Are you having broken pipes leaking water in your house in Decatur? Is your air conditioning malfunctioning and not heating the home well? Are your tankless water heaters working as they should? Are your water supply lines bringing in the right amount and water pressure?

If you answer yes to any of these plumbing issues, it is time to look for plumbing experts. Emergency Plumbing Squad is a locally owned company that offers quality plumbing solutions to residents of Decatur, Il.

Our business handles everything on plumbing, including repair and installation of air conditioning units, drains, pipes, toilets, sewer, sink, faucets, and gas.

Talk to our professional team of plumbers today for quality work in the Decatur area!

Our Emergency Plumbing Solutions

decatur il plumber 300x200At Emergency Plumbing Squad, we offer various residential and commercial services to customers around Decatur, including the Central Illinois area. Our business takes pride in the residential and commercial services we provide to customers and government facilities, including:

Air Conditioning Repairs

Your air conditioning unit has a crucial role to play as far as heating air in the home is concerned. It keeps everyone comfortable at home by cooling during extreme heat or heating the home during severely cold weather.

Once it breaks down, the house is no longer hospitable due to extreme conditions.

That is why our business offers air conditioning unit repair services for your project in Decatur, Il. Our plumber will help assess and get involved in the repair and maintenance of the unit. You can trust our HVAC technicians to deliver the job.

Message our plumbing expert now for an estimate on your air conditioning unit!

Drain Cleaning and Repair Plumbing Services

Our plumbing business also covers residential drain cleaning services. This is for residential homes and business premises experiencing draining problems like sewer backups.

According to how you described the issue, our professional plumber will show up in minutes with the right equipment.

We will clean the drain and ensure everything flows as it was meant to during construction. Our team in Decatur also repairs drains. So if the drain or sewer lines in your business are broken, and there is leakage, do not hesitate to call us.

Emergency Plumbing Squad also boasts immense expertise in commercial plumbing endeavors, so we promise you guaranteed satisfaction and value for money.

We have the mechanical experience to work on any problem, whether your pipes froze or your business has a plumbing heating problem. Call us today!



What are the two types of plumbers?

emergency plumbing decatur 300x200Generally, there are two types of licensed technicians. They include commercial plumbers and residential plumbers. The commercial plumber deals with businesses’ plumbing issues, while the residential one works on plumbing solutions for homes.

How do I choose a professional plumber?

Finding an expert plumber should not be hard. First, you must ensure they are a licensed plumber and then they are working for a reputable and known plumbing company.

Why is a plumber so expensive?

Plumbers pay vast amounts of cash for wages, bookkeeper fees, and insurance. They also spend a lot on marketing. All these are accounted for in their charges for the services offered.

Do you repair tankless water heaters?

Yes, our business handles everything that pertains to plumbing, including repairing a tankless water heater or remodeling the project.

Do you have a sewer repair service?

Yes, our business will repair your sewer, especially if you experience backups in the toilet.


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