Low-Cost Plumbing for Seniors

As we grow older, we realize that our needs change.

The changes we see range from the environment we want to be in, the food we eat, the activities we enjoy, or even how much we need the plumbing fixtures in our homes.

So, you are a senior citizen.

discounts for seniors 300x209One of the things you have to do is consider many factors. Doing so would ensure that your fixtures, including your plumbing fixtures and roof repair, remain safe and comfortable.

Now, you may be thinking about the safety and comfort of parents who are now senior citizens. Or you may be a senior yourself. Or you could also be running a living facility for senior citizens.

How do you maintain your fixtures? How do you deal with home repairs? Who will handle electrical repairs? How do you ensure you get the needed repairs or home improvements in a timely manner?

There are free home repairs for low-income families and those who aim to save money. However, these free home repair assistance programs for low-income families may be tedious in paperwork and scheduling.

And these free repairs might even come with income guidelines to follow, like the ones you see in financial assistance programs for seniors and loan programs.

You might be one of the eligible homeowners, but there are loads of others with homes that need repairs. It can be broken windows, a window replacement, the needs of disabled homeowners, or just a leaking roof. Services will be late.

These local organizations have several other low-income households it should provide services.

Here are a few things to know about when planning, maintaining, or fixing your plumbing system. All these and more are dedicated to the benefit of senior citizens.

There is no need to call for anyone’s free help.

For Seniors – Safety Should be on Top

Senior citizens might start to notice that they are having mobility issues.

Such difficulties make it a challenge to navigate homes. It is thus important for senior citizens to ensure that the pipes are free of leaks. It is also vital that senior citizens check the fixtures in their homes, especially if they live in older houses.

Doing so would ensure that the plumbing fixtures and the whole plumbing system of your home are as safe as they can get.

Sure, there are free home repair programs. But how soon can these free home repair programs accommodate the needs of our senior citizens?

It is best that you know how to take matters of your own homes into your own hands rather than wait for a free home repair or volunteer labor.

Make sure to check for health and safety hazards all over your home, especially on plumbing fixtures. Some examples include loose tiles or flooring that are not even.

You might also want to check the grab bars in your bathrooms, especially those around the toilet and shower areas. Doing this will give you extra stability, support, and peace of mind.

Do you want another sensible suggestion on safety modifications? No, I don’t mean complete house repairs.

I was just talking about you trying to use a handheld showerhead.

Using a handheld showerhead will make it easier for senior citizens, whether it is you or a family, to wash and rinse when showering. It is particularly true because, as mentioned, senior citizens have limited mobility.

You can mount the handheld showerhead on a slide bar, adjusting the height depending on the senior’s height.

And before I forget, put in mind that non-slip mats are crucial. You can also use adhesive strips in the bathroom. Using these should avoid slips and falls.

And also, we provide modification services. In case you’re interested.

Accessibility is the Key

Aside from ensuring the safety of your seniors, accessibility is another consideration you must consider.

plumber discount for seniors 300x200Seniors will have difficulty reaching out for or using plumbing fixtures that may be too high or too low.

You can check if these fixtures are at the right height.

Also, you may have to add accessories or extensions to the fixtures that you already have. These accessories and extensions will ensure their accessibility to the elderly.

For example, the sink with a sprayer is a useful extension in the kitchen. The sprayer attachment will make washing and rinse the dishes easier for your senior loved ones.

Another consideration is the dishwasher.

Ensure that the dishwasher is at a height that seniors can access easily. Remember that your senior loved ones must load and unload dishes inside the dishwasher. Installing the machine at the right height is useful.

The refrigerator and the pantry should also be accessible. Imagine your elderly mom stepping on a chair to get a can of beans at the pantry she cannot reach. That is one type of hazard I am talking about.

If your parents love gardening, make sure to also check the plumbing for leaks. Checking will ensure that there are no leaks, damage, or rust in the plumbing system of your elderly.

When you find one, you can replace them. Or you may consider major or minor home repairs done by you. But for critical repairs and extensive repairs, call a professional to do the job.

Installation of wheelchair ramps is also necessary in some cases.


You don’t have to wait for free home repairs and modifications to knock at your doorstep. There is no need to visit the local churches, home depot foundation, or Habitat for Humanity. All you have to do is roam around and check.

All maintenance services will have an answer.

Bye Bye Clogs

One of the most common issues in homes is a clogged drain.

Clogged drains are household issues that everybody has gone through at least once in their lives. But with seniors, clogged drains can be problematic.

And as they always say, prevention is better than cure.

First, avoid pouring grease, oils, and huge food scraps down your drain. Doing this should avoid clogs in the future.

It also helps if you clean out your sink and/or shower drains regularly. You can use a hair catcher or a drain strainer. These two are extremely helpful in preventing hair and debris from resulting in blockages.

Sometimes, clogs can persist. If it does, call your Emergency Plumbing Squad now.

