About Us

Emergency Plumbing Squad is a 24/7 nationwide plumbing company that serves the entire USA. Our mission is to provide you (our customer) with the best possible local & professional plumbers when you need us most.

We know first-hand how frustrating and stressful it can be when you’re faced with a plumbing emergency, and our focus is taking as much of that stress off of your shoulders as possible and helping you deal with all of your plumbing issues quickly & easily.

You can call our 24/7 toll-free line any time of the day or night and let us deal with your plumbing repairs or installations.

We take pride in having some of the fastest response times in the industry.

Let us fix your plumbing issue quickly & easily today!

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Meet Our Team

Martina Genoa

Martina Genoa

Director of Operations

Martina Genao is a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University School of Business. She balances a unique data-driven and analytical approach with a robust set of communication skills that have made her an invaluable asset to the Emergency Plumbing Squad team over the last 5+ years.

Martina has helped completely revamp our processes & systems and constantly allows our firm to take a higher-level’ view while developing practical solutions.

She has played a crucial role in helping EPS improve everything from our customer service and plumbing dispatch to our hiring and vetting processes.


Karel Williams

Director of Marketing

Karel Williams has been in the plumbing trade his entire working career, his father was a master plumber, and Karel began his apprenticeship under him when he was just 16 years old. He then worked his way up to becoming a master plumber and an expert in the field. Karel’s story continues further. He took it upon himself to embark on the journey of becoming exceptionally well-versed in all plumbing-related marketing. He has made it his mission to become an expert and authority in the field. After helping his father to 10x the growth of the family business, he decided he wanted to make an even more significant dent in the plumbing niche nationwide and joined the Emergency Plumbing Squad team.

Karel is our plumbing marketing expert responsible for coordinating all of Emergency Plumbing Squad’s marketing efforts online and offline. Karel takes a customer-centric focus when it comes to marketing and always stresses the importance of making EPS more accessible to our customers and putting their needs first.

He has played a crucial role in helping us to start and run our plumbing blog, which we hope to develop into one of the top plumbing informational sources in the industry.

Whether we’re talking about content marketing, direct response, or anything online or offline marketing-related, Karel is a genuine superstar and always working at helping us to step up our game so we can rise to the challenge of serving our customers even better.

Our Plumbers

While there are too many plumbers to list individually, we appreciate them all uniquely and individually, for it is only with their help, knowledge, and hard work that we’ve become a top plumbing & heating contractor in our industry.

We respect & recognize all of our plumbers as true heroes. These individuals will be sacrificing their sleep in the middle of the night to help you with water damage or a flood.

They will come to your aid to help with any plumbing emergency.


Let us fix your plumbing issue quickly & easily today!

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