If you are experiencing a plumbing emergency or are being proactive and prepared for the future, our emergency plumbers from Emergency Plumbing Squad will offer the best solution. We have been proudly serving Spokane for the last 15 years.

Our Spokane area plumbers offer emergency plumbing services alongside plumbing maintenance, remodeling services, household repairs, and installations. They are properly trained and licensed and are committed to excellent service. We are available 24/7 so that we can take care of your plumbing needs no matter the time.

What Counts As A Plumbing Emergency?

A plumbing emergency is any plumbing problem that cannot wait for the next day’s business hours because it is severe, and there is nothing you can do to control the situation. Here are common plumbing emergencies in Spokane, WA.

Garbage Disposal Repair

spokane emergency plumberA properly working garbage disposal system offers convenience to homeowners. However, it becomes a nightmare that requires immediate attention if it gets clogged because it causes kitchen clogs and backup. Garbage disposals get jammed if items like sponges, bones, fats, grease, or straws end up in the system. If your system is not working, do not panic because our Spokane emergency plumbers are just a call away to offer residential and commercial garbage disposal services, including installation, repairs, and unclogging.

Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains are a huge problem for both residential and commercial properties. When your drains are clogged, we suggest you contact a Spokane plumber instead of trying to unclog them using chemicals because you might make the situation worse.

Our plumbers in Spokane will unclog all your drains, including kitchen, bathroom, outdoor, and clogged sewer lines. Moreover, invest in regular drain cleaning and maintenance to prevent emergency clogs because it will cost you more.

Leak Repairs

No matter how small, a water leak in your house requires prompt attention because it can indicate a bigger underlying problem. If left unattended, water leaks can damage to belongings, cause structural damage, and high water bills. The most common leaks include leaky pipes, dripping faucets, ceiling leaks, wall leaks, leaking water heater, and basement leaks.

Some leaks are more urgent than others. For instance, you can sit with a leaking faucet overnight. However, an indication of a wall, ceiling, underground, or floor leak requires you to call a Spokane emergency plumber immediately because it might have been going on for years. Waiting further leads to a destructive and costly disaster.

Septic Tank Repairs

Septic tanks ensure that households are healthy because it collects and pumps out dirt. If it is not working properly, the waste can be hazardous, and you should contact our emergency plumbers in Spokane, WA, immediately. Our plumbers are available 24/7 to install, fix and pump your septic tank.

Common Mistakes When Choosing An Emergency Plumber In Spokane WA

emergency plumber spokane waNumerous homeowners make mistakes when choosing emergency plumbers because they start the search when the emergency problem has already occurred. Here are common mistakes you should avoid when choosing an emergency plumbing service in Spokane, WA.

Focusing On The Cost Alone

Plumbing emergencies are expensive, and numerous homeowners make the mistake of choosing plumbing emergency services based on the cost alone. While choosing an emergency plumbing service you can afford is essential, do not make it your goal to go with the cheapest plumber near you.

Most cheap emergency plumbers offer shoddy work because they do not have the right tools and expertise to handle the plumbing system. However, hiring the most expensive emergency services in Spokane, WA, does not guarantee quality work. Therefore, instead of making your decision based on the cost only, look at their past work, reviews, and recommendations from previous customers.

Hiring Based On Their Tools And Equipment

To solve a plumbing emergency effectively, the plumbers must have the right tools. However, they can only offer excellent job if they have the required skills and expertise to use the equipment. Therefore instead of focusing on the tools, ensures that the plumbers have the skills to handle all the emergency plumbing issues you are facing.

Working With Uninsured Spokane Plumbers

emergency plumbing spokaneA company whose plumbers are not insured will lure you with low fees and even promise that they will take care of accidents that might occur to the plumber or your home. This sounds true and convincing until the real accident happens, and you are liable for all the damages. To be on the safe side, you should check whether their services are covered before further discussions. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your home and the plumbers are covered in case of an accident.

Assuming That All Emergency Plumbers Are The Same

There are various plumbing emergencies, and there are plumbers for each service. Therefore assuming that all plumbers can handle every other plumbing emergency is a huge mistake. Reliable plumbers will ask you to describe the issue and tell you whether they have the skills and tools to handle it. To be sure, look at each company’s list of emergency plumbing services before contacting them.

What Should I Do in an Emergency Plumbing Situation?

Other than contacting emergency plumbing services, there are several things you can do to prevent further damage from the plumbing emergency. These include:

Stop Water Flow

Turn off the valves to the leaking sink, overflowing toilet, burst pipe, or leaking appliance. Turn off the main water supply if your plumbing system does not have service valves. Stopping more flowing water reduces the damage as you wait for repairs.

Switch Off Electrical Appliances

Water and electricity do not see eye to eye. Therefore, switch off the electrical appliances because they can cause electrocution depending on the emergency plumbing issue. For instance, if water leaks from the ceiling, you might be required to turn off the electricity at the fuse box. Moreover, if the room is flooding and the water has reached the wall appliances, do not step in the water because electricity travels through the water, and you will risk electric shock.

Clear The Room

If water damages your furniture and other belongings, taking them to a safer place after turning off the water supply is advisable. You can also dry the room using old towels, rugs, or a wet/dry vacuum cleaner. This gives the plumber a clear and conducive working space.

Stay Away

Sometimes the best thing to do after calling an emergency plumber is to stay away from the situation until they arrive. Trying to handle some plumbing emergencies can make the problem worse, injure you, or you can contract infections.

Why choose Emergency Plumbing Squad in Spokane WA

Out of the many emergency plumbing companies in Spokane, you should choose our emergency services because:

  • We are available 24/7
  • Our plumbers are licensed and insured
  • Our plumbers are courteous and professional
  • We have the skills and tools to handle all your plumbing needs
  • We offer local services; therefore, we guarantee quick response and fast service
  • We offer free estimates on select service
  • Friendly customer service

Emergency Plumber In Spokane, WA

If you are searching for an emergency plumber Spokane, WA, and surrounding areas like Spokane Valley or liberty lake, then call Emergency Plumbing Squad. Our plumbers are trained and have the expertise and equipment to handle all emergency plumbing issues. We are available 24/7 hence our services are not limited to time or holidays. To schedule an appointment with our Emergency Plumbing Squad give us a call or contact us online.



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