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We have faced a clogged sink once in our lives and have undergone the stress it brings. The moment you realized there is something wrong with your pipes, you shouldn’t think twice but call an emergency plumber. Kansas City will never run out of plumbing companies to help you with problems on your water pipe, faucet, sump pump, or water heater. Knowing any plumbing emergency won’t wait until the morning, it’s wise to have an accessible plumbing service available 24 hours a day.

Kansas City Emergency Plumbing Squad is your ideal choice when you’re after quality and round the clock service. Our round the clock emergency plumbing services are available any time of the week and 24 hours a day. We understand that a prompt solution is needed for any plumbing emergency and we are are here to provide you just that. You can call us for an urgent service wherever you are in Kansas City, MO. We will make sure to resolve problems with your water pipes and heaters in no time.

Our squad has been providing emergency plumbing services for more than two decades now, so you can count on us w mjjhen we say we are available 24 hours a day. Your plumbing issues are our priority. May it be a fault on your water heater or sudden damage on your water pipes, our licensed and insured plumber in Kansas City, MO, is more than qualified to give you the service you need.

Clogged Sinks, Leaky Pipes, Broken Water Lines – You Can Call Us For Any Servicebroken faucet fixed by a professional plumber photo

Kansas Emergency Plumbing Squad has handled thousands of issues over the years. Our level of expertise is boundless; thus, we are the number one household name in Kansas City. Plumbing concerns are dragging, and without the help of a skilled plumber who can provide an on the spot service, situations could get worst.

You have come to the right place if you’re currently looking for a competent partner to handle your plumbing problems. Our emergency service is top of the line and sought after because of our Kansas plumbing experts’ quality works. On top of that, we are available 24 hours a day and the whole week, so concerns are not a big deal after hours.

Clogged sinks, broken pipes, faulty drainage lines, call us for quick service at any time you need one. We will come running with all the necessary tools to deliver the service you got us for. Call us and get that beauty rest while we take over that dirty job.

KC Plumbing Services You Can Call Us For

Our years of experience in plumbing molded us to be flexible in what we do. You can call us for any plumbing service regardless of what type of property you’re dealing with. We offer residential and commercial plumbing services within Kansas City and areas nearby.

When you faced a problem with your pipes or any crisis, it’s not enough to rely on some DIY fixture. Regardless of how simple the question is, you need to consult a professional plumber or call for emergency service immediately. Remember, one wrong move can worsen the problem, and you can avoid that by getting a duly qualified plumbing company to take over. There is no better one for the job than The Emergency Plumbing Squad.

Below is the list of common plumbing problems we resolve for our Kansas clients:

  • Flooding ‘near me’
  • Dripping Faucet 
  • Leaking Pipes
  • Clogged Drains
  • Backed Up Sump Pumps
  • Broken Water Heater 

The list of these plumbing issues goes on, so never hesitate to ring us and seek solutions. Kansas City, MO, is a home to us for 20 years or more. We will help every client in the city handle and battling problems with their water pipes, bathroom sinks, and kitchen faucets. Make sure to keep our phone number and call us for a quick plumbing service ‘near me’ whenever the need arises.

Things You Can Do While Waiting For Your Emergency Plumber in Kansas City

We tend to panic when we see something leaking and causing our kitchens and bathrooms to flood. A burst pipe or a clogged drain can lead to severe flooding and damage to furniture, appliances, etc. in your property. Even the slightest delay can lead to thousands of losses. Don’t let matters go out of hand. Get yourself an emergency plumber right away.

You may think that hiring a professional is just an added cost, and dealing with the problem yourself is the best solution. We beg to disagree with that. As a team fixing water leaks, busted pipes, faulty water heater, and broken garbage disposal for 20 years and more, we have seen the worst. DIY fixture can maybe lessen the problem or provide a band-aid remedy but never a long term solution. This can cost you some dollars but trust that this will give you peace of mind that someone with great expertise is working on getting things done excellently.

After an urgent call for a plumbing service, the waiting time is undoubtedly crucial. This would determine how the problem will progress while your professional plumbing expert is on the way to your house. We have highlighted some steps you can take when you encounter a plumbing emergency and waiting for a Kansas plumber’s assistance. Doing these can lessen the leak and minimize the impact of the plumbing problem.

Locate the main valve and shut off the water supply.Emergency Plumber in Kansas City, Missouri

Water leaks are usually the cause of flooding in any property in Kansas City. Plumbing experts can definitely stop it immediately, but you should do something while waiting for help. While you’re waiting for emergency service, the first thing you need to do is to find the water source. Locate the main water valve and shut it off immediately.

Shutting off the water supply will minimize the damage to your property. The main valve is usually located near your water meter, mounted to your wall or under your sinks. Suppose you can’t find it in the places mentioned, coordinate with your plumber for alternative locations. You may also switch off the valve nearest to the busted pipe or leaking faucet. The main goal is to shut off the flow of water and drain the lines if possible.

Unplug Electrical Appliances or turn off the main switch if possible.

Shutting off the water supply could minimize the problem, but you shouldn’t stop there. During a severe leak, securing your appliances is a must. Heavy water flow can be challenging to manage, so while you can, unplug your electrical appliances, locate the fuse, and turn it off quickly. Water and electricity are never the right combinations to avoid another pile of plumbing issues like explosives, short circuits, fire, and avoid any contact as much as possible.

Suppose you can move the appliances and other furniture to a dry area, much better. Move everything away from the flooded area. This will save you from expensive repair costs and severe explosions.

Don’t Try to fix it on your own.

Considering hiring an emergency plumbing service will cost you some dollars, and you might think that switching to a DIY fixture is a much better solution. Well, let me tell you that it’s not the case. Delays can lead to a more severe problem and dragging issues in the future. If you look into this closely, continuously dealing with repetitive leaks and clogs will costs you more money.

You may feel a little confident with your abilities and, of course, with the help of numerous DIY plumbing videos online. But every plumbing emergency demands the expertise and in-depth knowledge that is usually found in professional experts. Whatever problem you’re facing with your kitchen sinks, shower drains or your plumbing system, let a plumber in Kansas City take the job. Again, never every fix things on your own as this impulsive act often leads to more complicated problems.

We understand that you may have the interest and the necessary knowledge in handling water heater or pipes. If you have that strong urge to take part and be more hands-on with the repair, you may do so. Assess the problem and brief your emergency plumbing professional the details so that he knows what he’s coming for. Doing this will expedite the repair process as your plumber will be informed beforehand. He can come up with possible solutions while he’s on his way to your property. Furthermore, your plumbing expert can also run an advance estimate so you can have a rough figure of the costs involved.

Let Our Kansas City Plumbing Experts Take Care Of Your Needs

Kansas City is developing the same as the problems you may face within the area. The only consolation is that you do not have to call an out of town company for quick service. And if you’re residing in the area and dealing with an upsetting problem, then worry no more and dial our phone number. Our lines are available 24 hours a day to provide extraordinary service to clients in Kansas City.

Unexpected plumbing problems will not only ruin your beautiful morning but most valued property. Don’t wait for your minor problem to get worst just because you’re hesitant to pay the cost for a plumbing service. You can count that our 24-hour service is not only top of the line but reasonable. We understand that emergency issues are often our budget, which is why we offer flexible payment options to all the people in Kansas City, MO, and areas nearby.

Contact us for a quick service and let our Kansas City plumbers take care of your needs.


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