All modern houses will have a plumbing system. And, like most things in life, some parts of it will get broken eventually. When such an event happens, you may do a DIY fix. However, there are certain plumbing-related problems that should only be handled by professionals.

Emergency Plumbing Squad is a local plumbing business, located on Long Island, in Riverhead, NY. We offer a licensed plumber to take care of all service plumbing needs. heating services and heating repairs, drain cleaning services, oil tank installation, toilet repairs, as well as routine maintenance. All our Long Island, Riverhead plumbers offer plumbing services that have a reasonable price with excellent service. You can even call to avail yourself of our free estimates offer on Long Island, and other popular locations.

We specialize in natural gas, hot water heater repair and installation, all home repair jobs, sewer line repairs, plumbing and heating services, plumbing services such as repairing a pipe burst or broken shower head.

Below are some of the common plumbing and heating problems on Long Island:

Water Leaks

plumber-in-riverheadWater leaks are not always a plumbing heating emergency. But as soon as you notice any indications of a major leak, it’s imperative that you immediately call our local plumbers in Riverhead, NY.

Your home’s structural integrity may be harmed by water leaks. And, some leaks go unnoticed. Meaning that before you realize there is a problem, your home has likely already sustained significant damage.

Additionally, mold and mildew might develop, which can have a negative impact on your health.

Furthermore, water leaks can cause a fire because they could get to electrical circuitry, which can then cause wires to short circuit.

Basically, if you don’t immediately fix a leak, you’ll end up paying more the longer it goes. Hence, contact our Riverhead,NY plumbers the moment you suspect there’s a leak.

Sagging Ceiling

The ceilings can sometimes sag along with visible signs of discoloration. This could result in a complete collapse, making it a major problem. Things will only get worse and cost you more money if you wait.

The moment you notice the ceiling is starting to sag, it’s best to shut off the water supply and contact a Riverhead plumber.

Water Stains

After a leak has been present for some time, visible water stains will typically follow. Water stains imply that water has soaked the affected area for quite some time.

If you notice water stains on the wall, floor, ceiling, or any other place, it’s best to the Emergency Plumbing squad in Riverhead. The job will likely entail tracing where the leak is coming from. Sometimes, the plumber needs to take down a few walls or floors. It’s an arduous task, and it’s best to let a Riverhead professional plumbing company, like us, handle it.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure may be caused by a clogged aerator. However, unless all of the aerators are clogged, this should only affect one sink.

See if cleaning it fixes the problem.

A pressure-regulating valve is installed in the majority of homes. This valve aids in controlling the water pressure that travels from the main street pipe to the house.

Based on how the valve failed, pressure may increase or decrease when it fails. Calling a plumber will be necessary to replace this.

Burst Pipes

There are several causes of burst pipes, but the winter is when they happen more frequently. The pipes could freeze, which would lead to damage.

Unattended bursts or damaged pipes can cause flooding if left unfixed. It’s imperative to take flooding seriously as it can damage your home’s foundational structures. It can also deteriorate the furniture, floors, walls, and ceiling.

Your family’s finances will take a serious hit if you don’t get an emergency plumber in Riverhead, New York, on the case immediately.

Don’t waste everyone’s time by trying to tackle the problem on your own, as that will likely cause the water to sit longer. You will ultimately lose more money, and the damage will worsen.

Overflowing Toilet

riverhead-plumberThere are many causes of an overflowing toilet, including clogged pipes and faulty float mechanisms. In either case, dealing with this problem is a major nightmare.

There are a few things you can do to remedy the situation. However, before you try anything, your first task is to turn off the water supply to the toilet. It’s usually located behind the toilet. Turn it off by turning it clockwise. You can then try the plunger to see if it clears the problem.

If that fails and the toilet continues to overflow, it’s best to consider it an emergency. Hence, you’ll need to contact our plumbing services office which is open for 24-hour emergency plumbing in Riverhead, NY, as soon as possible.

Wrapping It All Up

Always keep in mind that the plumbing system of your house is primarily responsible for providing you with fresh water and removing sewage. These two factors are crucial for a safe living environment. Hence, never underestimate the importance of plumbing.

If you have plumbing-related problems, you need to take them seriously and call professional plumbing companies, to take a look, if you don’t know how to fix them. The last thing you want to do is delay the fix, as that would likely lead to costlier repairs down the road.

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