All About Repiping Your California Home

Are you thinking seriously about revamping your residential plumbing system in the state of California? If you are, then you should learn all that you can about potential costs first. Don’t assume that the average cost of repiping a house in the Golden State necessarily costs the same as it does elsewhere. You’re going to need a plumber in California that can get the job done right.

How Much Exactly Does it Cost to Repipe a House in California?

repiping cost californiaPerhaps your California residence is equipped with a total of two bedrooms. If you decide to repipe it with PEX pipes, the project may cost roughly $3,500. If you decide to repipe it with copper pipes the job may cost you a little more at approximately $5,000 total.

Property owners typically recruit California plumbing contractors to take on their home repiping duties. Full house replumbing generally costs anywhere between $5,000 and $7,000. Note, though, that it isn’t unheard of for home repiping work to surpass $7,000 in costs when all is said and done. It can sometimes cost upward of $15,000. This figure is often based on components such as bathroom numbers, locations of pipes, home levels and fixture amounts.

Pipe Materials and Costs

It’s critical to understand that specific pipe materials also affect home repiping costs in California and elsewhere. If you opt for PEX or cross-linked polyethylene tubes, the process may cost roughly $0.50 to $2.00 for each foot. Copper pipes are a whole other ballgame. Copper repiping may cost between $2.00 and $4.00 for each foot. CPVC or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride repiping may cost between $0.50 and $1.00 for each foot.

Repiping Your California Home Independently

repiping in californiaSome people have concerns about potentially steep home repiping costs in California. That’s why they occasionally wonder whether they may be able to repipe their homes on their own without professional assistance. They believe that taking this route may help them save a lot of money. The reality is, however, that trying to repipe a home just isn’t a realistic option for “amateurs” who aren’t licensed and seasoned plumbers. Residential repiping is a complex and nuanced project that calls for in-depth rebuilding, plumbing and demolition proficiency. That’s only the beginning, too. Trying to repipe a home can end up being extremely hazardous. It can end up causing significant damage that can actually be costly to turn around as well. If you try to repipe your California home in the hopes of reducing your costs, that plan could backfire.

Why California Home Repiping May Be Worth the Money

If you’re nervous about going forward with repiping your California home due to cost concerns, it may help to learn the advantages of doing so. Repiping your home can strengthen your quality of life and comfort level considerably. If you want to say farewell to water discoloration, persistent leaks and lack of water pressure in your showers, then repiping the pipes that are part of your home may be more than worth the financial investment. It’s no surprise that repiping is gaining traction among property owners all around the nation.

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