Emergency Plumbing Squad has offered executive plumbing services to Olathe and the surrounding areas. These neighboring areas include Bonner Springs, Kansas City, Overland Park Ks, and Prairie Village. We have been in the business for the longest time and have an outstanding reputation for high-quality service. Whether the task involves the most complex service plumbing installation or a simple unclogging, we have the expertise and professionals to handle it.

Is your hot water heater, sump line, bathroom sink, or gas line acting up? Do you have a clogged drain that seems to stall activities at home or in your business? Are you looking for an Olathe plumber that will provide high-quality, honest, and professional service?

Emergency Plumbing Services Company

emergency plumber olathe 300x200Emergency plumbing squad is the leading plumbing service business in Olathe, Ks. We have been providing drain cleaning, among other plumbing services, in this area for the longest time. We are just one call away if you need help with plumbing repairs. Upon choosing our company, you are sure that only a professional Olathe plumber will handle your problems.

Our plumbing company boasts the best expertise in the plumbing industry with high-quality plumbers in Olathe. Our company offers various services for industrial, residential, and commercial properties in Olathe, Ks. A business owner or homeowner can request our experienced Olathe plumbers in a plumbing emergency. Our plumbing services include:

Drain and Sewer Cleaning in Olathe and Overland Park among other Cities

Our expert plumbers in the Olathe area are the top plumbing industry experts. Proper cleaning of your drain system will help avoid damage and clear blockages. If debris is blocking your system, our technicians will use snake equipment to get rid of it and other sophisticated techniques like hydro jetting.

The best part is that these professionals are well-trained to handle sewer line blockage. Our work is extensive as we first must assess the drain system. How long is it? Where could the backup possibly be? How can we handle the situation? These are crucial questions we must address before working on the drain system.

Shoot us a message today for excellent drain-cleaning services in Olathe, Ks and other ci!

Toilet Repair and Unclogging

The emergency plumbing squad also offers toilet repair services to residents in Olathe. We will also help with the installation and remodeling of your toilet and other faucets in the bathroom. Is your toilet backing up? Do you smell a foul stink from your toilet? Do you need the installation of a new toilet?

Thanks to our expert plumbers, our plumbing company handles all these services perfectly. While an object in your toilet may look like a simple fixture, the smallest problems could require professional repair experience and specific tools. Whether you are struggling with poor water pressure in the toilet or frequent clogs, we have an experienced team to perform the drain cleaning.

Common Problems with Toilets

·         The flush is strong but not complete

·         The toilet has a weak flush

·         Water in the bowl drops

·         The tank takes too long to fill

·         A whistling sound when your toilet tank is filling

·         You experience two flushes in a row

·         The sink and tub gurgle when flushing

·         Dripping noise in the tank after it is full

All these are typical plumbing and installation problems that our Olathe plumbers can easily handle. Most require special tools, so we strongly advise you to call a master plumber when you notice any of these issues. You are just one call away from quality work!

Sump Pump Repair, Inspection, and Replacement

plumber in olathe kansas 300x200This service is for Olathe, Ks residents with a plumbing issue with their sump pumps. The surest way to ensure the sump pipe is always working properly is to ensure there is regular maintenance.

If you live in an area with low elevation or frequent heavy rainstorms, it is necessary to have a functioning sump pump. These pumps protect your basement by rerouting water from the home’s lowest point. Sump lines reduce flooding and are essential, especially during heavy rains.

That is why you need to have a fully functional sump pipe always. Luckily, the Emergency Plumbing Squad will help inspect and repair your sump pumps in case of issues. Our team of experts will also help with the installation of these pumps. Every home is unique; therefore, your sump pump may not work in another home. Our best plumbers will help you choose the right sump pump for your home and install it for you.

For the best service, message us today for all your sump pipe plumbing issues!

Burst Pipe Repair

Our master plumber will also help with burst pipe repairs. A burst pipe will not only pose health hazards to the house but structural hazards too. No homeowner would like to imagine a burst pipe, especially at odd night hours. A burst pipe can cause low water pressure or higher water bills.

Burst pipes for the septic systems could be another disaster. That is because the septic system transports waste that could smell foul if it leaks.

What Causes Burst Pipe?

Pipe bursts can happen due to several reasons, such as low temperature. It causes the freezing of water in the pipe, which leads to expansion and eventually a burst. Another cause of pipe bursts in Olathe is external force or corrosion. The external force may break the pipe and form a hole in the drain pipe.

Luckily, our Olathe plumber will repair this for you. They are pretty experienced and knowledgeable on how to deal with broken pipes. We also offer emergency services, so if your pipe bursts during the weekend, you can still call for our plumbing services. Our master plumber will also assess your septic tank and alert you in case of any issues in the plumbing project.


Emergency Plumbing Squad handles all your plumbing needs in Olathe, Ks, and the neighboring towns. We take great pride in our high-quality services and value for money. Visit our site or call us today, as we offer free estimates depending on the scope of work and a fair price for your plumbing problems!



How long should an emergency plumber take?

plumbing services olathe 300x200Typically, it takes our day service plumber around 30 minutes to 2 hours to arrive at your location. However, if you live far away, the master plumber could take longer to arrive, depending on the distance and the weather.

Do I need an emergency plumber Olathe, Ks?

That will depend on the severity of the plumbing needs. Some emergencies, like pipe bursts, will require calling a master plumber immediately, while others may not be too serious. However, it is always good to call a plumber to assess any plumbing situation in your system.

What are some of the plumbing issues in Olathe?

Plumbing issues occur in various forms. Common problems include clogged drains, backups, sinks, heating and cooling issues, faulty water heaters, faucets, and burst water lines. Some require qualified and licensed technicians to work on them for the best results.

Do you offer drain cleaning services?

Yes, we offer drain cleaning services to our customers in Olathe, Ks, at no extra cost. Our technician will come and do a professional job on your drains.

Why do some plumbing experts charge so much?

Plumbing services are not cheap because a lot goes into making your plumbing systems work ideally once more. The experts also use expensive and sophisticated methods to repair and install systems. That is why some services are costly.

Do you offer water heater repair service?

Yes, we offer water heater repair service. Our plumbers in Olathe area will ensure your water heater is working correctly. Apart from heater repair, we also provide drain repair, toilet installations, and faucet repair solutions to commercial clients and homeowners.


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