Faucets are everywhere in some shape or form. We use them in sinks, showers, water fountains, and pipe lines. Turning a handle and getting water is something that we do each and every day, which is why whenever a faucet has problems, we really pay attention to getting the problem fixed up.

There are several problems that can befall a faucet, and some of them will require a plumber to fix so you get your faucet back in working order faster. Finding the right faucet repair service near me can be tricky, and you might even wonder if you need to replace bathroom faucet. Here are some of the common problems faucets can face, as well as if you need a plumber to fix them.

Common Faucet Issues

Faucet Repair Near MeLeaky faucets are one of the most common problems that people deal with. Whether it is a constant slow stream of water or the aggravating drip, drip, drip of a common leak, when turning the water off doesn’t help, you need to solve the leak. Leaks don’t only drive up your water bill, but they also are bad for the environment.

Leaky faucets often need to be fixed by a plumber, and they can lead to your pipes having low water pressure as well. This can be very frustrating if you need to do anything with the faucet that involves lots of water. Finally, another common issue with a faucet is that it becomes rusted and stained without proper cleaning, and this can lead to the spread of bacteria and can also affect the water quality.

Should You Attempt Emergency Faucet Repair Yourself?

Since most faucet repair is more about part replacement rather than complicated removals or repairs, a lot of handy people focus on fixing their leaking faucet themselves. You can buy most of the parts needed to repair all types of faucets at your local hardware store, and replacing parts is pretty self explanatory. If not, there’s tons of guides on the internet that will walk you through common repairs, and the hardest part will be finding a guide for your specific faucet.However, if you aren’t super handy or aren’t confident you will do the job correctly, then taking the time to hire a plumber can give you peace of mind. Plus, the more experienced plumber might find some issues with your piping that the leaky pipe was just a symptom of. They might be able to fix those extra problems now, so that you don’t have to call them back out later and you also save money.

At the end of the day, fixing a faucet yourself vs hiring a plumber to do it for you is a matter of confidence in your abilities. If you feel confident enough to break out the tools and shut off the leak on your own, then do so. If not, then finding a faucet repair service near me is only one search away.

How much does a kitchen faucet repair cost?

To fix a basic kitchen sink faucet, the range you will pay can be anywhere from 200 dollars to 330 dollars, although this does depend on the level of the problem as well as the parts needed and the plumber’s time. Most basic faucet problems won’t take too long to fix up, so don’t worry about the cost getting out of hand unless you have severely neglected your faucet.

How much does a plumber charge to fix leaky bathroom faucets?

Fixing a standard leak won’t take too much time for a plumber, and it can be done in about an hour, so when you hire your handyman to replace kitchen faucet near me service, you will likely be paying their hourly rate to have the faucet fixed up. However, the cost does change a bit depending on where the faucet is.

For example, kitchen faucets often have more moving parts than bathroom faucets, which means there is more room for error and more places to check for leaks. Bathroom sink faucets are pretty easy to fix up, and a shower faucet will take the longest, but is generally about as expensive.

Do plumbers fix faucets as a faucet repair service?

A person who fixes faucets is called a plumber, but they often do much more than that. Plumbers work to install and maintain systems that revolve around water, sewage, and other plumbing systems. Ironically, the term plumber was coined back during the time of the Roman Empire, where lead was used for piping and drains. The word lead in Latin was called ‘plumbum’

The term expanded during the Middle Ages, when anyone who worked with lead was referred to as a plumber. While lead isn’t as involved in modern day plumbing anymore, plumbers are able to install, maintain, and diagnose problems revolving around water systems. They also focus on installing and preparing piping for all sorts of buildings, all while ensuring the piping systems work with local laws and building regulations.

Can a handyman replace a sink faucet?

Plumber Fixing FaucetFaucets are designed to last a long time, often around twenty years, so if your faucet is old, or has more problems than just a simple leak can fix, then you might want to think about replacing it. Sometimes you might want a more efficient faucet than the one that was installed twenty years ago, you might be replacing your entire sink and want to update your faucet with it, or you might find yourself constantly repairing your faucet.

When the time to replace comes, you might ask: can a handyman replace a sink faucet? The answer is, yes they can! Handymans and plumbers alike can help you repair and replace your sink faucet. Again, the price will change depending on the type of faucet you want replaced, but the procedure will cost around 250 dollars for the removal of the old faucet and the replacement of the new one.

To start this process, the water supply will need to be turned off, and the old faucet will need to be disconnected from the drain and removed from its supply lines. Then the handyman will need to mount and install the old faucet, drain, and ball rod. The supply lines and sink will need to be reconnected as well, and then the faucet will need to be flushed to make sure there are no leaks.

The process might seem complicated, but with a well experienced handyman or plumber working with you, you can make sure that your new faucet is just as good as your old one. Plus, the best part is that the entire process only takes a few hours!

Repairing Your Faucet

When faucets don’t work the way we want them to, things can get a little frustrating, but by making sure that you hire a company that is able to do faucet repair, faucet removal, and faucet replacement, you won’t be lacking whenever it comes to getting your faucet to be brand new. Additionally, you can get your leaky faucet repaired without any trouble as well with a good faucet repair near me service (click to learn more).

Once your faucet is repaired, then you can get back to having a complete bathroom, kitchen, or shower again, and that is the best part of hiring an amazing faucet installation company! We now also have irrigation plumbers on stuff that can help you with all your irrigation needs as well.

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