Portland Water Damage Restoration Services

When severe weather, sewage backup, broken drainage pipe, or toilet overflow occurs, it can lead to significant water damage. The damage will continue to escalate until the water is removed and your property is dried correctly. We understand that fast action is vital and are dedicated to offering prompt water damage restoration services in Lake Oswego, Multnomah County, Clackamas County, Southwest Portland, and other parts of Portland, Oregon.

Whether the damage is caused by broken pipes, slab leaks, sink or toilet overflows, malfunctioning appliances, plumbing leaks, or flooded crawl space or basement due to adverse weather conditions, our Portland water damage restoration team will:

  • Contain the situation to prevent further damage
  • Provide water removal services
  • Offer carpet cleaning services
  • Perform a complete structural drying

Our licensed technicians have the necessary tools and expertise to get your property back to its pre loss condition. When disaster strikes and you require emergency restoration services, you can trust our restoration professionals to provide prompt emergency restoration services in Portland.

Water Damage Restoration Services in the Portland Area

Water Extraction or Removal Service

portland-water-damage-restorationWhether it’s a natural disaster, sump pump failure, or overflowing toilets, it doesn’t take long for water to have significant damaging effects on your property. If you suffer water damage, you will need an emergency response team that offers water extraction services to mitigate the damage before it gets out of hand. As a water restoration company, we have years of experience dealing with water removal projects in the Pacific Northwest.

Keep in mind that it only takes a few inches of water to cause significant damage to your property; this is why we give water removal services a top priority. You can rely on our prompt service team to help lower the risk of further damage and the harmful effects of water damage. Our restoration experts in Portland are fully-certified and trained to extract water from homes and commercial properties affected by floods, sewage backups, and plumbing malfunctions.

Emergency Water Damage Repair Service

Water damage repairs must be done promptly to reduce the risk of contamination and prevent further property damage. The longer you wait for a response from water damage restoration specialists, the higher the risk of further damage.

Our experts in Portland provide round-the-clock repair services to property owners in the greater Portland Metro area. Whether you need water damage repair services for your home, family owned and operated business, or locally owned and operated business, contact our restoration company for prompt and quality work.

Mold Remediation or Removal

After significant water damage, mold spores can develop and cause mold contamination throughout your home or business property. We advise our residential and commercial clients to address mold growth quickly to prevent structural damage and poor indoor air quality. If you notice mold growth on your walls, ceiling, or flooring material, contact us for a thorough inspection and mold removal.

We utilize state-of-the-art tools and equipment to handle water removal, leak detection, mold removal, drying, and disinfecting to get your property back to its pre loss condition. Our professional plumbers are AMRT certified to conduct mold remediation in compliance with industry standards.

Basement Flooding Cleanup

If your basement is flooded, you can rely on our restoration team to help repair the damage and clean up your basement. Your basement can flood at any time of the day or night due to heavy storms, faulty sump pumps, appliance malfunctions, or inadequate drainage around your basement walls and floors. Most basements have floor drains to keep them from flooding and damaging the walls and floors, but sometimes, these drains get clogged with dirt and debris, preventing them from draining water.

Some homes and businesses have sump pump systems that work to redirect water away from the property and into the closest storm drain. If your sump pump fails, it causes the water to stagnate and flood your basement. If your basement floods, request our emergency restoration in Portland, and we will dispatch our restoration team to remove the water and clean up your basement.

Water Damage and Sewage Cleanup

Our restoration experts in Portland, Oregon, offer prompt and efficient water and sewage cleanup services to homeowners and businesses. When your sewer lines burst or malfunction and spill water all over your property, our experts are always on standby to offer repairs and cleanups. Our water and sewer cleanup services include:

  • Cleaning the mess caused by malfunctioning appliances or fixtures and broken pipes on your property or around your service area. Our restoration experts in Portland have the expertise to handle water damage cleanups and plumbing system repairs for sump pumps, water heaters, broken pipes, and leaky appliances
  • Cleaning up dirty water from plumbing leaks, broken toilets, and backed-up sewer lines and drains
  • Flood damage caused by adverse weather conditions, heavy rain, and groundwater cleanup

Drying and Deodorizing

Our technicians will quickly assess the damage and clean out the affected areas, removing and disposing of non-salvageable items. Our extensive deodorizing and drying process involves using state-of-the-art air movers, dehumidifiers, antimicrobial agents, and mold damage equipment.

Our technicians use advanced water mitigation equipment to ensure your home’s or business’s temperature, humidity, and moisture levels are back to normal and the affected areas of your property are adequately disinfected and dried according to industry standards . We offer all our clients a free estimate and financing options to relieve them of some of the burden during this stressful situation.

Fire Damage Restoration

It takes seconds for a fire to start and cause severe, widespread property damages. Although extinguishing the fire can help contain fire damage, it does not stop the damage caused by soot and other corrosive byproducts of fire unless the property is professionally cleaned. In addition to our fire damage restoration services, our restoration experts will go the extra mile to clean up your property and eliminate hazardous materials.

Soot and Smoke Damage Restoration

water-damage-restoration-portlandElectrical fires, wildfires, and stove fires leave significant fire, soot and smoke damage that spreads quickly throughout your property, penetrating deep into your building’s structure. In the event of a fire outbreak, you need smoke restoration professionals to help prevent permanent damage.

Fortunately, our Portland restoration experts are equipped with the right tools and expertise to restore your home after a fire. They will use advanced equipment and products to effectively remove the tarnishing and etching caused by smoke residue to restore your property to its pre-damaged condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Call My Insurance Agent?

If you fall victim to a water disaster, it is advisable to contact our restoration company for restoration services before informing your insurance company. After you request our restoration services, we will dispatch our team to perform an inspection and render the necessary services. We will work closely with your insurance company and insurance adjuster to help validate your insurance claim.

How Long Does the Water Restoration Process Take?

This will depend on how much damage the water caused. Some restoration projects require demolition, repairs, and fluctuations in addition to the water removal, drying, and other general tasks in the restoration process. Depending on the extent of the damage, restoration can last from a couple of days to a few weeks.

Are There Different Types of Water Damage?

There are three types of water damage, each of which could be accompanied by flooding. They include:

Clean Water Damage

Clean water damage is often caused by overflowing sinks or busted plumbing appliances. Although it doesn’t pose a threat to you, it can damage your flooring material.

Grey Water Damage

This type of water is caused by malfunctioning sump pumps and broken toilets. Since the water contains contaminants, it puts you at risk of chemical or biological contamination.

Black Water Damage

Black water comes from backed-up sewers, groundwater, and seawater. Since it contains pathogens, it could cause severe health complications.

A Lasting Solution For All Your Water Restoration Needs

Leading as one of the top restoration companies, we understand that water damage emergencies in Portland must be addressed promptly to prevent extensive damage. Our emergency response team in Portland, Oregon, is available 24/7 to offer prompt emergency services to property owners from Southwest Portland to Oregon City. When you need damage restoration in portland, give us a call.


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