Everyone seems to take the humble toilet for granted, and it does its job well. However, whenever it stops doing that job, then we start to realize just how important it is. If you need to repair a running toilet, a toilet that is having problems with its water level, or a toilet with a cracked tube or bowl, then you need to look for a toilet repair near me company, and focus on getting it repaired.

But first, you might want to know what is ailing your toilet, as well as if there is anything you can do to fix the problem yourself or if you need to hire a repairman. Here are some of the most common problems toilets have, and if a little do it yourself work can fix the issue without a toilet repair man coming into the picture.

Common Toilet Problems and How To Fix Them

Toilet Repair Near MeFirst, clogs can be a common problem, but they can also be an easy fix. All you need is a good plunger and some muscle strength. Clogs can prevent the water from going down the way it should when you flush, but the suction of a powerful plunger can often fix the issue and unclog the clog. This is a problem that isn’t going to need a plumber to fix, although you might need a flange plunger if the clog is lodged in the siphon of the toilet.

If the toilet bowl doesn’t fill all the way in the bowl after the flush, then there are several reasons why this could happen. One reason is that the fill tube of the tank has been damaged, causing the tank to fill up with water and shutting off the overflow valve before the bowl can get filled.

Damaged fill valves can also be damaged, which can also affect the water levels inside of the bowl. Thankfully, both of these problems are easy to fix with some replacement parts and easy repairs.

How much does it cost for toilet repair services near me?

If the problem with your toilet is too much for you to handle, or can’t be fixed by normal means, then you will need to reach out to a plumber and get some help with fixing the problem. Depending on the problem, you could be paying around 150 dollars to 360 dollars, but most projects will fall into the 200 dollar range. Customers tend to ask us if a leaking toilet is an emergency, and our answer almost always is it depends. We suggest calling us for a no-obligation consultation to help get to the bottom of your issues.

Most toilet repair issues have to do with replacing parts and fixing smaller issues, although the most expensive replacements are going to be of the toilet bowl, which can reach up to 100 dollars, and a replacement of the flange or drain, which will set you back around 150 dollars for repairs to fix the leak.

When compared to other home projects, the repairing of a toilet is pretty tame. Replacing and the installation of a toilet is a bit more expensive, but not common because toilets are designed to last a long time. It’s almost always going to be cheaper to replace a part or repair an issue than it will be to buy a brand new toilet. [1]

How much does it cost for a plumber to fix a running toilet?

Whenever a toilet is running, it isn’t getting up and moving like that old joke about the refrigerator would suggest. Running toilets are when water leaks from the tank into the bowl, even if no one has flushed. This mostly has the effect of wasting hundreds of gallons of water per day, driving up your water bill as well, as being bad for the environment. Additionally, the sound of a running toilet can drive some people crazy, necessitating some quick service.

Most of the time a running toilet is an issue with the flapper, especially with the chain either being too long or short, and this is a problem most homeowners can fix themselves. Adjusting the water level and replacing the fill valve are also things people can do to solve the problem.

However, if the issue does need to be solved by a licensed plumber service, it isn’t going to impact your pocketbook too much. Depending on what needs to be fixed, it can cost anywhere from 50 dollars to 400 dollars to have the problem fixed, and most of this cost comes from the plumber’s time spent on site with you providing their complete services.

What do you call a person who provides plumbing services?

Plumber Repairing ToiletA person who fixes toilets is called a plumber, but they often do much more than that. Plumbers work to install and maintain systems that revolve around water, sewage, and other plumbing systems. Ironically, the term plumber was coined back during the time of the Roman Empire, where lead was used for piping and drains. The word lead in Latin was called ‘plumbum’. These days people commonly refer to plumbers as toilet fixers.

The term expanded during the Middle Ages, when anyone who worked with lead was referred to as a plumber. While lead isn’t as involved in modern day plumbing anymore, plumbers are able to install, maintain, service, and diagnose problems revolving around water systems. They also focus on installing and preparing piping for all sorts of buildings, all while ensuring the piping systems work with local licensing and building regulations.

How much does it cost to fix a toilet leak at the base?

A leaking base at your toilet might seem a cause for complete alarm, but it usually means the water is leaking from somewhere else and then leaking out from the base. It often has to do with the connections in the toilet and with the piping, and you can inspect the issue yourself before calling on a plumber service to deal with it.

By tightening and inspecting the area where the toilet tank meets the wall, you can fix or replace those bolts, and the problem should stop. Otherwise, you might need to disconnect the toilet and replace the wax ring inside of it. If this seems like the point where you should call a  plumbing service, you might wonder just how much the installation is going to cost you.

If you haven’t waited too long, then you will need to pay a plumber around 125 dollars to fix the problem for you. However, if you either didn’t notice the problem or simply didn’t get around to fixing it for a while, the water might have soaked into the flooring or the walls, and the water damage could lead to other problems that require toilet repair services.

These include mold and mildew buildup as well as structural damage and also providing a home and water source for pests who can get inside your house. If you’ve let the problem fester, then the repair bill to fix the leak and the damage it has caused can go up.

Getting Your Toilet Fixed And All Your Plumbing Needs Solved

Whether it is a clog, a leak, or something else entirely, working with a handyman toilet repair near me professional service company is going to get your problem fixed without too much trouble. Toilets are generally pretty simple and inexpensive to repair when you compare them to other household items, and you almost never need to replace a toilet whenever a repair will do to solve your plumbing problems.

So don’t hesitate to look for toilet plumbing services around your location, because they will ensure that you get the toilet repaired, and then you can go back to taking it for granted. At least until it breaks again, but at least you know who to call for plumbing services!


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