Water damage is no joke. It can drastically affect the appearance of the interior of your home. It can also lead to the development of potentially hazard mold. If you suspect that you have water damage in walls, then you should immediately recruit the services of a qualified mitigation company. Learning the signs of water damage on walls is imperative. You need to make sure you’re working with true professionals, we repair damage from water and have expertise that is second to none.

How to Check for Water Damage?

Do you want to learn how to detect moisture behind walls? Detecting the presence of moisture can help you pinpoint signs of a problem in the first place. Pay attention to walls that feel moist upon contact. Other clues are mold growth that you can actually see, trickling water inside of walls, damp wall patches after heavy rainfall, chipping wallpaper, chipping paint and water stains. Your nose may help you detect water damage in walls as well. If you notice a musty and dank odor, then water bubbles in your wall may be a problem.

Drywall Signs of Water Damage in Walls

water-damage-in-walls-signsCountless property owners have to deal with the hassles of drywall water damage. Drywall soaks up water and can bring on the growth of mold. This mold development can bring on additional drywall destruction. Many diverse things can trigger drywall water damage and all of its consequences. Examples are flooding, air conditioning units and even roofing system water leaks. It doesn’t matter what the cause of drywall water damage is. It’s critical to fix it as rapidly as possible.

Wet drywall can be telling. Focus on the original drywall color. If you notice discoloration or water staining in place of white paint or anything similar, then that may be a water damage indication.

Search carefully for any and all mold growth indications. Mold is a substance that thrives in places that are damp. Examples of these locations are crawlspaces, attics, basements, bathrooms and kitchens. Mold frequently grows in the areas right below wallpaper, too. Focus on your walls. You may be able to spot conspicuous and unsightly mold on your damp drywall surface.

Don’t forget to zero in on your floors. If you notice openings, splitting or cracking, moisture may be accessing them via the subfloors. Look at the “intersections” of your walls and floors. Is there any dry rot at all? If there is, you have to swap it out with fresh wood A.S.A.P.

The “Water Bubble in Wall” Dilemma

Water bubbles on wall concerns can be incredibly frustrating. If you notice any bubbles below the paint on your walls, then you shouldn’t brush them off even for a second. Water bubbles slowly but surely move toward the outside. They frequently signify the presence of persistent water leaks as well. You can check out our water damage restoration costs page or simply contact us for a free consultation.

water-damage-in-wallsImmoderate amounts of water are no laughing matter for property owners. Significant amounts of water bring on the growth of undesirable mold, after all. That’s the reason you should never ever brush off the sight of water bubbles. It doesn’t matter if these bubbles are so little you can barely see them. You have to take care of them immediately, period. The last thing you want is for a mold issue to get out of hand. Mold can be a major health concern for many human beings. It’s never something you should take lightly.

What specific things can trigger the development of water bubbles inside of walls, anyway? Substantial humidity can lead to water bubbles rearing their ugly heads. The same thing goes for gradual water leaks, plumbing system woes and even burst pipes.

How to Tell if a House Has Water Damage?

A house that has water damage may have everything from drywall swelling to horrible humid odors. If you constantly hear water leaks or see deteriorating wood in your home, then odds are high that you have a water damage situation on your hands. You can try to research the water mitigation process or simply contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

You can confirm and repair any water damage you have by hiring seasoned, trained and hard-working professionals. Simply drop us a line here at Emergency Plumbing Squad. We’re a reputable company that makes tackling water damage issues of all kinds straightforward, efficient and stress-free. Call our friendly team to request a water damage repair quote.

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