We have been offering our emergency plumbing services in New Orleans for over a decade.

What our clients also like about us is that we take care to be transparent at all times. We give you an estimate of the plumbing services. We will always be the licensed emergency plumber in New Orleans to call from gas leak repair, water heater installation, drain cleaning, and all your other plumbing needs.

We are not the top plumbing company in the city for nothing. You can call us for anything plumbing. New Orleans, Emergency Plumbing Squad, is always ready to serve and answer you call 24 hours a day. Whatever suits your sense of style, we’ll take care of everything – from fittings to fixtures to clogged drains and everything else in between.professional plumber photo while doing his job

Who We Are

Quality had always been at the forefront of what we do. From its people to its services, to the quality of our work, we pride ourselves as the plumbing company that has given citizens of New Orleans and its nearby locations the comfort they deserve.

Over the years, we have fixed leaks, unclogged pipes, installed tanks, and serviced the city of New Orleans, LA, in ways far more unimaginable. In all these years, we have always provided homes and offices, schools, and whatever location, with the comfort and ease of knowing they will indeed have a working heater in the morning.

Our years in service have ensured homeowners that their pipes will never leak. Our presence in the city has always assured the people of New Orleans and its nearby locations that they have a plumber to call at any time of the day should a plumbing emergency arise.

Our set of emergency plumbers have always been there to help you indulge in a comfortable lifestyle, ridding your lives of the many horrors an unclogged pipe or a non – working water heater brings.

For many decades, all the people of New Orleans, LA had to do was to pick up the phone and dial the number, and off we go. We would be there in an instant and get things done.

Our Services

At the New Orleans Emergency Plumbing Squad, there is no job too big or too small. From minor fixtures, leak detection to large – scale plumbing installations and unclogging concerns, whether at home or in the office, we can do it for you.

In all of New Orleans, LA, and its nearby locations, we have always been the name to call whenever a plumbing emergency arises. No job is too hard for our team of competent emergency plumbers.

All you need to do is to pick up that phone and dial our number, and we’ll be right at your doorstep.

What Sets Us Apart

The best thing about our services is that we don’t only fix your problems and leave you on your own. We take charge of making sure you are equipped with steps to do if you reencounter a similar one.

It’s easy to get in touch as you can quickly search for our name, email address, emergency hotline number, or local service area. Our clients in New Orleans, LA, and nearby areas can attest that we make sure to solve your problems and leave you much more educated on what causes these plumbing problems.

We believe that it is only through knowledge of these problems that you avoid having these very same plumbing issues moving forward, therefore, eliminating future costs.

With that aside, what sets us apart is the level of customer service that we provide. Our emergency plumbing services come with excellent work quality and the best customer service in all of New Orleans, LA, and its nearby locations. Trust us. We will not last this long if we’re not worth it.

Our Plumbers 

Our set of plumbers are nothing but the best in the industry. With the experience and expertise under their belts, you can rest assured that this is the last time you will have plumbing problems at home or work.

At New Orleans Emergency Plumbing Services, we make sure to equip our team of plumbers with the rights skills to ensure they can resolve your plumbing problems in no time. Not only that, but they are given all the necessary tools to excel in the field where they’re at.

We don’t settle with skills and experience alone. At the New Orleans Emergency Plumbing Squad, we give you the best service quality with a smile.

Ask around, and you would find that we have a horde of loyal clients who rely on our expertise and services when it comes to everything plumbing.

Our Technology 

Are you, by chance, in need of a tankless water source? We can do it for you!

The New Orleans Emergency Plumbing Squad can give you the latest technological advances in the world of plumbing. We provide you with nothing but the latest. We bring with you nothing but the most sophisticated of all plumbing technologies.

With this on hand, we ensure that you get the right plumbing service that you need. Not only are they the right solutions, but they are the ones that last.

As the leading plumbing company in New Orleans, we assure you that this is the last time you will see this plumbing concern. After we are done with the plumbing repair job or monthly drain cleaning, we leave you satisfied and free from the worries that we may have overlooked one little thing; because we fix everything from the biggest to the most intricate of your worries.

Payment Options Emergency Plumber in New Orleans, Louisiana

We care about you. This is why when we get to your homes, we give you the best plumbing services you can only imagine. Not only that, but we also ensure we don’t break your bank.

With our New Orleans emergency service, we offer you different payment options. Whether you pay with cash or card for your plumbing service, we’re open to the idea!

What makes us the best is our assessment of the job at hand. We make sure to estimate how much the job or emergency service costs, no surprises.

With other plumbing companies, you are given one cost and billed another. Often, you find yourself with a not so pleasant surprise at the end of each plumbing repair job. With our New Orleans plumbing service, there will be no hidden charges, and that is what we want to assure you.

After our assessment, if you find it too expensive for your taste, you can send us back, no questions. But if you change your mind, naturally, we would be delighted to go back and provide you the plumbing repair you need.

How To Get In Touch 

You know we are easy to locate.

If you do not know where we’re at, open that phonebook and search for our name. Email is also one way to get in touch with our emergency plumber. Or you can also ask your neighbor. For sure, we may have already serviced them in the past.

We have been in the industry for decades. For sure, your neighbor, friend, one of their grandparents may have subscribed to our services and worked with our skilled plumber. Getting in touch with us is relatively easy, as you can call us through our emergency hotline number or speak to us using our email address.

When you need an emergency service in New Orleans, LA, or its nearby areas, you know we are always the name that comes to mind. So, if you have been planning for that water heater replacement or a drain cleaning service all this time, think no more. Pick up that phone, give us a call, and witness as your plumbing problems just get drained away.


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