Are you looking for a plumber for your house or business property in Cedar Rapids? Did you know that business premise or home is susceptible to water damage in case of plumbing disasters? Are you seeing some signs of leakages in your house?

Plumbing emergency issues wreak havoc in many homes, mainly if the issue is not addressed early on. As a brilliant business or home owner, you should know when to call in a Cedar Rapids plumbing firm. These knowledgeable professionals will take care of all your plumbing needs and provide service you will be proud of.

Fortunately, we are that affordable plumbing firm that will work on your toilet repair, water heater, air conditioning, crawl space repairs, and other plumbing projects in Cedar Rapids. Emergency plumbing squad is a reputable commercial plumbing firm offering plumbing solutions to Cedar Rapids and neighboring areas such as Iowa City, North Liberty, Ave sw, and Mount Vernon.

Plumber Cedar Rapids

plumbing services cedar rapids ia 300x200Repairing your plumbing issues on your own once there is a breakdown is never easy, especially if you are not a professional plumber. Our Cedar Rapids plumbers offer efficient and reliable plumbing installations, repairs, and maintenance service. Over time, our business has become the number one plumbing business in Eastern Iowa. That is because we always focus on the customer.

Our technician will customize the installation service to your liking. We work to resolve the plumbing issue and also make you happy. You will receive excellent repair services from our plumbers, including affordable pricing. We guarantee you remarkable solutions all over Eastern Iowa, including Iowa City, Cedar Rapids, and Davenport.

Plumbing Emergency Services

A plumbing crisis can arise out of nowhere and ruin your day by destroying your furnishings and floor coverings. It could even risk your health. Luckily, our professional plumbers at the Emergency plumbing squad know that emergencies do not wait. That is why we offer our clients emergency plumbing heating services in Cedar Rapids.

We will come to your location and fix your sewer backups, plumbing leaks, and burst pipes at night or even during the weekend immediately after you call us. Our 24-hour emergency service will give you peace of mind bearing the fact that help is just one call away. Some of the emergency issues we handle include the following:

·         Drain clogs

·         Water heater problems

·         Sewer lines

·         Plumbing heating issues

·         Burst & leak lines

Commercial Plumbing Services

cedar rapids emergency plumber 300x200Do you want to make your office buildings compliant with the local health codes? Do you wish to save money on the monthly water bill by locating all those minor water leaks? Our firm offers commercial plumbing solutions for all your office heating, repairs, and installation.

We have an experienced team of commercial plumbers in Cedar Rapids ready to keep your business in check in plumbing matters. We have the right tech and plumber if you wish to install a backwater valve, reinstall the water pipe, or maintain your plumbing project.

The commercial plumbing solutions we offer include the following:

·         Grease traps cleaning

. Air conditioning repairs

·         Under-slab plumbing repairs

·         Sewer and water pipe repairs

·         Restroom fixtures

·         Kitchen fixtures

·         Foundation Repairs

·         Roof drains

·         Tankless water heaters

Interested in hearing what more our business can offer to your firm? Give us a call TODAY and schedule an appointment!


Residential Plumbing Services Cedar Rapids

Emergency plumbing squad also offers residential plumbing services to residents in Eastern Iowa. The plumbing structure at home may decide to act up, especially when you are in a hurry. Your kitchen sink may decide to overflow early morning just when you want to leave for work, or your boiler may stop working.

We are aware that these are typical scenarios back at home which is why we offer impressive residential plumbing solutions. Our technician will assess the situation and let you know the way forward in no time. We will cover any issues with residential plumbing and ensure the system works as it should.

Some residential plumbing solutions we offer include:

·         Crawl space repair

·         Master Plumbing

·         Foundation Repair

·         Toilet repairs

·         Plumbing heating repair

·         Air conditioning repair

·         Basement waterproofing

·         Water leak issues

·         Plumbing system remodeling

·         Heating cooling installations and repairs


Reasons to Choose Our Firm

plumber in cedar rapids iowa 300x200Upfront pricing on plumbing project

One of the main advantages of our commercial service delivery is that we let you know the price of the task ahead before we begin. That means you will know how much it should cost you with no hidden charges.

Exceptional customer service

Our customers are our number one priority. That is why we strive to do everything right per the customers’ wishes, including prompt arrivals and clean work. Our professional technicians will give you a free estimate and deliver beyond expectations while being courteous.

Flexible service options

We will give you plenty of flexible options to choose what best suits you. Customer satisfaction is a top priority which is why we have several options to choose from. With such solutions, as a customer, you will never feel like the company is taking advantage of you.

Licensed and insured

In all matters of plumbing, quality is essential. The only way to guarantee quality solutions is to get a true expert insured and licensed to work as a plumber. Our professional staff is fully stocked, qualified, and knowledgeable in all matters of plumbing. The company is also locally owned, meaning we are only growing our local economy.


We are your go-to commercial solution for all your heating and plumbing solutions. Our business takes great pride in offering our services to the people of Eastern Iowa. Message us TODAY for a complete and excellent service!



Why do my toilets leak from the base?

The base could be leaking once you flush. Replace the wax ring and tighten the toilets tee bolts. However, you need to be sure that it is the base of the toilet that is leaking.

Can a blocked shower drain cause a leak?

Typically, clogged drains will not cause leaks. However, it could potentially lead to secondary problems due to the backup, such as water seeping into the wall.


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