We can address your plumbing issues promptly. We can also do anything related to emergency home repairs. And our rates are affordable; even a low-income household won’t notice.

The Water Temperature

What may be warm for you as a teenager may be scalding for you as a senior.

Yes, these things change as you grow older.

Hot water scalds are among the most common and serious concerns for many seniors.

To avoid this problem, you must ensure the water heater is set to an appropriate temperature. Setting the water heater at a temperature acceptable for a senior will eventually avoid burns.

You might not have heard of it, but there are also anti-scald devices in the market. Aside from anti-scald devices, you might also want to check out mixing valves.

These two can help you regulate the water temperature from your shower. These help avoid sudden temperature spikes that can harm anybody, not just seniors.

And before I forget, do not forget about the water quality.

Seniors can be more sensitive to contaminants compared to when they were younger. It would be helpful to regularly check the quality of water that spouts out of that faucet.

Doing so will avoid unwanted and expensive home repairs. A properly working water heater is also energy efficient. That could also save money on energy costs and utility bills in the long run.

The Water Pressure

We know that unregulated water pressure can damage the pipes. With that said, make sure that you check the water pressure regularly.

plumbing low cost seniors 300x200Regular checks of the water pressure ensure that it is not going beyond what is considered safe. Going beyond the normal water pressure can damage the pipes and fixtures.

Call us if you are unsure of the water pressure that goes through your pipes. We will let you know.

We may be more expensive than free home repairs but cheaper than other plumbing companies. Even low-income and fixed-income earners can use the services we provide.

The Ease

Most seniors experience different conditions. One of the most common is pain caused by arthritis. Other conditions can also make it more of a challenge for seniors to turn knobs and pick lever handles.

When you have seniors at home, installing plumbing fixtures that are easier to operate would be best. You do not have to do complete home repairs. Home repairs would be tedious and expensive.

And that can break the bank, especially for low-income seniors. Even the basic systems repair program can mean costs.

So, what do you do?

You can start by doing something simple. There is no need to wait for free home repair grants.

These should include lever handles in exchange for knobs. You can also try to install touchless faucets that turn on and off with a simple wave of your hand. Don’t worry because these are energy efficient. You can still save money.

Maintenance is Key

Regular maintenance of your plumbing system is important. It is because of regular maintenance that you avoid unexpected plumbing issues. It should also ensure that your plumbing system runs smoothly.

Sure, you can check the plumbing system and the fixtures yourself. But another is by calling professionals like the plumbers of the Emergency Plumbing Squad to conduct routine inspections.

Our experts will be able to identify any potential plumbing problems that you might have. Aside from that, we would also be able to address these potential problems.

Whether they are plumbing issues that are soon to get worse or plumbing problems already exist, we can help you with that. Critical home repairs had never been this easy.

Our professionals can check for leaks. We can inspect pipes and ensure that your toilets and faucets are functioning properly. We can even do roof repairs if the need arises!

And what is best is that we can tailor fit our services even to those with low income.

With regular maintenance, we can save you and your aging loved ones from expensive home repairs and emergency plumbing issues in the long run. Yes, there are free home repairs out there. But how soon can they help?

Because for sure, there are many moderate-income homeowners as well as very low-income homeowners that are in need of these free home repairs.


Want to keep your home safe for senior members of the family? Call Emergency Plumbing Squad!

Are you prepared for plumbing emergencies that may arise in the future? I believe this is a very important question that you should ask yourself by now.

low cost plumbing for seniors 300x200It always helps if you have a plan in place in cases of plumbing emergencies. Having a contingency plan for home structural repairs and damaged fixtures is crucial for everyone, especially for senior homeowners and disabled people that live alone.

If you do not have a trusted plumber in place or a reliable company to get you a mobile home repair program, call us at Emergency Plumbing Squad. We would be readily available for immediate assistance during emergencies.

Yes, there are free repairs. But we are affordable, even for low-income seniors.


As we age, it is crucial that we maintain a safe and comfortable home. The environment around us should also be safe and comfortable, even for low-income families. Home repair assistance may be expensive at times, but it will be worth it.

One important aspect that we often overlook is the plumbing system at home.

Plumbing issues and emergency plumbing problems can be challenges for a senior citizen, which could affect their daily routines and even their overall wellness.

Implement these tips and considerations I discussed. By doing so, we can ensure to minimize the risks and accidents that may be around your senior loved ones.

We can also ensure accessibility to any plumbing needs that they may have.

And as most senior citizens no longer work, do they wait for financial aid?

These days, financial help from the local government or loan programs is hard to find. With property taxes, medical bills, and much more to look after, even home modifications and improvements can break the bank.

Finally, following these tips can minimize unwarranted home repairs or weatherization services. It can also lead to your senior loved ones enjoying a worry-free life.

Call the Emergency Plumbing Squad for your emergencies. We guarantee that all services provided are of high quality and reasonable.

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