Water Damage Restoration, Removal, Cleanup & Remediation

Water intrusion into your house or business premise can be highly destructive. The excess moisture brought about by water damage can cause extensive property damage. Failure to take the proper cleanup and restoration measures puts you at risk of suffering the long-term structural and health effects of water damaged properties.

Any type of water infiltration requires immediate action to minimize the damage to your property. Since it is difficult to successfully address the damage yourself, you will need to seek the intervention of a water damage restoration company. We deliver quality, professional water damage restoration services to affected residential properties and businesses. If you are looking for the best water damage experts near me, then EmergencyPlumbingSquad.com is what you are looking for.

Water Mitigation VS Water Damage Restoration – How to Differentiate the Two?

Water Mitigation

water-damage-restorationYou may be asking yourself what is water mitigation? Water mitigation is essentially preventing further damage to your house or business property. It is what professional restoration contractors do to contain the loss the property suffers before they begin the restoration process. Water mitigation includes the preservation of the construction or structural integrity of property by removing items that can be salvaged from affected areas before they suffer additional damage and tarping off areas of the property where the damage could potentially spread.

Water mitigation also involves removing water from a building to eliminate the threat of the further spread of the damage. Our professional restoration contractors use commercial-grade truck-mounted extractors to remove standing water. They also use portable extractors to remove water from your carpet padding and other soft surfaces.

It is impossible to fully restore water damaged property before it is adequately mitigated. Our fire and water restoration contractors will help you contain the damage and determine the best way to professionally restore your property.

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration is the process of restoring a property to good condition. The severity of damage to the property will significantly impact how much restoration needs to be performed. Sometimes, setting up dehumidifiers and air movers is enough to adequately dry the property. Still, in other cases, contractors have to remove carpet padding, cut out drywall and apply antimicrobial to avoid subsequent mold growth.

Water damage restoration involves fixing the contents or items in a property to return it to its pre-loss condition. In some cases, removing building materials and re-construction is necessary to return the property to its pre-loss condition.

Right now, you may be asking yourself questions such as; I have water in the basement who to call? We can assure you that you’ve landed on the right page. Contact us immediately for fast & easy help with the problem you’re dealing with.

Determining the Cause of Water Damage

Our professional plumbing experts have years of experience offering fire restoration and water damage restoration services to community residents and business owners in popular cities. If you request our emergency services for emergency flood service, mold specialist, water removal or emergency water damage repair, we will respond quickly and send a team to help minimize the damage to your property. Here are some of the most common causes of water damage:

  • Natural Disasters: Natural disasters are often associated with adverse weather conditions. A storm, hurricane, tornado, or flood can cause severe damage to your house or business premises. After a natural disaster such as flooding, moisture seeps into your home’s foundation risking damage to your household items and the construction integrity of your home
  • Leaks from Appliances: Appliances and systems in your home can also cause extensive water damage. It can be pretty devastating when appliances such as washing machines overflow since it not only damages the appliance itself but also causes moisture to spread to your walls, flooring, ceilings, basement, and attic, making your home susceptible to mold infestation
  • Faulty Plumbing: Another common cause of water damage is faulty plumbing installations which result from improperly attached supply lines or a poorly done waterproofing job
  • Burst Pipes: Another common cause of water damage is burst pipes. Drainage pipes are more susceptible to bursting when the weather gets colder. A burst in your pipes can start as a small leak that can go unnoticed for months until there is extensive damage to your property and mold infestation due to the excess water. Toilet overflows resulting from poor flushing habits, collapsed supply lines, and corroded valves can also cause water damage

Other causes of water damage include:

  • Storm drain backup
  • Water heater malfunctions
  • Water sprayed to extinguish a fire
  • Sump pump failure
  • Leaky roofs
  • Sewage backup
  • Ice dams

Categories of Water Damage

Category 1: Clean Water Damage

This is a minor type of water damage on the IICR scale. It often results from issues with household appliances, overflowing sinks, bathtubs, water supply lines, or broken pipes.

The main reason why this type of water damage is considered less severe is that it involves sewage-free and toxin-free water. Typically, items damaged in this category of water damage can easily be dried without risking the effects of water damage to the property.

Category 2: Grey Water Damage

This category of water damage is usually caused by grey water from sump pump backups, malfunctioning washing machines, and broken toilets. Although coming into contact with or consuming grey water may not be harmful to humans, it is vital to get rid of affected items, thoroughly disinfect your home making sure your home is contamination-free. Over time, the chemicals and waste in grey water can prove harmful in the future.

Category 3: Black Water

Black water damage is the most severe type of damage, and it requires the attention of a restoration contractor that will respond quickly to mitigate severe health risks. Black water often comes from sewage backup, rising flood water, river water, and groundwater. After this type of water damage, you will have to get rid of affected items and materials and transfer salvaged items to a dry place as your property undergoes significant disinfecting.

Water Damage Cleanup Service Near Me

As soon as you contact our company, we will send a team to clean up the mess and help disinfect and restore your home. Our team is well-equipped to handle cleanup tasks such as:

  • Odor removal
  • Mold removal
  • Tarp-over services
  • Contents pack-out services
  • Home reconstruction

Water Damage Repair Service Near Me

Water damage repairs need to be done quickly and efficiently to help reduce the risk of contamination and limit the damage to your property. The longer the contaminated water remains in your home, the higher the risk to your health since stagnant water is a breeding ground for infection-causing bacteria. Water damage repairs are vital in salvaging household items and minimizing the damage.

