When you are in need of a plumber to assist in an emergency situation in Berkeley, call us and use our emergency plumbing services. Plumbing emergencies can strike anytime. It can happen while you prepare for a special dinner or during a busy day at work. Knowing that it can cause inconvenience at any time of the day, it is highly recommended that you look up and partner with an outstanding plumbing company in Berkeley, CA.

Emergency Plumbing Squad is a sought-after company for drain cleaning, repair, installation, replacement, and other plumbing services. We have been in the business for more than 25 years and have served thousands of residential and commercial customers.

owner congratulate plumber photoThe main goal of our team is to provide quality, affordable and prompt plumbing services to our clients. We understand the urgency of a clogged drain, faulty gas lines, water leaks, and other plumbing issues. And this is the major reason we take every plumbing repair, drain cleaning, and other crucial requests.

Our Berkeley plumbers are more than qualified to do plumbing repairs and address your all your plumbing needs. All of them are trained and certified to perform emergency plumbing services. So our licensed plumbers can take care of it whether it is a clogged drain, broken sump pump, loose shower valve, faulty water heater, or a broken pipe.

Professional plumbing services are something we are best at. We are not the number one plumbing company for nothing. Our Berkeley plumbers know their craft, and they get the job done promptly.

If you are after a plumber that is skilled and knowledgeable in all types of plumbing issues, call Berkeley Emergency Plumbing Squad.

So whenever you need a plumbing service, do not think twice and give us a call. We’ll give you a free estimate, dispatch a plumber to your address and provide you with solutions that will permanently fix your problem.

Early Signs that You Need Emergency Plumbing Squad

It is imperative that, as a homeowner, you know how to identify a potential sign of a plumbing emergency. This can prevent minor plumbing issues from blowing into costly water damage.

We have highlighted some common signs of a plumbing emergency. When you notice any of these, it is recommended that you contact one of our Berkeley plumbers to check on your plumbing system immediately.

Low Water Pressure

A clear sign of a potential plumbing issue is the low water pressure at your property. If the water flow in your faucet isn’t that good, it could be a problem with your aerator or a potential blockage. A little scrubbing or cleaning with vinegar will clear minor issues. But if this doesn’t do the trick, we suggest you call us for a same-day plumbing service.

A Weeping Heater

It’s not normal for a hot water heater unit to sweat or weep. If it does, this could be a sign of a plumbing problem. You may want to check your heater’s pilot light every now and then to see a slow or steady leak. It would be best to catch this problem earlier so you can call one of our plumbers in Berkeley for a plumbing repair.

Clogged Drains

A plumbing repair or a drain cleaning service will come in handy for a seriously clogged sewer line. Some clogs can be fixed by a plunger or some over-the-counter chemical solution. If your kitchen or shower drain isn’t draining, the first person you need to call is our highly licensed Berkeley plumber.

Non-Stop Drip on your faucets

Faucets are not supposed to drip. So if you notice continuous dripping at home, it is a warning sign that you need help from our professional and highly qualified plumbers. If the dripping isn’t that serious, a little tightening will do. There are also some helpful videos specifically for home plumbing. But if you have plumbing questions, it is always ideal to speak to our Berkey plumber and get answers quickly.

Overflowing Toilets

This is a common issue at home, especially if you have kids. Our local plumber in Berkeley, CA, would usually ask you to turn off the main water line while they do their inspection. This problem could be due to some busted pipes or an issue with your main line. This doesn’t automatically constitute a plumbing repair service, but if you contact one of our local Berkeley plumbers, it will solve the problem permanently.

On-Call Berkeley Plumbing Services

Finding a reliable Berkeley plumber isn’t easy. Yes, several plumbing companies in the area offer water heater repair, drain cleaning, sewer line replacement, part inspection, etc. But there is no guarantee that you’ll receive prompt and good service whenever you randomly pick one from the list.

Berkeley plumber near meIf you are after quality and professional Berkeley plumbing services with the highest customer satisfaction rate, call no one but Emergency Plumbing Squad. Our plumbers in Berkeley, CA, offer a full range of services that are accessible to residential and commercial clients.

Excellent plumbing in Berkeley, CA, is our thing. Our plumbers in the Berkeley area have all ready solutions to all types of plumbing problems. We have been in the service for more than 25 years, assisting clients with drain cleaning, repair of pipes, garbage disposal inspection, water heater installation, copper pipes replacement, and more.

With Emergency Plumbing Squad, you can work with officially licensed plumbers. We provide free estimates, flexible payment options, and fail-proof plumbing solutions. Every plumber in our team is background checked, so we know that you only deal with the best of the best.

Plumbing emergencies happen at the most inconvenient time, so you need a partner company that is accessible 24 hours a day – and that’s us.

Call our plumber in Berkeley, CA, today and schedule your first service with us.

Why Choose Our Berkeley Plumbing Experts?

There are tons of reasons why you should call our plumber in Berkeley, CA, for drain cleaning and leak detection services.

We have highlighted some of the valid reasons why we are making a name in Berkeley today:

  • Our services are cost-efficient and worth every penny;
  • We have all the solutions for your residential and commercial plumbing problems;
  • Each plumber in Berkeley guarantees prompt service even on Christmas day;
  • Our service area is open 24 hours a day, all days of the week, including holidays;
  • We have top reviews from our past and present clients, which gives you an idea of how we value every job;

Ignoring a plumbing issue can lead to worse situations. So whether you are in need of drain cleaning or a complicated replacement service in Berkeley, CA, waste no time and call Emergency Plumbing Squad. Always choose to speak to an expert so you can be guided on the right steps to take while you wait for professional help.

Our team has great services to offer, and you are in great hands with us.

Contact our office in Berkeley, CA, today!


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