Are you facing heating problems at your home in Trenton, NJ? Do you require any plumbing installation, repair, or replacements around Mount Laurel? Are your pipes, toilets, or kitchen sinks leaking significantly?

All these are typical plumbing issues facing most clients in the Trenton area, especially leaky pipes. Luckily, there is a solution; you do not have to despair. Emergency Plumbing Squad is here to offer all the help you need regarding any plumbing issue. We are among the most decorated professional plumbers in Trenton NJ and boast many years of experience and expertise.

plumber in trenton nj 300x200Our professional plumbing company offers various plumbing services like water line replacement to customers around Trenton NJ and surroundings such as Huntingdon Valley. We are full-service Trenton professionals providing commercial and residential services in Trenton. Our experts are available 24/7, meaning you can engage us any time of the day or night.

So, we are just one call away if you need sump pump repair, drain cleaning services, or tankless water heaters repair on a Sunday afternoon in Trenton, NJ. Our plumbers are highly-trained to industry standards and will only install quality materials for repairs and installations. That is why many customers trust our services and will only call our plumber when they have an issue with their plumbing systems.

Signs You Need Plumbing Services

As a homeowner, it is prudent to assess your home now and then and see what is going on. Failure to notice issues early leads to a catastrophe in the coming days. Apart from just assessing the house, you also need to know what to look for. You must understand what different signs mean and how they could impact your home.

This is for homeowners and also business owners in Trenton, NJ. Look for plumbing issues in your business to take care of them before they damage the business premise. These are the different telltale signs that show you need to schedule our plumbing service:

·         Absence of hot water – when the water heater stops working, schedule a call with our plumber to come to look at it. They will let you know where the issue is with your water heaters after assessing it.

·         Sewage odors – if you are getting any sewage odors at home or the business premise, it is time to enquire about our drain cleaning services in Trenton NJ

·         Frozen pipes – frozen pipes will lead to bursts, and it is a sign that you need to contact our Trenton plumbers

·         Leaky faucets – leaking faucets tell you to schedule an appointment with our company

·         Low water pressure – it means you have clogged drains somewhere in your plumbing system which is why the system is not working properly

·         Clogged toilets and sinks – it is a sign that your plumbing drain pipes are clogged and need a plumbing drain expert to work on it

If you notice any of these or other anomalies in your system, ask for our same day service to be on the safe side. We offer free estimates for your plumbing problem once you explain what is happening to our professional plumber.

Give us a call TODAY for cost-effective services and save money!


Common Emergency Plumbing Issues

It is a no-brainer that most plumbing project emergencies will happen when you least expect it. They could occur at night or early morning as you prepare for work. Whatever the time, you can worry less since our company offers plumbing emergency repair services to clients in Trenton, NJ. Below are some of the standard emergency services you can encounter:

·         Water damage on ceilings and walls – our plumber will help you deal with water damage on your ceilings and walls

·         Basement flooding – heavy rains cause flooding, which is a disaster for your home. Our plumbers in Trenton will help you deal with this issue

·         Burst pipes – burst pipes are a common plumbing work fault in most homes. Call or message us immediately if there is a burst pipe in your home

·         Sewer line clogs – another issue requiring immediate plumbing assistance. Let our good company work on your sewer pipe to avoid health-related complications


Our Plumbing Services

We at Emergency plumbing squad specialize in a variety of plumbing services in Trenton, NJ. All our services are delivered by professionals who know what they are doing. We have been in this business for a long time to understand what plumbing fixtures work best, what installation will be best for your home, and how to repair them for long-lasting results.

Drain Cleaning Service

Most homeowners do not understand why their drains get clogged. Common reasons for clogs include oil buildup, hair buildup, or the buildup of soap, dirt, detergent, and other debris. That means you should keep these substances away from your drainage systems as they cause severe pipe damage.

plumbers in trenton 300x200As our plumber comes to sort out the issue, ensure you let them know what you think clogged the drainage. We offer drain cleaning services at affordable rates, even in emergencies. The plumber will perform several tasks when drain cleaning, including:

·         Drain camera inspection – we will use a fiber optic camera to look in your pipes and determine the problem without digging up the pipes during the drain service

·         Drain cleaning – our plumbing service professionals use snake equipment to clean up the sewer lines to avoid damaging electrical and gas lines

·         Hydro jetting – we use a high-pressure water jet to clean tough blockages in your pipe. The ware pressure is enough to push any debris caused by minerals, oil, or hair

·         Sewage repair – sewage plumbing issues may not be your fault, but repairing them is not easy. Our professional will factor out what the issue is and fix it

Water Heater Repair and Replacement Plumbing Services

If you want to maximize the lifetime of your water heater and save money on the monthly utility bill, schedule a call with our plumbers. The best way to protect your water heater from breakdowns and malfunctions is to assess it now and then and call a plumber if you notice something is off.

