Who to Call for Water in Crawl Space Troubles?

The presence of water in your crawl space can be disconcerting. If you observe water in your crawl space, you may not necessarily have to panic right away, though. It isn’t unusual to notice small amounts of water in crawl spaces right after major storms or intense rainfall. Significant standing water accumulation in crawl spaces, however, is a whole other ballgame. In addition to this you may have water seeping through the floor in another location in your house.

crawl space water removalIt’s important to take note of the possible consequences of substantial crawl space water accumulation. If there is a lot of water in your crawl space, it may linger there for weeks, months and perhaps even years. People don’t usually spend a lot of time in their crawl spaces. If you’re not repairing a pipe or installing wires, you may never go into yours. If you rarely see this space, water may collect in it for a long period of time. Standing water below homes can lead to considerable foundation destruction. Beyond that, it can lead to the decaying of wooden joists and beams as well. It can even bring on the undesirable development of mildew and mold growth. If you want to protect your home and household from foundation issues, possible health concerns and unpleasant rotting, you should take care of all crawl space water problems as soon as they emerge.

Don’t assume that the presence of a crawl space vapor barrier makes water accumulation there okay. The water accumulation will hang out above the liner until evaporation takes place.

Crawl space water buildup can make the space vulnerable to repeated leaks and floods. Many things can bring on crawl space water accumulation. Examples are plumbing woes, groundwater and surface water. If you fail to take care of these possible accumulation causes, the problem won’t go away like magic. You have to take appropriate action. Debris and leaves can collect inside of gutters. This can cause clogging. Once this takes place, ice, snow and rain may gather inside the gutter. This eventually will push water out. This water may collect by your foundation and make its way into your crawl space.

Moisture is associated with rotting and mold development dilemmas. It’s not only critical to think about the annoyance of water pooling. It’s even more critical to contemplate crawl space humidity levels. Moisture can bring on major mildew and mold development. It can bring on rotting, too. Rotting, mildew and mold can harm the indoor air quality in your living space. Remember, too, that cooling and heating air that’s moist calls for higher amounts of energy. This can make your monthly energy expenses a lot steeper. Humid settings, last but not least, basically invite pests such as mice and termites. If you brush off the presence of water in your crawl space, you may notice a lot of creepy crawlies there all of a sudden.

It’s clear as day that crawl space water accumulation can lead to all kinds of headaches. That’s why professional assistance is of the essence.

Crawl Space Water Management and Professional Assistance

Which kind of professional can assist you with a crawl space water accumulation issue? You may consider calling plumbers, waterproofers and even restoration contractors.

When exactly should you reach out to a plumber? Do you observe a plumbing system leak that comes from your water heater, washer, toilet, faucet or pipes? If you believe that your crawl space water buildup headache is related to your plumbing system, you should call a plumber to take care of the matter.

Waterproofers are professionals who keep water far from foundations and crawl spaces. If you see floor or wall cracks or splits, you should reach out to a waterproofer. Water in dirt is heavy. It can trigger hydrostatic pressure that can press on your foundation. This significant pressure can bring on cracking that can welcome water. If you recruit a waterproofer, he can assess the cracking and repair it. He may be able to suggest a capable foundation expert for the project, too.

If you suspect that your crawl space water issue ties in with immoderate humidity, sump pump troubles, window leaks or the drainage outside, then calling a waterproofer for assistance may be the way to go.

restoration water damage repair crawl spaceRestoration contractors are professionals who take care of property damage that’s the result of storms, fires, floods and similar disasters in general. They’re capable water mitigation specialists as well. If you pick up on the presence of nasty mold alongside the water in your crawl space, reaching out to a skilled restoration powerhouse may be your greatest bet. Moisture and water can understandably make wood, insulation and drywall wet. If these things get wet, mold will appear pretty rapidly. If you want to safeguard yourself from all of the hazards of mold spores that are airborne, you should make an appointment with a reputable restoration contractor right away.

It’s okay if you cannot pinpoint one specific thing that may be causing the buildup of immoderate water inside of your crawl space. If you have doubt about the origins of this stressful water accumulation, then you should simply get in contact with a trusted plumbing business. Once a talented plumber gets the chance to check out your crawl space for himself, he’ll be able to come to a conclusion about the roots of the questionable water accumulation. After he makes a decision, you’ll be able to figure out who exactly to call next. It may continue to be a job for plumbers. It may be better suited to the previously mentioned waterproofers and restoration contractors, too.

The goal is to take action rapidly. It doesn’t matter whether you first call a plumber, a waterproofer or a restoration specialist. The point is to get repair and restoration work moving in the right direction. If you let crawl space water collection continue to intensify, that may only hurt yourself and your family members. Being around mold and mildew for a long time can bring on all kinds of uncomfortable respiratory problems.


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