Emergency Plumbing Squad in Syracuse is your leading emergency plumber in Syracuse for the last 15 years. Plumbing problems are often unpredictable, but they must be addressed immediately to avoid further damage. For instance, when you have an overflowing toilet or a gas leak in your home, you need a local plumber who will come to your aid quickly and fix the problem. With plumbing emergencies, you never get the time to schedule a plumbing appointment formally.

syracuse-emergency-plumberFortunately for you, our plumbing service in Syracuse, NY, is ready to pick up your call and send a plumber to you at any time. We offer a variety of plumbing services ranging from leaky faucet repairs, clogged toilet repairs, natural disaster repairs, and sewer lines to toilet installations.

Regardless, our plumbing expert services are available to homeowners and local businesses 24/7. Whenever you need a plumber in Syracuse, NY, you can count on us to do a great job.

Emergency Plumbing Services in Syracuse, New York

Emergency plumbing problems require an immediate solution, which is why you need a plumbing company that is available 24/7 and responds to emergencies promptly.

Some of the plumbing issues we handle in Syracuse, NY include:

Plumbing Drain Cleaning Services

Whether it’s a clogged drain that needs repair, regular plumbing drain cleaning, or any other drain service you need, we are only one phone call away. Don’t hesitate to call us whenever you have a problem with your drainage pipes. Like most plumbing companies such as DBR Plumbing and Roto-Rooter Plumbing, our plumbers use elaborate, state-of-the-art equipment to detect, remove blockages from drains and other drain services without damaging your pipes.

Sewer Services

Regular sewer line maintenance can help prevent sewer backups that risk contaminating your home, making it unsafe for you and your family. If you live in the Syracuse area, our services are available to all homeowners from North Syracuse, East Syracuse, and its surrounding areas for same-day service.

If by any chance the damage to your pipes is irreversible, our professional plumbers will offer you replacement services and replace your broken sewer lines with fully-functional ones.

Hot Water Heater Repairs and Installations

Hot water heater repair and installation are amongst our most popular plumbing services in Syracuse, NY. Our team is familiar with every type and brand of water heater and, therefore, can determine the best water heater for your home.

After installing a new water heater, our expert plumbers will double-check it to ensure it works perfectly. If there is damage to your heater or problems with your water pressure, our plumbers will assess the damage and determine the best way to fix it.

Air Conditioning Repairs and Installations

Unlike Roto-Rooter, we also repair and install air conditioning systems for residential and commercial properties in Syracuse. Our plumbing professionals will guide you in picking out the best air conditioning system, install it, and talk to you and your family or associates on how to maintain it moving forward.

Our emergency air conditioning repair is also available 24/7. Once you request our services, we will ensure we get to your house or business on time and get your air conditioning fixed and fully operational before leaving.

Burst Pipe Repairs and Replacements

Pipes tend to wear out with time, making them increasingly susceptible to bursts. Our plumbers have the expertise to repair burst pipes and provide lasting solutions for damaged pipes. They will assess the damage to your pipes to determine whether they might need to be replaced.

Garbage Disposal Repair

Garbage disposal system malfunctions are a common plumbing issue. Fortunately, our 24-hour emergency plumbing service is available for garbage disposal repairs.

It is vital to ensure that your garbage disposal system stays in good working condition as it helps prevent related problems such as kitchen drain clogs and backed-up drains. Our team of professional technicians will install, repair, and unclog your garbage disposal system.

Gas Leak Detection

If you suspect a leak in your gas line, the first thing you need to do is request to get it assessed and fixed. Gas leaks are notorious for causing unexpected fires that can cause extensive damage. Luckily, our emergency plumber offers gas leak detection and gas line repair services to the Syracuse community.

Faucet Repairs

Leaky faucets are another plumbing issue that needs to be addressed immediately. Despite the type of faucet you need to be fixed, our Syracuse plumbers offer 24-hour faucet repairs and new faucet or sink installation services.

