All About Who to Call for Attic Fan Repair

Is your attic fan acting up? Are you stressed out about it? You don’t have to feel that way for long. Handymen, carpenters, electricians, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) professionals and roofers alike can provide you with attic fan repair or replacement service that’s efficient, effective and comprehensive.

If you need electric fan installation, it may be smart to recruit an electrician for the job. Why exactly is that? Electricians can take care of your attic fan electricity arrangement.

Roofers and Attic Fan Services

Why is it so common for people to call roofers for assistance with their attic fans? Roofers often provide customers with attic fan replacement and installation services. That’s due to the fact that attic fan installation is a project that involves cutting an opening into the roofing system. After the fan installation part is complete, the roofer has to seal up the designated section. Roofers frequently introduce fresh new roofing components such as shingles as well.

Multiple Professionals

attic fan reparationsIf something is wrong with your attic fan, you may actually have to hire numerous professionals for assistance. This is based on the specific issue, location and attic fan variety. People who use attic fans that are solar-powered tend to reach out to solar panel experts.

Attic fan installation and repair work often calls for the help of carpenters. That’s because carpenters can tweak or introduce brand new framework.

Attic fan trouble in many cases involves wiring matters. If your attic fan problem is related to wires in any sense, you may want to call a handyman or an electrician to fix things.

Fixing an Attic Fan on Your Own

Some people try to fix attic fan issues all by themselves. If your attic fan issue is on the small side, this may be totally possible. You may be able to tackle belt replacement independently. You may be able to get rid of debris that’s stuck to the blades of your attic fan, too. Attic fan cover replacement tends to be a pretty straightforward job. Note, though, that it involves going on top of your roof. Since accessing a roof can be dangerous for people who aren’t experienced professionals, it may be in your best interests to reach out to a roofer or other kind of seasoned pro.

Types of Attic Fan Issues

Many things can interfere with the functioning of attic fans. If your attic fan isn’t working correctly or just isn’t working at all, you may need to swap out its thermostat, cap, cover, switch or belt.

Maybe your attic fan has a fan mount that isn’t attached correctly. Handymen frequently repair fan mounts that aren’t firmly in place. If your fan mount issue is particularly severe, then it may be wise to replace your fan entirely. Fans tend to be directly attached to mounting components, after all.

attic fac repair who to callMany attic fans are roof-mounted. If yours is, you may have to contact a roofer who can take care of repairs that involve nearby areas. This is based on the extent of the roofing system damage.

It’s critical to use an attic fan in conjunction with adequate ventilation. This paves the way for exhausting air that’s warm outdoors. If your attic fan isn’t effective, roof vent replacement work may help change that.

Certain issues commonly affect solar-powered attic fans. Do you have a solar panel that’s free of dirt accumulation? Do you have one that has blades that aren’t blocked? Does your solar panel receive enough sunlight? If you don’t notice obvious solar panel issues, your solar-powered attic fan dilemma may involve motor difficulties, thermostat woes or even a connection that isn’t totally secure.

Indications of a Faulty Attic Fan

How can you figure out whether your attic fan is faulty? Do you have an attic fan that just doesn’t function? Do you have one that’s perpetually running? These issues can signify an attic fan that requires repair. If your attic fan operates in an especially slow manner, that may denote trouble, too. You may want to visually assess your intake fans. You may even want to get rid of debris or any items that may block access.


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