What’s the Deal With Yellow Bath Water?

Why is my bathwater yellow? That’s a question that has ruined many relaxing baths all around the planet. If you notice yellow tub water, it may strike fear in your heart. Thankfully, getting to the bottom of yellow water in bathtub concerns is often as simple as hiring a capable and seasoned professional plumber.

So, your bath water is yellow. What does that mean for your household, anyway? Yellow water typically is associated with rust development. Water systems often have minor levels of both oxygen and iron. Trouble arises, however, when these elements merge within water systems. It arises when there are significant amounts of both of these elements as well. If you notice yellow water inside of your bathtub, oxygen and iron may be to blame. They can bring on yellow faucet water as well.

Yellow Water and Safety Factors

drinking waterYellow water in many cases is brought on by substantial iron content. That’s why drinking it may be safe for human beings. Although drinking yellow water may not be dangerous, it may not be enjoyable in the slightest. Yellow water tends to have a flavor that’s the opposite of desirable, after all. Note that it’s always better to err on the side of caution. You should refrain from drinking or cooking with yellow water prior to reaching out to a professional plumber for guidance and instructions. You should refrain from bathing in yellow water prior to confirming that it’s safe to do so, too. Plumbing tests can help plumbers confirm water safety with full confidence.

If your water is only slightly yellow, your rust problem may be relatively minor. If your water is intensely yellow, on the other hand, that may mean that it has substantial rust levels. You should check out our essential plumbing safety tips for more tips & knowledge.

Other Yellow Water Considerations

Is your yellow water dilemma exclusive to your shower or bathtub? You might have a rusted bath or shower faucet on your hands. Take a close look at the different faucets available all throughout your living space. If you don’t have yellow water elsewhere, then it may be time for you to go forward with showerhead or bath faucet replacement.

If you notice discolored, murky water in the morning, you may have a plumbing system that’s rusty in general. If your water is yellow after you haven’t seen it for a few hours, then a rusted overall plumbing system could be the “bad guy.

Don’t rule out the possibility of a rusty water supply. Think about the water in your home. Is it constantly yellow? Is it yellow in your bathtubs and coming out of your faucets? That may point to an issue that involves the water supply in your area. If you suspect a city water supply situation, you should reach out to the water company in order to find out what’s going on. You may even want to think about installing an advanced whole house water filtration system. This kind of filter may help decrease water discoloration considerably.


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