Slab Leak Detection

Slab leaks are a nuisance to many homeowners. To detect the cause and source of a slab leak, you need the services of a skilled plumber. Unlike other plumbing companies, our team uses high-tech equipment to detect and repair slab leaks without causing any damage to your home’s floors.

Sump Pump Repairs and Installations

Our plumbers provide sump pump repair and installation for residential and business properties. Once they arrive on-site, they will fix the damage and ensure your foundation’s integrity isn’t corrupted. We also offer professional advice on what sump pump would best suit your house or business.

Toilet Repairs and Installations

Another emergency service we offer our customers in Syracuse is toilet repairs and installations. Whenever you need a local plumber to fix your toilet, our technicians are always available 24 hours each day to do the necessary repairs and ensure you have a functional toilet. Unlike Roto-Rooter, we also offer bathroom renovation services such as sink installations.

Water Leak Detection Services

The last thing you want is to wake up in a flooded basement and wait for hours before help arrives. Our company understands the damage water leaks cause and provides water leak detection, leaky pipe repairs, and regular septic tank inspection to avoid water leaks. Our team of local plumbers uses advanced equipment to detect and seal even the tiniest leaks in your pipes.

Water Damage Restoration Services

Our Syracuse plumbers have a reputation for great service and a lot of experience in repairing water damage. In addition to fixing the damage caused by water disasters, they will disinfect your house, making it safe to live in. Contact us whenever you need a plumber in Syracuse, NY.

Outdoor Fixture Repairs

From ponds to fountains, every outdoor fixture requires regular maintenance, especially when it is more expensive to repair them when damaged. Our company offers affordable outdoor fixture repairs, installations, and maintenance.

Commercial Plumbing Repairs

Syracuse, NY, is home to several businesses, which is why we also offer commercial plumbing services. If you need a team of local plumbers you can trust for all your residential and commercial plumbing needs, we are here for you.

Whether big or small, we are always prepared for any commercial plumbing issue. We cover everything from heat pump repairs to toilet installations. No matter the situation, we are the right people for the job.

Why We Are the Best Emergency Plumbing Company in Syracuse, NY

syracuse-plumbing-nyAs an emergency plumbing company, we know that emergency plumbing issues can not wait, and we respond to this by offering 24-hour quality plumbing services. Some of the benefits of working with us include:

24/7 Availability

During a plumbing emergency, every single minute counts. Our plumbers will not keep you waiting since they are devoted to offering timely plumbing services throughout the year, which are operated in a prompt manner.  Unlike companies such as Roto-rooter .

To access our services, all you need to do is make a phone call stating the nature of your problem and give us your address. Once the message is relayed to our plumbing experts, they will soon arrive on site with all the appropriate tools.

Extremely Professional and Reliable Plumbing Services

If you are looking for a Syracuse plumbing repair company you can rely on, look no further. We strictly hire fully licensed, certified, and trained plumbers with the ability to detect the plumbing problem and offer an immediate and lasting solution.

You can trust us to cater to all your plumbing repair needs without causing any inconveniences or further damage.

We Offer Residential and Commercial Services

Unlike most plumbing companies, our services are available to both homeowners and local business owners. We offer emergency plumbing services that are available to the Syracuse, NY, community as well as its business properties.

Affordable Services

Most emergency plumbers are known to charge a fortune for their services, but unlike them, we offer all our services at an affordable price. We are the only company that offers a free estimate for each service, making us more affordable than most emergency plumber services in Syracuse, NY.

Contact Us Today!

When you have a plumbing emergency, the last thing you want to do is hire the wrong plumber. To prevent this from happening, you can contact our professional plumbers. Our lines are always open to requests for residential and commercial jobs in the Syracuse area.

We pride ourselves on providing timely plumbing solutions to all of our customers. Feel free to check out our emergency plumber website and go through our customer reviews.



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