Our plumbing experts offer water damage repair services round the clock, which makes them the right people for the job. Contact us today for all your water damage repair damage needs.

Water Restoration Service Process

Whenever you suffer water damage, it is vital to seek immediate intervention from a professional emergency water restoration contractor. Restoration needs to be performed immediately to avoid further damages. The water restoration process involves five steps that are essential for the complete removal of moisture:

Step 1: A Thorough Assessment of the Situation

When our water damage restoration professionals arrive on-site, they will inspect the situation and assess the damage. After they perform the inspection, they will categorize the damage and estimate the job that needs to be done for the restoration project.

Our experts will also locate the source of the leak and seal it. After a thorough assessment, our experts will provide a solution for the damage and inform you of the costs and how much time it will take to complete the restoration job.

Stage 2: Water Removal Process

After assessing the area and repairing the damage, our team will start a water removal process to get rid of the water. Standing water can cause more damage to your home and should therefore be extracted immediately. Flooded areas develop mold infestations if the standing water is not drained fast enough and the area is left wet. Our team will remove all the water from the affected areas.

Stage 3: Drying and Dehumidifying Service

The drying process should begin immediate after the water extraction job is complete. Our water damage restoration professionals will use sophisticated air movers and quality dehumidifiers in the drying process to dry out the affected areas. It is essential to avoid wet areas to prevent warping, breaking, and mold growth. Our experts will check the moisture levels on your walls, floors, and ceiling to determine whether they are still in good condition.

Stage 4: Sanitizing and Disinfecting Service

Our professional 24-hour emergency company also offers disinfecting services to our customers as part of the restoration process. Our experts will sanitize the wet area and disinfect the premise.

It is crucial to steer clear while disinfected to avoid developing allergies or health complications from the wet, fresh disinfecting chemicals. Our experts always put on protective face masks, gloves, and boots when disinfecting water damaged areas and during the entire process of the restoration service.

Stage 5: Complete Restoration Service

This is the final stage of the restoration process, where our professionals return your home to its pre loss condition. Suppose there is serious damage to specific areas, items, or materials; our professionals will perform the necessary repairs and replacements. A complete restoration project can either be easy or complex, depending on the damage caused by the water.

In some cases, a complete restoration project may involve drywall repair and carpet cleaning; in other cases, it will involve full re-construction of the affected area.

Preventing Water Damage

water-damage-repairResearch indicates that every 40 seconds, a water damage incident occurs in the USA. Research dictates that due to the frequency of these devastating occurrences, it is vital to take preventive measures to help prevent damage. While it is crucial to take preventative measures, it is also significant to keep an eye out for warning signs of water damage in walls, so you know when to call for help.

Here are a few of the preventive measures you should take:

  • Always ensure your gutters and debris-free. When left to accumulate, natural elements such as leaves can prevent proper drainage of rainwater which will then cause the excess water to penetrate weak sections of your roof, causing a leak
  • Inspect the exterior areas of your wall and ceiling for peeling siding and cracking paint. These are tale-tell signs of moisture build-up within your walls and ceiling that can lead to extensive damage if not tended to immediately
  • Examine your basement for leaking pipes, leaks through cement joints, wet floor stains and cracks in the foundation. According to research these signs indicate that you need to have your pipes inspected for leaks before they cause more damage
  • Ensure all your toilet tanks are sealed with plumber’s tape during new toilet installations. If left unsealed, the water in the tanks would start seeping through the flapper valve and into the bowl, presenting unsanitary conditions that may cause even more avoidable damage
  • Make sure all your appliances and systems are up-to-date by having them serviced annually. Old appliances are more susceptible to malfunctioning or developing leaks that cause extensive damage to your premise

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Main Cause of Water Damages?

The most common cause of water damage is natural disasters such as thunderstorms and hurricanes. These adverse weather conditions can bring about septic tank overflows, appliance malfunctions, pipe bursts, sewage backup, sump pump malfunctions, and foundation leaks. Regardless of these issues you may want to look into basement sealing (as a preventative measure). Our experts respond promptly and deliver quality restoration services whenever our customers suffer water damage. [1]

What Should I do After a Water, Sewage, or Flood Leak?

The first thing you need to do is contact a professional restoration contractor that will respond quickly for water removal and damage restoration repair services. Failure to seek immediate action can lead to irreversible damage to your carpet, hardwood floors, walls, and ceiling. It can also cause mold infestations which will require expert mold removal services. We have an extensive guide on determining the cost of ceiling repair from water damage that contains some excellent information.

After requesting professional water damage restoration services, you will need to inform your insurance company. If your home or business premise has suffered extensive structural damages, insurance companies in popular cities usually help cover part of the restoration expenses.

How Long Does the Restoration Service Procedure Take?

Our fire and water damage restoration team handles the procedure in a few steps. Assessing the damage, extracting the water, and drying and disinfecting the affected area can take anywhere between 3 to 4 days, depending on the extent of the damages. The final step of restoration might take a few days, but in the event of complete re-construction, it can take a week or more.

How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Service Cost?

Since it depends on the project, there is no fixed price for water damage repair, mold removal, water extraction, or restoration services. Our experts will evaluate the situation and come up with a permanent solution for the damage caused to determine the cost of water damage restoration.

The overall costs are communicated to our customers before the job commences to allow them to prepare themselves financially. However, you are likely only to incur deductible expenses while your insurer covers the rest.

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