.

At this point, they also dry the contents of your home, your furniture, and other items that you can salvage from the water.

Remember that the sooner you extract water, the better your chances of saving your home from further damage.

Cleanup and Sanitizing

Part of restoration is ensuring the hygiene integrity of your home surfaces is restored. That is why we do a thorough cleanup with powerful disinfectants. We sanitize all the affected areas in your home. We also clean all the furniture affected by the flooding using professional methods that are safe for your property.

We use different methods, from wet cleaning to dry cleaning, to ensure all your property is in good shape and as clean as it can get. At this point, we also dispose of the things that you cannot salvage. This is helpful since no contamination remains on-site as we progress.

Structural Drying

During the restoration process, all the building materials, including the walls, hardwood floors, and ceiling, have to undergo thorough drying to prevent future water damage.

At this stage, experts use specialized machines that ensure every part of the house is dry. A poorly dried house will lose its structural integrity over time. To avoid this, we let the machines run for as long as is required. Depending on the level of water damage, the drying time may be anything from hours to days.

Being a locally-owned restoration company, we have all the drying and monitoring equipment that you need at our disposal.

Pre Restoration Repairs

Water damage typically leaves lots of repairs in its wake. From damaged flooring to loose walls and rusted screws and bolts, there are many things that you need to fix in the pre-restoration process.

It will be pointless to complete the restoration process only to have trouble with water-damaged floors later. As a locally owned Atlanta water damage company, we understand the common building structure in Atlanta and have helped build most of the plumbing systems in Atlanta. This makes us the best to determine what restoration repairs are most needful in your home after severe water damage.

While most repairs are inclusive of the restoration costs, if there are major structural changes that you want to implement, you may have to pay additional fees.

Complete Restoration

The actual restoration process is when the experts put your house back to its previous condition. This often involves thorough carpet cleaning services, restoration of damaged walls and decorations. The extent of repair will vary depending on the intensity of damage that your home suffered from water.

In some cases, you may have to replace plenty of things in your home. Whatever the case, you can count on the services we offer.

If you want to save as much as possible from water damage in your home, you will want to get the best professionals in town.

Best Restoration Company in Atlanta, GA

atlanta restoration water damageEmergency Plumbing Squad is not just an Atlanta water damage restoration company. We also offer other services such as fire damage restoration and deal with whatever restoration needs that may arise.

Our great service puts us on the map in the entire Georgia area. What’s more, our staff are known to respond quickly any time home, and business owners encounter emergency restoration needs.

Along with our residential and commercial services, we offer restoration certification to prove that your property is safe and efficient for use. This is especially helpful for commercial buildings since the law requires such property to be in a perfectly safe state for it to be in use.

Who Covers Disaster Restoration Services

Ideally, your insurance company should cover the cost of damage restoration in your home or commercial building. However, it all depends on the kind of cover you bought from your insurance company before the water damage occurred.

If you had an insufficient cover, you might have to foot some of the restoration services costs. Whatever the case, we can help you calculate the losses and give you a quotation of the water damage restoration cost you will incur. This way, you can make proper payment plans before you request our water damage restoration services.

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