Nothing is worse than dealing with a plumbing emergency in Iowa City after normal business hours. A clogged drain, faulty septic tank, broken water heater, clogged toilet, and any problem with your sewer pipe can cause you or any family member to worry about water damage or unexpected expenses to fix it.

emergency plumbing services iowa city ia 300x200At Emergency Plumbing Squad, we take pride in restoring all types of issues concerning your basement pipes, gas water heaters, and any part of of your plumbing systems. We aim to ensure you are at peace that your residential or commercial property is free from any plumbing issues.

Our team offers same-day plumbing services in Iowa City. So whether you need emergency plumbing repair, leak detection, plumbing system installation, or maintenance service, we highly recommend calling one of our plumbers and securing that same-day service.

Should I contact an Emergency Plumber?

Iowa City has been home to thousands of residential and commercial properties. Thus there are thousands of customers dealing with plumbing-heating problems daily. However, not all companies in Iowa City can answer all your plumbing needs. And this is when our experienced plumbers come into the picture.

Some customers might think seeking help from a master plumbing expert should be a last resort, but this should not be the case. DIY videos are never ideal options to address a broken water heater, a runny toilet, a clogged sink or drain, a leaky pipe, or any type of plumbing problem. Calling a reliable and professional plumbing company is necessary to get the right solution and avoid risk.

plumber in iowa city 300x200Our professionals are experienced in handling installation, repair, and maintenance jobs. So whether it’s a scheduled drain cleaning or an urgent repair service for your burst pipes and clogged drains, call our professionals in the Iowa City area.

Your house sink and sewer problem should never be ignored. Skip the DIY process and call for professional repairs. Our Iowa City plumbing experts are available day and night to provide you with exceptional services.

Effective Ways to Handle a Plumbing Emergency

If your sewer or toilet unexpectedly stops working, the best way to minimize the damage is to call our plumbing-heating experts. But while you wait for our licensed plumber, there are recommended steps that you can take to manage the situation and protect your property from any damage.

In case of a plumbing emergency, remember to do the following:

Shut off the water source.

The water supply closest to the issue should be shut off. Turn off your property’s main water valve if your home is flooded.

If you have water heaters at home, we suggest that you also turn that off right after you switch the water valves. Before shutting off gas water heaters, be sure your gas is also turned off.

Take note of the damage.

We need full details of the problem to determine what kind of plumbing service you need. Our plumbers in Iowa City, IA, can assess the problem and plan solutions when we have all the essential information.

Trust our team.

Over the phone, we can give you step-by-step guidance to handle the plumbing emergency. We will do everything to ensure you manage the situation while waiting for the plumbing repair.

Why Emergency Plumbing Squad?

emergency plumber iowa city 300x200On top of our ability to perform a water heater repair and drain cleaning, there are a large number of reasons why thousands of homeowners and businesses in Johnson County, Cedar Rapids, Eastern Iowa City, and surrounding areas call us for help.

Here are some of the most valid reasons for staying on top of the game.

Locally Owned Plumbing Company

We employ local plumbers; thus, we know the ins and outs of Iowa City and even its surrounding area. It would be easier to pass your location knowing that your assigned plumber is well-versed in your city.

On-Time Service

We respect our clients’ time; thus, we make sure not to be late for any drain cleaning appointments. Trust that our dedicated plumbers will arrive on time to get the job done.

Attentive and Professional Master Plumbing Experts

We understand the stress and discomfort you go through whenever you encounter problems with your drain or sewer. Be at peace knowing our experienced plumber only has your best interest in mind. Our team will only recommend the services that you need.

Upfront Cost and Flexible Payment Methods

The breakdown of costs shown to you before the repairs will be the exact costs after. We are always after transparency. You can trust us that we will only ask you to pay for the services we render. And if you are worried about the payment options, we accept cash, credit card, and insurance.

With our team on board, you do not have to worry about plumbing issues.

Call our team today and let our outstanding plumbers do your job!



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