Do Plumbers Install Bathtubs?

Homeowners’ common dilemma is finding a reliable and licensed handyman to get the job done. When it comes to installing an appliance or a fixture, it is best to contact a professional to give you a hand. The question is, who do you call for bathtub installation and replacement?

If you are deciding to purchase a new bathtub, it is best to contact Emergency Plumbing Squad. No other professionals can recommend the best brand and install a bathtub than our certified plumber.

Whether it’s a replacement of an old bathtub or an installation of a cast iron tub, you can call our team to get the job done or you.

Installing a new bathtub is more than a DIY project; you need an experienced plumber to ensure you do it right. A handyman can sometimes do it but hiring a licensed plumber is always the best option.

Why hire a licensed plumber for bathtub installation?


who does bathtub stallatationsGetting a new tub is not a decision you make every day. Some take time and money before they finally purchase that new bathtub for their home. So if you’re at the point of getting a cast iron one, making sure you hire the best person for the job is one crucial step.

Homeowners often need clarification about who to hire for bathtub installation and replacement. Some would go for a nearby handyman or a general contractor just because they aren’t sure who to call. So to answer the question, “do plumbers install bathtubs?” yes, they do!

So why hire a certified plumber to install a freestanding tub or replace your existing tub?

Let us highlight some valid reasons why you should.

In-depth knowledge and skill set

On top of the skills to fix your bathroom floor or address moisture on your bathroom wall, plumbers are trained to handle the efficient tub installation process. They are trained to install a bathtub, replace a broken bathroom tile, repair a shower, and all other plumbing issues you have at home.

Our plumbers install a bathtub liner, inspect the existing bathtub and replace an old tub when it doesn’t function anymore as expected. We have the skills and in-depth knowledge of the proper procedure for walk-in tubs, traditional ones, and Acrylic tub surround units.

Years of Experience

Whether it’s a new bathtub or an old one, you need rich experience to get the job done. And this is what our plumber has to offer.

Our plumbers have been handling different plumbing issues throughout the years. Whether it’s a minor or a complex job concerning a new model of bathtubs, faucets, or shower drains, our experienced plumbers can deliver.

Latest Tools and Equipment

To successfully install a bathtub, you need the right tools and equipment. A general contractor may have those, but it’s never guaranteed they will have the upgraded ones. This isn’t the case when you contact an expert in plumbing.

A bathtub replacement or installation is part of the many plumbing services a plumber deals with daily. Thus, they have the latest innovation to get a bathtub replaced or a bathroom shower fixed.

A Value for your Money

Unlike general contracts, we do not charge you mind-blowing fees for an installation or replacement job. The total cost to install a bathtub or any plumbing work we do in most bathrooms would vary depending on material prices, service fees, and more.

Furthermore, we take every service call, regardless if it’s for a small or big job, with utmost urgency and professionalism. So surely, whatever cost you pay to get us onboard is worth every penny.

Do plumbers install showers?

If you plan to upgrade your shower with that new tub installation, can you call the same plumbing expert to do both? Yes, you can.

Plumbers who install bathtubs can also work on showers, set the bathroom tiles, and many more. Like general contractors in your area, they can take charge of plumbing, including installing the bathroom shower.

Of course, before hiring someone for the job, you must consider several factors. What is the cost you need to pay? Is the plumbing expert experienced enough to fix or install a new shower set or a bathroom tub? Is he available round the clock in case you encounter a problem?

Save money and time by doing a background check before you say yes to that plumber. Compare costs with a licensed contractor, but compared to the latter, it’s best to turn to an experienced plumber for your plumbing concerns.

How to Choose the Right Professional to Install and Replace Bathtubs?


who-installs-bathtubs-scaled-e1674661497492The question is always whether to DIY or goes with a pro.

Installing or replacing a bathtub is something you can’t do alone. So it is highly recommended that you contact a licensed contractor or a professional plumbing expert to get the job done.

Whether a small repair or a big job involving your bathtubs, you need to have the right professional by your side. And to ensure you hire a good one, we highlighted some helpful tips for you:

Ask for a free estimate.

It is best to ask for job quotes before you say yes. Check every plumbing company or contractor in your area for an estimate. Shop around to compare the cost of installing a bathtub and evaluate your options.

Document everything.

Regardless if you are after someone who can replace bathtubs or install a new tub, it is highly recommended that you put everything in writing. This is to protect you from an added cost or hidden charge. Discuss the plumber charge, the cost of the material, etc., and have them document everything before closing the deal.

Do a background check.

Check online reviews and do further research. Installing a bathtub requires skills and experience, so make sure you hire someone well-versed in all the procedures.

It’s always worth paying an extra cost to an experienced professional rather than hiring inexperienced ones who have yet to install a bathtub.

Ask for recommendations.

One of your friends, neighbors, or colleagues would have called someone before for a bathtub replacement, so checking on past experiences is always encouraged.

Looking for a reliable company to install your new tub? Call Emergency Plumbing Squad!


do plumbers install bathtubsGetting a new bathtub should always start with finding the best brand for your bathroom, but the rest of the work is also vital, as this will determine and impact the functionality of your tub in the long run.

The key is to find a reliable plumbing company to install and repair your bathtub – and we are here to give you a hand.

Emergency Plumbing Squad has been in the industry for more than 25 years. We are known to provide round-the-clock plumbing services, including installation, repair, leak detection, replacement, and plumbing.

All plumbers in our team are well-versed in bathtub installation, repair, and replacement. They are trained with all the latest procedures and equipped with all high-end tools to perform the job promptly and efficiently.

When it comes to costs, you do not have to worry. We have flexible payment options, so you can pay in cash, by card, or through your insurance if your provider covers such.

A free estimate is also part of our SOP, so you know the expenses you need to shoulder before you say yes to that bathtub installation project with us.

Call our office today and consult with one of our friendly plumbers on site. We’ll be happy to recommend some great bathtub brands to suit your needs discuss the cost to install the unit.

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