Tipping is a pretty tricky topic. It can be tough enough to figure out how much to tip waitstaff at a restaurant. It can be even tougher to figure out how much to tip a plumber. Some people wonder whether they need to tip plumbers in the first place. How much do you tip a plumber, anyway? Reading further will help you answer that important question.

Plumbers and Tipping Etiquette

how-much-to-tip-a-plumberIt isn’t unusual for customers to refrain from tipping plumbers. The same thing applies to electricians. Despite that, it can be a kind and thoughtful gesture to reward a plumber who does a particularly good job for you. It can be particularly smart to tip a plumber who goes above and beyond. If a plumber does anything outside of the scope of his job, then you may want to consider expressing your gratitude through a tip.

Perhaps you hire a specific plumber on a routine basis. This professional may present you with discounts as well. If you have that kind of work relationship with a plumber, then it may make sense to tip him at least occasionally.

Don’t forget that plumbers for the most part do not anticipate any tips from their customers.

Plumbers and Tipping Amounts

If you’re set on tipping your plumber, you should think about an appropriate amount in advance. You should strive to tip your plumber anywhere between 10 and 20 percent of the amount that you see on your invoice.

It’s okay if you don’t want to have to think about invoice percentages, too. It isn’t uncommon for people to give their plumbers straightforward $20 tips.

Think about other things as well. Did your plumber devote more time than usual to your needs? Did he use specialized tools and equipment pieces? If he went the extra mile to accommodate your specific requests, then you may want to boost the tip amount a bit.

Think about speed, too. Perhaps you called an on-call plumber for urgent service in the middle of the night. Perhaps you requested same-day service on a particularly busy weekday. These components may also affect the exact amount of your tip.

Plumber Tips Do Not Have to Involve Cash

do-you-tip-plumbersDo you want to show your plumber that you’re grateful for his terrific work? You don’t necessarily have to present him with cash. If you feel uneasy about tipping a plumber using money, you can opt to do so with coffee or any kind of refreshment such as tea, water or juice. A snack such as a cookie, a bag of raw almonds or an apple may do wonders, too.

It can be a terrific idea to spread the word about your favorite plumber on the Internet as well. If you want to steer clear of cash tips, beverages or anything else along those lines, you can always turn to the sheer power of the Internet. Consider recommending your plumber to relatives, neighbors and coworkers. Consider posting a glowing review of his services online via widely known review platforms for businesses. If you leave a detailed and enthusiastic review, it may help your plumber expand his local customer base substantially.

Plumbing Company Policies

Don’t get offended if you offer a tip to a plumber and he doesn’t accept it. If he doesn’t take your tip, then it may not be in line with the policies of his company. If a plumbing company presents you with a quote that covers labor, materials and supplies, then that amount may be 100 percent sufficient.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

If you ever feel uncertain about whether or not to tip a plumber, you can feel free to ask the tradesman himself. Ask him if he usually receives tips from happy customers. If he says that he does, you can ask him about appropriate amounts. Doing this may eliminate a lot of frustrating and time-consuming guesswork for you.

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