Emergency Plumbing Squad is a plumbing company operating in the entire Siouxland community. We boast of immense experience and a professional workforce of qualified plumbers in Sioux City, Ia. Our business offers many plumbing works to our customers, including drain cleaning, sink, bathtub, toilet installation, and repairs.

Is your residential air conditioning or water heater malfunctioning? Is the septic tank feeling like it will burst the next minute due to a leak? Are you having a new construction and require plumbing services in Sioux City, IA? If this sounds like you, worry not since there are professionals who can handle this diligently.

Try our plumbing services in Sioux City today for an outstanding experience with our esteemed plumbers!

Installation and Restoration of the Plumbing System

sioux city emergency plumber 300x200Our plumbers will help install and repair all your plumbing systems in Sioux City, Ia, including air conditioning. We have a technical and experienced team that will perfectly work on your septic tanks and systems, water heaters, toilets, and showers systems, among other services.

Whether you want the repairs done on your residential home in Iowa or your business, you can count on our plumbing contractor to accomplish the task. Installing a plumbing system is not as straightforward since a lot has to be considered. The plumbers have to cater to the area where the basement is situated and determine how porous it is, considering the length and size of the pipes and even tree roots.

That is why you need a professional plumber Sioux City who can assess all these parameters and do a perfect job. We also offer restoration and repair services to your plumbing system, such as a clogged kitchen sink. If you notice a leak in the septic tank, drain, boilers, or sinks, contact a licensed plumber from Emergency Plumbing Squad for assistance. Our team offers top-quality plumbing services, so you should CALL US now!

Emergency Plumbing Services Sioux City Ia

Among the top service to our Sioux City customers is the emergency plumbing service. It is an exciting service where clients can access our remarkable services for all their plumbing issues any time of the day. That means you can call our plumber Sioux City at night or during the day, and they will show up in minutes, even for problems with new construction.

plumbing services sioux city ia 300x93We will help install, repair, and even remodel your fixtures, water heaters, faucet, drains, bathrooms, dishwasher, shower, and systems that could be problematic. Emergency Plumbing Squad has operated for the longest time, and we ensure we work daily for 365 days. Our plumbers commit to quality service and excellent job delivery to all clients in Iowa.

Our company is Work Safe Environment & Safety Certified and also licensed. That means you are safe as we work on your business, home, or new construction in Sioux City, Ia. With our emergency services, everything is transparent and straightforward. We do not have some form of hidden costs or charges. Our plumbing prices are also fixed, and there are no extra costs in our remodels and repair services.

Common Plumbing Emergencies Sioux City

Plumbing issues could be problematic to your drain system and derail other tasks. A serious plumbing problem could damage your house and fixtures in several minutes. You will have to do repairs and remodels to the plumbing systems, clean up the property, and replace whatever is destroyed. Some common issues could be:

Burst and Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes will happen more often, especially during the cold months. The water inside your lines could freeze and expand when the pipe is subjected to below-freezing temperatures. The expansion could lead to other dire situations like bursting or cracking pipes. If you suspect a frozen pipe in your house, turn off the water supply first. You can thaw the line and call our technician for assistance with the inspection, repair, and installation of a new pipe if necessary.

Water Heater Failure

Another common plumbing issue in Sioux City, Ia, is the water heater failure. Many homeowners rely on the water heater daily for warm water to cook, clean, and even bathe. If the heater fails, they will fail to accomplish some daily tasks. You can avoid this stress and make it past tense by contacting us via our office phone number.

Book an appointment today to diagnose the heater and perform the required repairs. The water heater breakdown could also be a hazardous safety issue, so you need our qualified plumber to look at it.

Sewer Backups

plumber in sioux city iowa 300x200Sewer backups pose a significant health risk to your households and even cause massive property damage. Sewer waste will prevent your system from draining effectively. The sewer backup issue should be addressed as quickly as possible to protect your home, appliances, and drain.

While a minor clog could wait for business hours, you can always call our company in Sioux City, Ia, when you encounter a significant sewer backup. This is a major issue since your drain is completely not working due to a blockage in the sewer line. Our professional will arrive in a few minutes to handle the plumbing issue and protect your home from damage.

What Can I do before the plumber in Sioux City arrives?

You can do a few things before our professional arrives after you have called. These simple things can go a long way in protecting your home, furniture, and plumbing systems.

Turn off heating devices

If you notice that your emergency results from a powered device or heating, ensure you turn off all power sources. Turning off prevents hot water burns and pressure buildup in your residential home or business.

Turn off water sources

If you can locate the shut-off valve for the one fixture affected, turn it off. Typically, the valve will be near the wall underneath the fixture. If you do not find it, you can shut off the main valve for the entire house, usually in the laundry room or kitchen.

Remove immediate clogs

You can also try drain cleaning if you spot clogged water. Dislodge it using a plunger if you can access it. You could also use water softeners before replacing the system. However, if it is a significant issue, like the garbage disposal fixture, let a professional plumbing company work on it.


Emergency plumbing squad is a family owned and one of the leading plumbing services companies in Iowa. We offer a wide range of services, including emergency services and installations in the entire Siouxland community.

Book an appointment with us TODAY for all your drain cleaning and other plumbing services!



What should I do about a burst pipe?

Once you notice burst pipes, shut off the water supply in the plumbing circuit immediately. You should also turn off your electricity to avoid electrocution at home. You can call Emergency Plumbing Squad in Iowa to professionally assess and handle the issue.

How can I prevent water damage?

The surest way to prevent water damage is to assess for leaks in the installations now and then. You should also consider regular maintenance of the systems to ensure they are always in perfect condition. Call a professional plumber when you notice something unusual with your plumbing system or for maintenance purposes.

How can I unclog my tub?

You could use a drain snake to do the drain cleaning and unblock the clog in your bathtub. However, if this fails to work, the clog is far, and only a professional plumber can handle it.



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