Our team of professionals offers remarkable comprehensive water heater repair services in Trenton. We also provide water heater installation services for homeowners. Our experts will restore your water heater to its optimal function in no time. However, you may ask, when should I schedule a call with your plumbers regarding my water heater? Here are scenarios to look out for:

·         The water heater tank has a leak

·         The tank shows signs of deterioration or rust

·         Water at home only becomes lukewarm or remains cold

·         The water heater is over ten years old

·         The water heater has not been maintained for long

·         Sediment is building up in the water heater tank

Our plumbers will help repair or replace your malfunctioning water heater. All you need to do is contact us. We are just one CALL away for free estimates!


Air Conditioning Repair and Replacement

Your air conditioner’s job is very crucial in the house. Its primary function is to keep everyone in the house comfortable. That means you must deal with excess heat or cold in the house when it breaks down. Worry not; this is why we offer emergency air conditioner repair and replacement services.

The emergency plumbing squad will do away with all the frustrations by repairing the air conditioning in the case of a breakdown. Our services include AC maintenance, AC repair, AC installation and replacement, and Thermostats & Air Conditioner units. Talk to our fully licensed plumbers TODAY for impeccable repair services!


Heating Installation & Repair Services

Is your HVAC acting up? Does your home feel like a cold room for storing vaccines during winter? Does the heat often fluctuate in your home? These are signs that your plumbing heating system has an issue. Luckily, we have a remarkable team of top plumbers in Trenton NJ who can help you install, repair, and replace the heating system.

We offer several services to our clients in Trenton NJ including boiler installation, furnace replacement, furnace repair, and humidifier installation. Our plumber will also maintain your heat pump system upon request. Plumbing heating should no longer be a problem in your home, given our wide range of heating services.

Shoot our plumber a message any day or night, and we will show up in a timely manner, ready to handle all your plumbing needs!


Sewer Line Replacement and Installation Service

Sewer pipe leak or backup is one of the most frustrating emergencies a homeowner has to deal with. Pinpointing the exact location of the leak maybe be troublesome, and now the messy cleanup and unpleasant smell. Knowing what could cause sewage pipe damage is essential to understand how to avoid it.

Some causes include tree roots, extreme temperatures, corroded pipes, and clogged pipes from foreign debris. All these issues will easily cause sewer pipe damage to your system. At the emergency plumbing squad, we help repair and replace the sewer line. The best part about our line repair is that we do not dig up the line. We use a high-tech camera to assess the damage and recommend the way forward.

Our technician will recommend either pipe lining or pipe bursting. However, if the damage is too severe, we may use the conventional sewer line replacement method even though it takes more time and is expensive. Whichever the case, the sewage pipe must be repaired or replaced, so you should contact us immediately for quality work!


Garbage Disposal Repair

It is another service we offer to residents of Trenton, NJ. A clogged and jammed waste disposal will lead to plumbing problems in no time. Our professionals are always available and ready to help you repair the waste disposal system in Trenton, NJ.

trenton plumbing services 300x150Among the services, we offer to clients include waste disposal repair, residential waste disposal installation, and clearing clogged waste disposals. Our company also has commercial waste disposal services for your business.

Remember that waste disposal is essential in the house and should always be in perfect condition. It prevents kitchen sink drain backups or clogs. Your waste disposals may begin to act up if non-food objects find their way into the system. These may include things such as straws, sponges, or silverware. Waste disposal clogs may result from bones, grease, or fats finding their way into the system.

Emergency plumbing squad helps with this waste disposal issue in your home. Whenever you discover a plumbing problem with the waste disposal system, contact our plumber. We will come in timely fashion and help with the situation!


Why Choose Our Services

You may ponder why you need to contact our emergency plumbing squad in Trenton, NJ. We offer unrivaled and quality services around NJ, which is why we have many returning customers. Benefits of using our service include:

·         100% customer satisfaction – our main aim is to ensure our clients are delighted with our service. That is why we custom-make our services to cater to any plumbing issues you may be having. We also offer home warranty to our clients as we work on the system in Trenton NJ

·         Honest and upfront service estimates – with our company, you can expect upfront and unbiased plumbing estimates on your problem before the repairs. There are no hidden costs

·         Licensed and certified plumbers – we only work with fully qualified and licensed plumbers. Plumbing is a significant part of your house which is why we wouldn’t want to mess up your home by employing unqualified staff

·         24/7 Emergency Repairs – we also offer emergency services to all clients around the Trenton NJ area. Whether you call us at night or daytime, we are always on standby to fix your problems.


Emergency plumbing squad is among the leading plumbing companies in Trenton. We are your one stop shop for plumbing solutions. Call us now for impressive plumbing services in NJ!



How can I clean my waste disposal?

Cleaning the waste disposal is relatively easy. You can mix ice cubes, baking soda, and vinegar and then drop them in the system. You can then run water via the drain to rinse all the material down the drain.

Do plumbers install waste disposal systems?

Yes, plumbers will install and repair waste disposal systems for your home. You can purchase the whole unit and have a plumber install it.

Do you repair air conditioning units?

Yes, we repair air conditioning units for clients in Trenton, NJ. Contact our professionals if your air conditioning is not heating up the home as required.


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